Triathlon is fast-growing, endurance sport and Olympic event that consists of swimming, cycling, and running. With the roots of the sport growing out the San Diego running, cycling and swimming communities, UC San Diego is uniquely positioned at one of the centers of the triathlon world and has some of the best climate and terrain for training year round. The UC San Diego Triathlon Team was founded in 1998 and has grown to more than 40 athletes. The team competes in Sprint and Olympic-distance races throughout the spring and summer against other schools in the West Coast Collegiate Triathlon Conference (WCCTC), such as Stanford, Berkeley, UC Santa Barbara, and Cal Poly, San Luis Obsipo. UCSD's team also sends athletes to compete at the Collegiate Nationals race each year. Historically, the UCSD Tritons have been extremely successful, both within the WCCTC and also at the national level. In 2008, UCSD's women's team won the National Collegiate Team title, with Amanda Felder winning the overall women's race. That same year, UCSD's women swept the entire collegiate podium at the prestigious Wildflower Triathlon at Lake San Antonio, CA. In 2005, UCSD won both the individual mens and womens National Collegiate Championship with Brendan O'Brien and Amanda Felders winning their respective races. Besides racing in collegiate events, members of the UCSD Triathlon Team have had strong showings at a wide range of triathlon events. For example, in 2008, Lauren Chiodini placed 2nd in her division at the Age Group Nationals race and was selected to represent the United States at the Age Group Worlds race in Australia. In addition to placing well in various Sprint and Olympic-distance races, UCSD athletes have also raced in Half Ironman and Ironman events, with some members even qualifying for coveted spots to Ironman Hawaii. In addition to competing at the highest levels, the UCSD Triathlon Team has sought to make the sport of triathlon more accessible to the student body at large. With that goal in mind, the team accepts all interested students regardless of athletic background. Furthermore, with the help of the Triathlon Club of San Diego, the team hosts their own sprint distance race, the Tritonman Triathlon, each year at Fiesta Island in Mission Bay. The race serves as the team's main fund raiser for the year and has attracted numerous students from UCSD and many collegiate teams from the WCCTC, as well as top local pros and amateur triathletes. For more additional information, visit UCSD Triathlon Homepage Welcome Meeting: Wednesday, September 28th at 8pm in the Rimac Annex dugout First Official Practice: Monday, October 3rd at 9am at Canyonview


Accounts from the Collegiate Club Triathlon Nationals

Account #1 National Championship is more than just a race. Not only does the whole year of practicing lead up to this event and help us find out how we rank in the nation, but it also allows us as a team to travel all together for five days and enjoy our company more than Read More >

Personal Accounts from Triathlon Club Conference Races

Race Report: Billy Wegeng I had been wanting to complete a triathlon for a long time but my pure focus on running and fear of swimming due to lack of experience had kept me from doing so. That changed when I resolved myself to race at conference. It was the last WCCTC race I could Read More >

IronBruin Race Report: Alireza Sarebanha

  Although some of my non-triathletes’ friends found it irrational (not the exact word they used!) to do this race on my birthday weekend, I was really pumped and ready for it. I couldn’t find a better way to enjoy my birthday weekend doing three things that I love (swimming, biking, and running) with people Read More >

UCLA Race Report: Maggie Goodson

  This past weekend was the UCLA hosted IronBruin on February 25th, but more excitingly it was my 22nd birthday. Ella and I decided to go up a day early and celebrate my day of birth with my amazing family. So we went up and had a wonderful evening. The next morning we did a Read More >

Triton Triathlon Personal Accounts from UCI

Nathan Platt’s Account I was super excited to race Zot Trot up in Irvine this past weekend. Not only would it be my first triathlon on the triathlon team (albeit a reverse one), but what a great excuse not to study for midterms! After getting lost (slightly) on the way up, Jake and I met Read More >


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