Program Registration Form and Waiver Rec Card Application Form and Waiver You may register using: Online registration Walk-In registration: You may register in person at RIMAC, Main Gym, Canyonview Aquatics Center Outback Adventures or the Outback Surf Shop.


To request a refund or transfer Refund/transfer requests must be sent to rclasses@ucsd.edu In-person requests will not be accepted. Refund Eligibility CLASSES Before the 2nd class meeting – 100% minus $10 processing fee or 100% non-refundable credit Before the 3rd class meeting – 50% non-refundable credit After the 3rd class meeting – NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS
  • Minimum refund request is $10
  • No transfers after the 2nd class meeting
  • No refunds for transfers
PASSES/INTERIM There are NO Refunds for these activities. PRIVATE LESSONS 24 hour cancellation notice is required. 100% minus $10 processing fee or 100% non-refundable credit. WORKSHOPS/SAFETY CLASSES Requests must be made two weeks prior to the start of class. 100% non-refundable credit only.
  • There are no transfers for these classes.
  • Workshops are 1or 2 day classes.
LATE REGISTRATION Late registration is discouraged. Please speak with the instructor prior to any late registration. Prices are not pro-rated. Refund policies are based on scheduled classes, not on your registration date. OTHER POLICIES
  • Due to circumstances beyond our control (weather, instructor illness, etc.) class sessions sometimes need be cancelled. We attempt to notify you via email in advance.
  • Under-enrolled classes may be cancelled. Customers will receive notification of cancelled classes and have a choice of receiving either a refund, credit, or transfer into an open class.
The week following the last scheduled class is designated for class make-ups, and is considered part of the class schedule. If the class cannot be made up you will receive a credit based on the hourly price of the class.
  • We reserve the right to place students in appropriate class levels.
  • We reserve the right to substitute instructors, as needed, into already assigned classes.
  • Unless otherwise noted, adult classes have a minimum age of 16 years.
  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian during private lessons.


Program Registration Form and Waiver Rec Card Application Form and Waiver You may register using: Online registration Walk-In registration: You may register in person at RIMAC, Main Gym, Canyonview Aquatics Center Outback Adventures or the Outback Surf Shop. Mail-in registration: UCSD Recreation, 9500 Gilman Drive, 0529, La Jolla, CA 92093-0529

All Walk-In or Mail-In registrations require a completed and signed registration form and waiver. A separate registration form and waiver is required for each participant.


  • Pricing: The first price listed is for registered UC San Diego students, the second price for Rec Card Holders, third price for all others.
  • Add Slips: To add a class that is full, request an Add Slip directly from the instructor. This Add Slip must be signed by the instructor and turned into the RIMAC Sales Desk for walk in registration. Please note, only a limited number of Add Slips will be available for each class, and will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Refunds: Before the start of the second class, you are eligible for a 100% refund minus a $10 processing fee. Once the second class has started, refund requests are not accepted.
  • Credit: Before the start of the second class, you are eligible for a 100% credit. After the start of the second and before the start of the third class, you are eligible for an 80% credit. After the start of the third class and before the start of the fourth class, you are eligible for a 50% credit. After the fourth class, credit requests will not be considered.
  • Refunds/Credits are NOT given for the following: Workshops, Special Events and Passes.
  • Credits may be used toward other FitLife programs/classes. Credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All refund/credit requests must be made by email to: fitlife@ucsd.edu
  • Transfers: Transfer requests may be made at any time via email to fitlife@ucsd.edu or in person at the RIMAC Sales Desk. If the class you wish to transfer into is full, follow the Add Slip procedure listed above. If the class you wish to transfer into costs more, then the transfer request must be made at the RIMAC Sales Desk and the difference between the two classes must be paid.
  • Personal Training/Private Pilates/Massage Services/Nutritional Services/Private Yoga: 24 hours notice is required for cancellation, or you will be charged the session cost. To schedule: Personal Training call (858) 822-2313, Massage Services call (858) 822-4552, Private Pilates and Private Yoga email fitlife@ucsd.edu, Nutritional Services call (858) 822-0372, Private Session call (858) 822-2313.
  • Cancellations: Occasionally classes are cancelled permanently or on a daily basis. In the event of a permanent cancellation, customers will be given the option of a full refund, a credit, or a transfer to a different class. Due to circumstances beyond our control, daily cancellations occasionally happen (instructor illnesses, emergencies, facility/equipment malfunctions or inclement weather). Our office makes every attempt to contact participants via phone or email. Please be sure your registration information is accurate. We will attempt to make up the cancelled class but if that is not possible, a credit will be issued.
  • We reserve the right to place you in the appropriate class, and we reserve the right to refuse service.
  • As a courtesy to the instructor and the other participants, and for safety considerations, the use of personal electronic devices (iPods, mp3 players, cell phones, etc) is prohibited during class time.
  • Special Accommodations requests must be received 2 weeks in advance via email: fitlife@ucsd.edu


OUTBACK TRIPS & CLASSES SIGN-UP INFORMATION OUTBACK TRIPS SIGN UP ONLINE or IN PERSON at Outback Surf Shop, Outback Rental Shop or Main Gym, RIMAC and Canyonview Aquatics Center Sales Desks. WHO GOES ON TRIPS? Outback trips serve UC San Diego students, staff, and faculty, and the general community by providing adventures such as backpacking, camping, kayaking, surfing, and rock climbing. Participants must be 18 years or older, except on child specific programs or family trips where younger participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. OUTBACK TRIPS INCLUDE:
  • Transportation to and from the outing from Outback Adventures
  • Trained and experienced guides
  • Instruction in the trip equipment unless otherwise noted
  • All safety equipment
  • All group camping and trip equipment unless otherwise notes
  • Entrance, parking, and camping fees
  • Food while camping (on trips longer than 1 day)
  • 50% rental discount at the Outback Rental Shop on any equipment you need for your trip!
WHAT TRIP SHOULD I CHOOSE? We have tried to arrange our trips in a way that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you want. All of our trips are arranged here by length of trip, and then by date. Glance through the trips and look what what you want specifically! WARNING: Adventure travel has inherent risks of injury and/or death. These risks contribute to the "adventure" aspect of our trips. UC San Diego Outback Adventures and its employees assume no liability for any damages, loss, injury, or death as a result of our outings. Some trips have a prerequisite fitness level, for which the participants are responsible. IS THIS GOING TO BE TOO HARD? All of our trips are geared for beginners with no previous experience or skill, unless otherwise noted. Our trips are designed to expose you to new skills and introduce you to the diverse activities that you can enjoy in the outdoors. Some of our trips, however, are more physically demanding than others. All waterspouts participants must be able to swim. If you have questions about whether a trip will fit your physical capabilities, please contact the Outdoor Leadership Coordinator at (828) 534-3534. REGISTRATION To sign up for our trips, register online, drop by Outback Adventures, Outback Surf Shop or RIMAC during our business hours. Don't miss out! Register early- trips fill quickly. Sorry, we are unable to take registrations over the phone. Note that the first price listed is for UC San Diego students and Rec Members, and the second price is for Non-Members. All trips depart from Outback Adventures Rental Shop unless otherwise specified. CANCELLATION OF TRIPS We plan for success. Outback Adventures creates trips and prepares resources and logistics with our mission, customers, and goals of the specific trip in mind. We are disappointed when programs must be cancelled, but it happens on occasion. Some of the reasons we need to cancel a program are:
  • Predicted or prevailing unsafe weather conditions
  • Insufficient sign-ups
  • Illness or injury among the guiding staff
  • Rarely, other circumstances beyond our control
TRIPS AND CLASSES REFUND POLICY In the event that we must cancel a program due to one of the above stated reasons, Outback Adventures issues all participants full refunds. Participants are notified of the change in plans. Our staff immediately begins the process of issuing refunds. If you cancel your registration
  • More than 30 days before 1st day of the program = 90% full refund
  • More than 14 days before 1st day of program = 75% refund
  • Less than 14 days before 1st day of program = no refund
NOTE: Transferring dates, programs, or times constitutes a cancellation and the above policy applies.   OUTBACK GEAR RENTAL INFORMATION Come get geared up for your next adventure at the Outback Adventures Rental Shop, the best place on campus for information, registration, and gear for any of our amazing outings, or one of your own!  Whether you're planning an expedition to the heart of the wilderness or to the heart of Pacific Beach, the Rental Shop has everything from tents and sleeping bags to surfboards and horseshoes. Of course our amazing staff are always available to provide advice a-plenty and there is free 20 minute parking for easy loading and unloading.  With the best prices for students around as well as weekend and weekly rentals rates, why buy?
Please take a moment to read over how our rentals work. RENTAL PERIODS 1. ONE DAY — This rate allows you to rent an item until closing of the following day. 2. ADDITIONAL DAY — This rate allows you to rent an item for multiple days at a reduced cost, in addition to the original one day cost. 3. WEEKEND — The weekend rate is designed for customers looking to rent an item for the weekend ONLY. This rental period allows you to rent items from Friday to Monday. 4. WEEK — This rental rate allows you to rent an item for a full seven days. If you rent an item on a Thursday, it will be due Thursday of the following week. ANSWERS TO COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS:
When do I pay? Rental fees must be paid in full at the time of reservation. Deposits must be left at the time of reservation or equipment pickup.
Who can rent? Anyone with proper identification can rent from Outback Adventures. A current UC San Diego ID or a government issued ID such as a driver’s license or passport can be used for identification. Do I need to leave a deposit? All customers except enrolled UC San Diego students must leave a deposit. A deposit is a credit card imprint, signed travelers check, a check written to UC REGENTS, or cash equal to the approximate retail replacement value of the equipment rented. Your deposit will be returned to you upon return of all the equipment and payment of any and all late fees, repair and/or replacement costs. Students with unpaid fees will have their UC San Diego Student Account held until fees are cleared. How do I reserve equipment? You may reserve any item as far in advance as you like. Reservations for equipment that requires fitting (e.g., skis, boots), must be made in person at Outback Rental Shop. All other equipment can be reserved over the phone: (858) 534-0684 or at either of our locations. Reservations must be paid in full at the time they are made. All other rentals are first-come, first-serve basis. How do I know equipment is complete and working when I pick it up? You don’t. Please inspect all equipment before you leave. If you find any damage or missing parts, immediately bring it to our attention so we can help you. You are responsible for any cleaning, damage or missing parts upon return. What if I don’t use or pick up reserved equipment? There are NO REFUNDS for any unused equipment or equipment not picked up for any reason. How much equipment can I rent? You can rent as much equipment as you like, but advance reservations are recommended to ensure availability. What if I don’t know how to use the equipment? Please be sure to request instruction if you are the slightest bit unsure on how to use the equipment. Knowing how to use the equipment correctly will help save your time and help you avoid spending money on damage fees resulting from inexperienced use of the equipment. Who gets discount student pricing? Only currently enrolled UC students are eligible for student discount pricing. UC students from other campuses must present a valid UC ID to receive student pricing. UC San Diego Extension students are not eligible for student pricing as they do not pay student registration fees. Can I buy your used equipment? Outback Adventures typically hosts an equipment sale in the Fall and Spring Quarters. Please visit recreation.ucsd.edu/outback for the dates of the next equipment sale. RESERVATION CANCELLATIONS Please contact the Rental Shop to cancel a reservation. More than one week = full refund More than 48 hours = store credit for reservation total, can be used for rental items only. Cancellation credits expire on June 15th. Less than 48 hours = customer forfeits all rental fees, no refund or credit. RETURNING EQUIPMENT What do I need to know when I return the equipment?
  • All gear must be returned clean or service charges will apply.
  • You are responsible for the specific equipment you signed for.
  • You are solely responsible for any damages and timely return of equipment.
  • For equipment to be considered returned, it must be physically returned and any damage, cleaning or late fees must be paid. Hours change periodically. You are responsible for knowing our hours.
  • Tents must be returned, clean and dry or you will be assessed a cleaning charge.
What if I lose or damage the equipment?
  • You are responsible for any loss, theft, breakage or any other damage done to equipment rented out to you.
  • Repair costs will be determined by our customer service repre- sentatives. Repair for severe damage or replacement costs will be determined by the program director or Outback store manager.
  • Replacement costs for items normally rented in pairs (i.e. skis, boots, ns, etc.) will be the cost for replacement of the entire pair.
What if I am returning equipment late?
  • You will be charged the additional day rental rate for your late items for each day they are late.
  • We DO NOT waive late fees.
  • Any items late by 3 or more weeks will be considered stolen and the deposit will be forfeited. Billing will be for retail replacement costs plus four weeks late fees.
  • Items not returned, which do not have a deposit associated with them, will be billed on your Bursar’s account and will include a non-refundable service charge.For more information on shop hours and contact, click here.


Intramural Sports

Sign up for Intramural Sports at IMLeagues.com Masters Programs SIGN UP IN PERSON at RIMAC Sales Desk or Canyonview Aquatics Center. Before coming to the cashier, fill out the appropriate registration forms available at the Sales Desk. This will expedite your registration. Online registration not available at this time.  


Program Registration Form and Waiver Rec Card Application Form and Waiver The University of California has mandated that anyone participating in any recreational activity or program or utilizing any recreational facility MUST complete an approved Waiver of Liability. Intramural Sports, Masters Programs, Outback Adventures outings and Sport Clubs program areas include waivers in their program registration. The weight rooms waiver is available at the various weight room access desks. All registrations must be accompanied by your ‘Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement’. • Read the waiver, sign/date at the appropriate places. Cut out or copy the waiver and include with your registration form. • Each participant must sign a separate waiver.