FitFEST 2014- A Fun and Free Event!

Fit Fest winner

Ulysses won our fitness competition last year- and had a great time doing it!

Ever wanted to try a class for free? Now you can! Introducing our annual FitFEST! event, hosted by FitLife each spring to showcase new classes and highlight some old favorites. On Wednesday, April 2, swing by Main Gym to try out yoga, Bootcamp XL, Booty Barrre, Insanity, and Intro to Cycle between 11:30am-1pm.
Vinyasa Yoga

This great yoga class gives you relaxation and workout- all in one!

Then, on Thursday, April 3rd, stop by RIMAC to experience Zumba, Meditation, Body Weight Circuit, Yoga, TRX, 6 Pack Sweat, and Circuit Training between 5-7pm.  
Clif and Questions

Our Trainers and Dietitian will be happy to answer your questions- and our students will hand you a clif bar to make your FitFEST experience even sweeter!

What’s so awesome about this event?
  • You can do as much or as little as you want – try all the classes, or take just one! It’s up to you
  • Each class is short enough that you can try several, but long enough to give you and idea of each workout’s style.
  • Free goodies! We’ll have some giveaways, and there are sure to be Clif bars as well…
  • Get all your pesky workout questions answered! Our trainers will be on hand to answer questions individually.
  • Same for our dietitians! Ask a Dietician lets you find out more about what is right for your health.
  • It’s free! The entire event will be free and open to you as a UCSD Affiliate.
FitFEST promotionals

Don’t you want a FitFEST flyer by now!? Get ready for this awesome event.

So what are you waiting for?! Visit this facebook page to ask questions and find more info! Can’t wait to see you this week for FitFEST 2014!
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May the Odds be Ever in your Favor…


On April 11th at Canyonview Pool and Warren Fields, there will be the event of the year, as enthusiastic Tritons go head to head in a battle of fitness feats.

Are you someone who likes a little friendly competition and is always looking for new active outlets? Then sign up now for Triton Games 2014, a competitive game event to determine the Ultimate Tritons of UCSD.

Team and Individual Offerings

Triton Games consists of two formats: team and elite individual. These separate groups will each to compete in 10 events to showcase their strength, agility, and mental endurance.

Teams let you play to everyone’s strengths while having a good time!

The scoring is simple: whichever Triton has the most points overall will win the glory of being Ultimate Triton. In the team division, you have the ability to play to your strengths: decide which team members are stronger in each event to maximize your overall score. As a result, not every team member has to compete in each event, and the winning team will be determined by the combination of you and your teammate’s score.

Open Division

This event is sure to offer a good time to all, spectators and competitors alike. If you want to take advantage of the Triton Games event without vying to become an Ultimate Triton, then check out our Open Division. It’s simple: buy 12 tickets and use them to do whichever activities you like- without being scored!

A complete list of events is below, but don’t forget to join our facebook page! We’ll use it to keep everyone updated as we get closer to the Triton Games. Have questions? Ask them here.

We look forward to seeing all of you on game day, and as always…

May the Odds be Ever in your Favor.

Finalized Competitive Events

  1. 50 Yard Swim. Swim two lengths of the Canyonview pool while timed.
  2. Boulder Dash. Use the Outback Climbing Center to climb along different routes. The more difficult it is, the more points you get!
  3. 40 Yard Dash. A quick sprint for 40 yards that will be timed
  4. Farmers Walk. Walk while carrying weight and see how far you can go in one minute. Weight will vary

    The infamous Farmer’s Walk

    between male and female contestants.
  5. Pull Ups. It’s pretty simple: complete as many pull-ups as you can! This event is not timed.
  6. Obstacle Course. Test your agility and speed against our inflatable obstacle course. The goal is to complete this course as quickly as possible in this timed event.

    Broad jump is a unique but fun event for most competitors.

  7. Broad Jump. Jump as far as you can from a standing position.
  8. Last Stand. In this ultimate game of capture the flag, your goal is to be the last person standing. Points can be earned by becoming the event victor and collecting flags.
  9. Aquagility. Participate in this aquatic obstacle course, where you will paddle on a soft top surfboard while zig zagging through obstacles in water as fast as you can. Every minute matters- this is a timed event!
  10. Kayak Jousting. This is as cool as it sounds: balance on a kayak while your partner paddles forward and you try to knock off the competition that is heading in your direction with their own.

What about Open Events?

Many of the open events are the same as those in the competitive divisions. Those that are different have descriptions below:

  1. Obstacle Course
  2. Aquagility
  3. Boulder Dash
  4. Kayak Jousting

    The Triton Games Cannon is featured above.

  5. The Cannon. Show us your hand/eye coordination on our Triton Games target board. You get a couple of tries to make your target.
  6. Slack Line. Test your balance as you try to slack line across the pool. The best out of two attempts will be counted towards your score.
  7. Gunk Tank. Test your luck (and grit!)  in this messy gunk to win some prizes by searching around in some gnarly goo.
Find out more on Facebook or register now!
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