UCSD Club Volleyball Takes on the UCI Regional Tournament

This weekend the Tritons travelled north to play ball in Anteater territory. After a very spirited night, the tritons were running low on spirit juice at this regional. What they really needed was a blast of Honey Boo Boo’s infamous go-go juice. But alas, coffee would have to suffice. The day began with a win against USD in two games as the coffee was beginning to take effect. However, the half-life of a cup of coffee is about one match of volleyball, and the SDSU Aztecs knew this going into the Triton’s second match. The Aztecs conquered the Tritons in the third game, sorry Phil.  The next two matches against UCI and CSUF went by in a blur as the Tritons subdued them in two games each. These teams will play again in the next southern regional tournament on February 18.
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