New Teams

The UCSD Sports Clubs program reviews new sports club applications on an annual basis to provide opportunities to accommodate the interests of UCSD students.  When submitting an application, please provide as many details as possible.  Our program has limited resources and the review process is very competitive, thus applications that provide us with the needed information tend to be more successful in moving along to the next phase. 

Starting in 2012, the Sports Clubs program expanded to include a third tier and an application process for those groups interested in taking their team to the next level. Since 2008 the program has expanded from 23 to 30 competitive sports club teams. 

Typically, the following criteria must be met to be considered for a group interview: 

  • An application must be detailed, completed, and submitted to by the end of the academic year to qualify for review. Regardless, of when an application is submitted, all applications will be reviewed that summer and you will be contacted in July regarding next steps.
  • A minimum of ten full-time UCSD students must provide their name and contact information indicating they are interested in participating in the activity. All participants must be full-time UCSD students (No staff, alumni, extension students, community members, etc.)
  • Four to six officers (a coach can serve as one of these individuals) must be able to meet with the sports clubs administration and student representatives for a group interview (usually in the summer)
  • A minimum of two UCSD students must be willing to initially serve as club officers, meeting with the club sports staff and completing required paperwork.
  • The activity must be able to safely occur at a UCSD sports facility, or at an acceptable off-campus location within San Diego.
  • The participants must be able to be safely instructed or coached by club members or a coach. If a coach will be needed, it must be demonstrated that finding a qualified coach or instructor is likely to occur. Additionally, all coaches and instructors must be CPR/First Aid certified and must be US residents able to work legally in the United States.
  • You must be able to show that your team is a part of a recognized collegiate league and/or national governing body.
  • You must be able to show that your team would have at least 5 collegiate competitions (not including the national tournament).
  • You must present a self-sufficient budget with your application as there will be no guaranteed funding from the program or department (NOTE: UCSD Sports Clubs are not eligible for AS Funding)

Club that receive approval will be on a probationary period for three years to show that they can sustain their team after the initial leadership leaves. In addition, they must conform to the criteria listed in the current sports clubs tier system or they will not be able to remain a sports club. Tier 3 Sports Clubs are also restricted from hosting on-campus or off-campus events, including games, tournaments, and other events, and may have limited practice times. 

Being a part of the UCSD Sports Clubs program is a great opportunity and a tremendous privilege. If you and your club members are ready to take the next steps, we encourage you to apply here, New Sports Club Application.

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