Weather Is a Challenge, but the Tritons Pull Through

On January 28th and 29th the UC San Diego Surf Team traveled north to “Surf City”, Huntington Beach for the 3rd NSSA competition of the year. It was projected to be a few beautiful days, but the waves weren’t as incredible as the weather. Despite the size, the surf conditions were not optimal, but tested the skill level, heat intelligence, and determination of those competing. The first round went well for the UC San Diego Surf Team, as A-team members, Jake Fishman, Michael Joshua, Francesca Seely, and Kyle Sweezy all got 1st place in their heats. Other notable first round contenders were Rachel Wood, Michael Cassen, Lance Lerum, Jake Wooley, Matt Honey, and Josh Israel for all advancing to Round 2. Round 2 was a bit difficult for not only the surfers, but also the judges, as they faced an immense amount of glare. Luck wasn’t in Jake Fishman’s favor as he only got judged on two of his waves, despite catching six in his heat, and got 4th in the second round. Kyle Sweezy, Michael Joshua, and Francesca Seely were the only surfers to escape out of round 3. The combination of difficult surf conditions and skillful competition made it difficult for the three shredders to get waves, as all three were unable to advance further. Overall, the 1st place result by most of the A team in the early rounds allowed the UC San Diego Surf Team to be placed high in the overall league rankings.
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