UCSD Surf Team Performs Well at State Championships

This last Friday the UCSD surfteam competed in state championships in Cardiff at Seaside Reef! The waves were small 2-3ft but extremely clean all day long with no wind and fun little peaks coming through the contest area. For the men’s shortboard division we had Owen Cockerill, Logan Laubach, Jake Fishman, Matt Honey, Michael Joshua, Michael Cassen, Kyle Sweasey, Chris Fernandes, and Brett Sampiere all advancing on to round two. Logan Laubach, Jake Fishman, Matt Honey, Michael Joshua, Michael Cassen all advanced out of round two into the third round but unfortunately no one was able to pull through to the quarter finals all missing it by one place to advance. The girls were complete champs at this contest with Emily Collins advancing out of the first round in her first competition ever! We were so proud of her with how much she has improved over this year! Skyla Bertsch showed so much commitment to the team, contest, and academics with her advancing out of the first round and quarter finals then rushing back to campus to take her midterm exam! She then rushed back for her semi final heat but was unable to pull through to the Finals.  Francesca Seely, after winning the entire girls division for the season, advanced on through the first round, quarters, semis and then placed 4th in the finals!!! Jake surfed both shortboard and longboard divisions like a true athlete and was constantly surfing back to back heats without losing any strength as he made it to the longboard final and placed 5th overall! State championships was nothing less than a complete success for the UCSD surfteam with most everyone making it through heats and showing immense improvement since the start of this year! It was a beautiful day at the beach with good friends on the team staying all day to support and bond!
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