UC San Diego Wins the Southwest Spring League

The Tritons could secure a league championship with a win on Saturday against USC. The Trojans showed up to Sports Deck without substitutes. The late afternoon sun was sure to drain their energy and the Tritons looked to capitalize on their lack of depth. The game started off with a bang as Francisco “Danny?” Salinas slotted in a pass that came straight down Route 1. The Tritons became complacent and a bit of miscommunication lead to an easy equalizer for USC. Ben “Who Got Cleats” Tsuda banged in goal number two for the Tritons. The grad student ripped an excellent volley into the net and the fans were instantly reminded of Like Mike. I’m not saying the shoes Ben borrowed for the game have magical powers, but that may have been the greatest shot of his life. USC equalized again and the Tritons were left wondering what had happened to their D. The Tritons dug in and fought to find a third goal and secure the league. Their savior happened to wear the same number of Jordan. Off a long range shot, Quinn “Salty” Frantzen pounced on a loose save and slotted the ball through the legs of the keeper. UC San Diego strengthened their D for the last ten minutes and grinded out a win. CHAMPS BABY. Special shout out to Laurel “Animal Orphanage” Bowling for the wonderful cupcakes and sweet notes. It meant a lot to the seniors and the kind words she put into the notes are appreciated.
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