Spoiler Alert: Next Stop, Playoffs

UC Slam Diego finished up its league play on March 4th with the Southern Section Regional Tournament. The previous league tournaments were at the beginning and end of February with the North vs South Crossover and the East vs South Crossover, respectively. In the North vs South Crossover, the gentlemen of UC Slam Diego had a great opening, going 3-1 overall. The Tritons defeated UCLA, UCSB, and USC, only losing to ASU in the final match of the day after 3 sets. In the East vs South Crossover, the Tritons came up short, finishing 2-2 overall while experimenting with different lineups. CSU Fullerton and Claremont fell to the Tritons, while CSU Long Beach and Arizona-B won in 3. The most competitive weekend was the Southern Section Regional Tournament between UC Slam Diego, UCI, SDSU, and Arizona-A. UCI put up a fight, taking both SDSU and Arizona-A to 3 sets before losing and going 0-3 on the day. Arizona-A ended 1-2 on the day, losing back-to-back matches against SDSU and the gentlemen of UC Slam Diego. The Tritons and the Aztecs faced off in the last match of the day for the first time this year, each with a 2-0 record on the day. These two teams were looking forward to finally playing each other, but unfortunately Arizona-A was reffing the match and sprinkled their excess salt all over the court. The Tritons ultimately fell in 3 sets in a very close match against the Aztecs, only to have parents come up to them after the match to inform the gentlemen that Arizona-A players were overheard bragging about intentionally throwing calls in the favor of the Aztecs due to their unsolicited hatred for UC Slam Diego. With an overall record of 7-4, the Tritons are looking forward to League Playoffs taking place on April 1st in Anaheim and hope to not have to associate with teams like Arizona ever again, because club sports like volleyball are supposed to be fun and connect you with other people with similar interests.
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