Nail-Biting Win vs. UCSB

Carrying the momentum from their win against Claremont, UCSD brought home a nail-biting 2-1 win in their game against UCSB on Sunday, October 22nd. With the majority of possession in UCSD’s hands throughout the whole game, they still struggled to score a goal. The score was 0-0 until there was 1 minute left in the game and UCSB was given a stroke and scored. The moment was deja vu for UCSD’s returning players as this is how they lost to UCSB last season, costing them first place in the Southern California Conference. With only seconds left to score and the history of last season looming over, UCSD got to work and managed to get a short corner with no time left on the clock. Will Bauer pulled the team through with a beautiful goal to send the game into overtime. 15 minutes to play, 7 v 7 and in sudden death – first goal wins – UCSD was determined to finish the game with a win. 5 minutes into overtime, UCSD gained another short corner. Abby Sumi inserted the ball to the top of the circle where Arshdeep Singh shot the ball right back to Sumi who tipped the ball in for the game- winning goal. In a spectacular captain-to-captain pass, UCSD had won the game they were seconds away from losing. Coach Amanda Warford noted how the game “cost [her] a few years of [her] life”, but is ultimately thrilled with the performance of her team. UCSD hopes to remain undefeated, as they take on USC next weekend in their first away game of the season. Highlights: Sami Brinton held up the forward line with her incredible speed and ball skills, despite being hit hard by the ball earlier in the game. Keeping the ball on the offensive end wouldn’t have been possible without Arshdeep Singh and Rachel Flanagan working together in the backfield and stopping every ball that came their way. Flanagan played beautifully, but suffered an unfortunate ankle sprain in overtime when a UCSB player knocked her down. Flanagan has stated she’ll “be in the trainer’s room every day until they clear [her] to play”; her teammates are all pulling for a quick recovery, as her talent, defense and energy are much needed on the field.
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