First Ever Northern California Contest at Steamers Lane

The NSSA college surf season stop 3 was held for the first time in Northern California at Steamers Lane, Santa Cruz. Following the trend of the previous two contests the waves were lining up perfectly. Waves ranged from 5-8 feet all weekend providing some of the best conditions so far in the season. Steamers Lane holds a great venue for surf contest as 29 colleges alongside family and friends were able to watch from the cliff side the contest below. UCSD surf team finished 5th overall this contest with outstanding remarks to Frankie Seely, Mike Cassen, and Mike Joshua. Frankie Seely won back to back contest for the women with an amazing buzzer beater 9 point ride. Mike Cassen made it to quarterfinals also dropping a 9 and a 6 in his round 1 heat. Mike Joshua pushed all the way through to semifinals performing excellently and putting on a show for the rest of the team.
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