Masters Sports

Masters is just another way of saying our program is specifically offered for adults only, so don’t worry about everyone being in great shape. Our Masters Sports program is, however, a great gathering place for people who value their health and fitness, and might be looking for an organized group of people who share these common goals. We offer quality, organized, competitive workouts, with a professional coach, to every ability level of athlete. Our positive training environment provides our large fitness community opportunities that help everybody reach their own personal goals. We also sponsor many organized social events for our participants throughout the year. Get in great shape for life, or train for your favorite competitive event, with our highly experienced coaching staff alongside other motivated athletes. “FITNESS IS A WAY OF LIFE” “YA GOTTA WANNA”


For almost 34 years, the UCSD Masters Swimming Program, under the watchful eyes of Masters Sports Director and Head Coach, Ron ‘Sickie’ Marcikic, has offered quality swim workouts to students, staff, faculty and the surrounding community. Utilizing two 50 meter pools at the Canyonview Aquatics Center, a coaching staff of 13 coaches, with workouts offered 7 days a week, we provide an affordable, fun and comprehensive lifetime fitness program for adult swimmers, who really love to swim! Fitness truly is a way of life for our swimmers. Participants need to be able to swim at least 200 yards of freestyle without stopping, and at least one other competitive stroke, in order to fit into one of the workout lanes with other swimmers.


Masters Running offers a unique and professional approach to training for the adult runner. Anyone can run, but if you like to run and want to see some improvement or take on your first Triton 5K, this program is for you! Head Coach Terry Martin, along with Coach Tom Piszkin have trained athletes from casual runners to national caliber elite runners. Grab your shoes and come out to the North Campus Track for some fun…on the run!


This program has a multi-sport focus for the triathlete in each of us. You don’t have to be great at swimming, running and cycling, to participate. Our program will prepare you for this incredibly challenging sport. Our Head Triathlon Coach, Terry Martin, has been competing in triathlons for more than two decades, including 9 Hawaii Ironman finishes. The program supports those interested in participating in their first, short triathlon as well as athletes with ambitions for going the “Ironman” distance. Open to all levels of ability.

2017 Workout Schedule

Triathlon Training

Spanos Training Facility–North Patio


Canyonview Pool


North Campus Track
Bike Turbo Tuesday & Friday 6:00 - 7:30am Monday thru Friday 6:00am & 7:30am Tuesday & Thursday 6:00 - 7:30am
PLUS all of the Swimming & Running workouts Monday thru Thursday 6:00pm
Saturday 7:30am
Sunday 9:00am
All workouts are 1½ hours long. Weekends may be subject to cancellation due to other Aquatic Program scheduling.

Free Workouts Each Quarter

Each quarter, the UCSD Masters Sports program offers free workouts during the first week, to introduce our program to prospective participants. Our goal is to provide quality, professionally coached workouts for every ability level of swimmer, runner or triathlete.  If you think Master's is only for athletes in shape...c'mon in and see that it's also for everyone trying to get in shape too!


Price for Master’s Program Fee only (Master's Program Fee provides full access to Canyonview Aquatic Center only)
Customer Group Triathlon Swimming Running
Community $155 $140 $120
Current Students $55 $55 $55
Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Extension Student, Senior $140 $125 $105
2 Months
Community $125 $110 $90
Current Students $45 $45 $45
Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Extension Student, Senior $110 $95 $75
1 Month
Community $95 $80 $60
Current Students $35 $35 $35
Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Extension Student, Senior $80 $65 $45
Community $620 $560 $480
Rec Card + Master’s Program Fee (provides access to all facilities)
Customer Group Triathlon Swimming Running
Community $230 $215 $195
Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Extension Student, Senior $210 $195 $175
2 Months
Community $195 $180 $160
Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Extension Student, Senior $195 $180 $160
1 Month
Community $120 $105 $85
Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Extension Student, Senior $120 $105 $85
Community $920 $860 $780
Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Extension Student, Senior $840 $780 $700


Masters uses three main facilities for workouts:
Spanos Patio On the north patio of the Spanos Training Facility west of the North Campus Track. 858-534-4037
The Canyonview Aquatics Center On Voigt Drive, east side of campus, at Warren College.  Two 50 meter pools. 858-534-6034
The North Campus Track On the north side of campus off of Torrey Pines Road, just below the Spanos Training Facility. 858-534-4037


When you register for our program for the first time, you'll need to go to RIMAC, on the north end of campus, to fill out all of the forms and get your Rec Card (if you do not have one already).

National Sports Registration Forms

All of our athletes must be affiliated with a National organization for liability purposes. Please register online or download the forms and mail them in. Carry your form with you (good if you travel). Swimming USMS Member Registration form Online USMS Membership processing and printing or re-printing of individual USMS cards. Individuals can quickly apply for or renew USMS membership via the new on-line USMS Registration/ Membership site. Each swimmer can print and re-print his or her USMS card whenever needed as proof of membership for an entry form or to participate in a workout. Please write in SAN DIEGO SWIM MASTERS under club affiliation.

How do I know if this is the right program for me?

These days, fitness is big.  In fact, personal fitness should be an important component of everyday life.  Being healthy is key to an active lifestyle. We offer a wide range of athletes, fitness opportunities in swimming, running and basic triathlon training, each and every day. The best way to try our program for free, is to contact Sickie ( and ask to try out our program.  He will send you a coupon for two free workouts, that you can use to give our program a try.