Fall Workshops


While UCSD Recreation is known to have classes, trips, workout facilities, and sports, we also offer cooking, fine arts, and DIY workshops each quarter! Check out some of the awesome ones we have coming up:


Mexican Food on a Budget On November 13th from 5-7pm, you can learn how to make budget friendly, real Mexican food like your mom would make. Why spend money on some of your favorite Mexican food dishes from restaurants when you can learn how to make them at home for every day meals! You'll learn new recipes and will then be able to make delicious food at home. It’s only $25 to attend this workshop, and you’ll get a lifetime of cooking skills.

Learn to Sew Now that you are away from home, sewing would be a good skill to learn! This course covers the basic sewing skills needed for machine stitching including: how to use a machine, following a pattern, creating seams, altering and hemming, all while working on fun projects. You’ll be able to fix your clothes without your mom’s help, and if you are creative enough, it could give you the push you need to start designing clothes! Classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays starting Oct. 30th from 5-7pm. It’s only $45 for students and rec-card holders, and $60 for everyone else. Check out one of these workshops this quarter, and keep an eye out for our workshops next quarter too! These unique workshops are always fun, plus you get to learn a new, valuable skill. Sign up today!
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