August Swimming Events Open to All!

We have two awesome swimming events coming to the Canyonview in August, come participate or check them out! UCSD Masters Midnite Madness! Coming to the Canyonview Aquatics Center once again is one of most interesting and fun events for all swimmers....yes, it's Midnite Madness. This year, it's on Saturday, August 19th from 10:30pm to midnite (yawn...). This is a two-person team event, where the teams compete in 'interesting' & 'different' water challenges in the pool. The top 5 teams are chosen to face off in the final event, with awards going to the top three teams. Through it all, Sickie will be serving smoothies, to help soothe the savage beast inside of each contestant. Fun for all. If you're awake...what else are ya doin? ------------------------------------------------------- SWIM 24 Challenge On the weekend of August 26th & 27th, more than 20, 12 person relay teams will once again be swimming for 24 hours to raise awareness and funds for swimming lessons for low income kids and the San Diego Junior Lifeguard Association.  This event has the air of a circus, and in the middle of the night, the atmosphere of a silent movie.  Participate on a team (, or come in to watch and donate to the cause.  Everything is happening at the UCSD Canyonview Aquatics Center...swim for life! Questions? Email Sickie at 2 pools
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