Introducing the NEW Fit-Yoga Pass!

ATTENTION ALL FITNESS AND YOGA FANATICS! We are excited to announce our brand new Fit-Yoga Pass coming this winter! Affordable, flexible and fun the new Fit-Yoga pass allows you to customize your workout class schedule all quarter for one super low price! The Fit-Yoga Pass is AFFORADABLE: $65 for students/$105 members/$150 non-members per quarter (3 months) Compare that to local Yoga or fitness studios that can run between $65-$150 per MONTH. Get this pass for the same price you would pay for just ONE of our Yoga/Fitness classes in previous quarters! FLEXIBLE: With over 70 classes to choose from a week you can customize your own personal workout schedule to meet the demands of school, work and life! Classes are offered at all times of the day and on the weekends. New fit yoga pass 2017_2x3_Poster   FUN: Variety is the spice of life! We offer everything from Zumba, Cycle and Turbo Kick to Hatha Yoga and pilates. Try something new or stick to what you love, since there is no cost or commitment per class...what do you have to lose? The Fit-Yoga Pass will be available to purchase at the RIMAC Sales Desk as well as online.
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