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new-website_newsletter-011 We are excited to announce the launch of our brand NEW WEBSITE, that will make its debut this spring. No more endless clicking and searching to find what you need or struggling to use it on your mobile phone because this new website takes care of all of those problems and more! These are the best features about the new website: It’s easy to navigate We all have struggled to find what we were looking for on the old website, right? Well on this new one, different categories are conveniently located at the top with sections like: classes, services, sports, trips, camps, surf shop,climbing center and challenge course! This makes it much easier to find what you are looking for sooner. If you prefer to browse by program area, not to worry! You can continue to use those if you scroll to the bottom of the page. Overall, things are able to be found much easier due to better categorization on our new website. Hours are quickly found Have you ever had trouble finding our hours? Not anymore! On the new website, RIMAC, Main Gym, and Outback Surf Shop’s hours are one of the first things you see, so you’ll never have to endlessly search for them again! The other facilities’ hours are just a click away. And they list the current date’s hours, making it even easier to see if your favorite facility is currently open. It’s mobile friendly Our old website wasn’t mobile friendly, which made it even harder to use. Now you can pull up the new website on your phone and still have the same accessibility as you do on a computer! The website adjusts to fit your screen and makes your mobile experience more enjoyable with its new mobile friendly feature. Our social media is at the bottom Our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages are all located at the bottom of the page, making it easy for you to follow us (hint, hint). See our latest posts and keep updated with everything going on with Recreation by looking at our feeds and/or following us. There’s a FAQ section Do you have questions about intramural sports, Outback trips, Rec Classes, or anything else and you want them answered online? We now have a FAQ section that will answer most of your questions! Feel free to search through there before you pick up the phone or walk on in. It’s much more convenient and catered to serve you best.

old URL, new awesome site recreation.ucsd.edu

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#GetGraceful– Five Reasons to try Ballet as an Adult

Have you ever wanted to take a ballet class? Perhaps you danced as a child, or maybe your parents never had the time or resources to enroll you in class. Whatever the case, adult ballet classes are gaining popularity, and adults just like you are welcome. Here’s 5 reasons adults should take ballet: It’s a beautiful art form. Ballet teaches students grace and poise. After all, it was originally performed in the royal court! You will learn movements to classical music that will help your posture, coordination, and introduce you to a rich artistic culture. Adult ballet is not only a great place to get in shape, but it’s full of inspiration to explore. It’s good exercise. If you’re tired of traditional aerobics, ballet is a great alternative. Ballet technique works all your major muscle groups, providing a well-rounded workout. It boosts circulation, increases flexibility, and helps you to develop core strength. But don’t worry—a typical adult ballet class is not very intensive. While ballet technique is not easy, you will build up your stamina and strength through progressive exercises that systematically work the entire body from head to toe. Unlike sports activities that are strictly mechanical, ballet allows you to connect with your body and improve your health through beautiful movements and combinations. It’s not a high-pressure environment. Adult ballet class is geared to students ages 18 and up. Unfortunately, many adults hesitate to try ballet because they’re afraid they will look silly. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. There is absolutely no pressure to pursue a professional career. Whether you want to learn something new, embrace the challenge, or simply unwind in a nonjudgmental atmosphere, there is a spot for you in adult ballet class. It’s reasonably priced. Our Rec Class Program Area offers Beginning and Intermediate Ballet sections along with aBarre Workout Class. The fundamental classes are only $71 for classes twice a week (about 16 classes running you less than $5 a class!). Our Barre workout is once a week for $35 (also less than $5 per class!). Click here to view classes that start the week of April 4th. You can register online or in-person at RIMAC, Main Gym, Canyonview or the Surf Shop. You don’t have to wear a tutu. No, you don’t have to wear a tutu in adult ballet class. While the traditional ballet student wears a leotard and tights, you can forgo the spandex as long as your outfit allows you to move freely. Many adult students prefer to wear comfortable exercise clothes like yoga pants and a tank top. Although adult ballet class does not require a strict dress code, it is a sign of respect to wear properly fitted ballet shoes, and have your hair pulled back. Otherwise, don’t stress about having to look like the perfect bun head in class. These are 5 reasons adults should take ballet. Not only does it provide physical, mental, and emotional benefits, but socially, you have the opportunity to meet others that share your same interests. Adult ballet is a great way to interact with others, and will help you grow as a person and an artist. About the Author- Bethany Leger taught ballet for 7 years in Dallas, TX. She is the founder of Ballet For Adults, a site dedicated to educating adults about ballet at BalletForAdults.com
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Spring into Recreation- Registration is Now Open!

Warm weather is coming, so get your body back in shape or try a new activity this spring with UCSD Recreation! We’ve got fitness classes to intramurals to workshops, so take a look at this list below and find the perfect activity for you to try this spring!
  1. Beach Body Fitness: Spring is soon approaching and that means we need to get our bodies back in shape for swimsuit season. So check out our new FitLife class Beach Body Fitness! Join our fitness experts in the weight room and work towards that lean, beach ready body that you are looking for. Get lean, get defined, get beach ready!
  1. FitFEST: FitFest is a FREE way to check out what FitLife can do for you! On Wed, March 30 (Main Gym) and Thurs, March 31 (RIMAC), come try new classes, relax in a 10 minute chair massage, tour Rejuvenations-Massage Therapy and Pilates center, and have the opportunity to ask the FitLife experts any questions you have.
  1. Intramural's: Want to get sporty? There are many options to choose from for intramurals in spring quarter! Sports offered are: 5-on-5 basketball, beach volleyball doubles, dodgeball, indoor soccer, kickball, softball, spikeball, team tennis, and volleyball! Make sure to get some friends together and get sporty this spring!
  1. Mission Bay Aquatic Center: If you are more interested in water activities, Mission Bay Aquatic Center has you covered. They offer sailing, surfing, kayaking, stand up paddling, wakeboarding, wakesurfing & waterskiing, and windsurfing classes that will help you turn your interest in a sport into reality in a safe and welcoming environment. With the warmer weather coming, try to learn a new water sport this spring!
  1. Challenge Course Zipline Open House: If you haven’t experienced the Challenge Course on campus yet, make sure to check it out during the Challenge Course Zipline Open House! It’s open on Wed, April 27 from 11am-2pm, and if you are interested, make sure to RSVP at bitly.com/challengeopenhouse
  1. Moon God 5K: Run past moonlit bears, giant snakes, falling houses, and the Sun God (UCSD’s giant outdoor art pieces) during one of San Diego’s only night runs! This full moon dash is open to everyone and is happening on Thurs, April 21 starting at 8:30pm. There’s prizes for top finishers and all proceeds support student leadership programs, so sign up today!
  1. Kayak Jousting: Grab a partner and compete for the crown at San Diego’s premier Kayak Jousting event! One of you paddles while the other stands in the kayak with a pillow padded jousting pole in hand. You’ll attempt to de-kayak your opponent in this knockout competition event on Friday, April 15 from 5-8pm. Its only $5 if you sign up now! Register at any of our facilities.
  1. Guitar-Beginning: Be your own musical luminary in this guitar workshop! Develop your skills to learn your favorite songs and start composing your own material. This workshop focuses on practical skills to get you playing music fast with rock solid fundamentals. Classes happen each Thursday from 4-5:30pm starting April 7th.
  1. Fencing: Try something new this spring by taking one of our fencing Rec Classes! Work on your footwork and blade work while practicing how to make basic attacks, core defenses, and use footwork within a basic bout.
  1. Volleyball: With warm spring weather coming, sand volleyball is coming back in season! Sign up for our Sand Volleyball-Beginning/Advanced Rec Class to learn skills and techniques specific to sand courts.  Spiking, serving, setting and more will be covered. And you don’t even have to leave campus! Classes take place in Muir on Saturday mornings from 10-11:30am starting April 2nd.
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