UCSD’s Powerlifters Get Rec’d in the 2015 Powerlifting Contest

Some of UCSD’s strongest students showed up in full force on Saturday for UC San Diego Recreation’s Powerlifting Contest. Powerlifting is a showcase of physical and mental strength. For this competition each lifter had three attempts at maximal weight on two different lifts: bench press and deadlift. The best lift in each discipline was recorded and then added together for each lifter’s total for the contest. The highest total won each weight class, calculated by the weight they lifted compared to their own body weight. Winner’s Included: MALE 123: David Nguyen 132: Benjamin Kim 148: Miguel Angel 165: Daniel Macks Female: 105: Tina Garcia OVERALL WINNER: Daniel Macks with a pound for pound ratio of 566.32! Thank you to all of the participants and congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Powerlifting Contest! "Tina Garcia wins 1st place for women!" "Tina Garcia with her winning deadlift of 165 pounds!" "Daniel Macks becomes overall winner!" "Daniel Macks benching his winning weight of 330 pounds!" "David Nguyen wins 1st place in 123 weight class!" "Benjamin Kim wins 1st place in 132 weight class!" "Miguel Angel wins 1st place in the 142 weight class!" "Congratulations to all of the participants of Recreation's 2015 Powerlifting Contest!" "Thank you to all the staff that came out to support this great event!"
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