The Keyword Is Balance– A Chat with our New Dietitian

Are you worried that you aren’t getting the right nutrients in your diet? Are you thinking that this holiday season is going to add more unhealthy food than usual into your diet? prashila-headshot Well, our new Registered Dietitian, Prashila Mistry, has some helpful hints for the holiday season and pointers that can be used every day to live a healthier lifestyle. If these pointers are not enough, she also has “open office hours” every Wednesday from 3-4pm, free of charge, or you can schedule a private or group nutrition consultationwith her. Q: What is the biggest mistake that college students make in their diet? A: Many students put school first as a priority which means that their diet, nutrition and health become a second priority. However, this needs to be at the top of your to-do list because if you aren’t healthy you can’t get good grades! Q: Since many students hurry to get to morning classes so they often skip breakfast, what would you recommend for a fast, healthy breakfast? A: A lot of people forget that you can eat food that isn’t necessarily a breakfast food for breakfast. If you are running short on time you can eat something as simple as toast with hummus and some carrots, or toast with whipped cream cheese and blue berries on top. The important thing to remember is that the meal needs to be balanced with protein, fruits or vegetables and carbohydrates to get your day started. Also, always make sure to eat within an hour of waking up, even if it is just something small. Q: Do you have any recommendations on how to keep eating a balanced diet even during the holidays, when people often eat more and a greater variety of food than they typically eat? A: The important thing to focus on, especially at Thanksgiving, is to stay mindful of what you are eating and how much you are eating. Ask yourself if you truly are still hungry or whether you are still enjoying eating, because a lot of the time we just keep eating without realizing we are actually making ourselves uncomfortable. A good trick is to have normal snacks throughout the day on Thanksgiving to make sure you are not starving by the time you get to eating. Also make sure to not fill up on appetizers and then attempt to eat an entire turkey dinner (that will just be painful!), and when eating dinner put your fork down in between bites because that gives your body time to digest and process that you might not be hungry anymore. Q: What is one final thought you would want to instill in college students’ minds? A: I think the most important thing to remember is that it’s not about following a specific diet, it’s just about being balanced and eating what you need for your lifestyle- therefore it is different for everyone. In excess anything you eat will cause you to gain weight, so you should focus on eating the amount that you will use in energy. If you stick to the idea of myplate (pictured below) and eat balanced meals you are going to be just fine. myplate_white If these questions got you thinking about modifying your eating habits then schedule your private or group consultation with Prashila today!  E-mail or call: or 858.822.0372 keep-calm-and-ask-a-dietitian-12
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