Ultimate – Men

The UC San Diego’s Men’s Ultimate program is considered one of the top programs in the country. This year the team is young, but they are returning a large number of players whose athletic ability is a step above the competition. As always, the A team continues its pursuit of a national title while the B team consistently takes down some big name A Teams from other schools. Anyone who loves frisbee, fun, competition, and camaraderie should give the infamous Air Squids a try.

*Last Year*
The Squids started off the season by traveling to UC Santa Cruz to play at the largest competitive tournament during fall quarter. The Squids placed third after beating Chico, Los Positas, and rival UC Santa Barbara. At the first tournament during Winter quarter, UCSD braved strong winds and heavy rain in Santa Barbara. The Squids won the tournament after taking down UC Berkley, Stanford and UC Santa Barbara twice. This victory gave UCSD a #1 national ranking, and entrance into the two biggest tournaments of the year: Stanford and Centex.

During Presidents Day weekend, UCSD hosted its own tournament, but fell to Claremont and failed to advance to the championship. At Stanford, UCSD suffered a slew of injuries and was only able to defeat Brown over the course of the weekend. Centex was another injury filled tournament, but the Squids managed to gain victories over UC Santa Barbara and Oregon. During the series, the Squids went 10-4 but were unable to qualify for nationals in the end. After only graduating 4 players, the Squids are looking to come back strong for this season.

*The Sport of Ultimate*
Ultimate combines elements of soccer, football and basketball in a fast-paced game, played with a frisbee, where everyone is a quarterback and everyone is a receiver.

Ultimate began in 1968 in Maplewood, New Jersey when a group of Columbia High School students first played on an asphalt parking lot at their high school. As those students graduated from high school, the game spread to the college level. The first intercollegiate Ultimate game occurred on Nov. 6, 1972, between Princeton and Rutgers, in New Brunswick, NJ. They played on the anniversary of the first ever intercollegiate football game, also played between those same two schools.

Today, the game is played competitively by over 25,000 UPA and WFDF amateur athletes in over 35 countries, as well as countless casual players. Ultimate is played by people from all walks of life. From high school students, to the still thriving college game, to the highly competitive club teams all over the world, to the many thousands of people who play in informal summer leagues, Ultimate is a game for everyone.


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