Informal Rec

Informal Rec Basketball Court Times

Open Recreation is time allotted for participation in an unstructured recreation activity; be it basketball, badminton, cardio machines, volleyball, racquetball, squash, tennis, table tennis, weight lifting, swimming, etc. You can participate alone or with a group of people who happen to be playing your chosen sport. Students or Recreation Card holders may participate in Informal Recreation at no charge. Faculty, Staff and Community may purchase a Recreation Card. UCSD students DO need to purchase a rec card for the summer months. Recreation Cards may only be purchased at the RIMAC Sales Desk. There are two types of Day Passes which can be purchased at the RIMAC Facility Access Desk, the Main Gym Complex Facility Access Desk, Natatorium, or at the Canyonview Swim Complex Facility Access Desk: The Day Pass allows access to all facilities; The Fitness Day Passes allows access to all facilities plus limited Rec Classes and may only be purchased at RIMAC or the Main Gym Facility Access Desk. Court equipment such as basketballs, racquets,etc. are available for checkout in RIMAC and/or the Main Gym. A valid student ID or Rec Card is required.

Activities & Facilities

Canyonview Swim Complex - (858) 534-6034 - Hours Offerings at Canyonview Swim Complex: Updated information about Informal Recreation hours and locations is posted at the Canyonview Swim Complex. RIMAC - (858) 534-7884 - Hours Offerings at RIMAC: Platform scale for wheelchair users. Contact for info. Main Gym Complex - (858) 822-4815 - Hours Offerings at the Main Gym Complex:
  • Weight & Cardiovascular training - Available in North balcony during operating hours.
  • Badminton
    • MAIN GYM  Fri, Sat  6 pm-close; Sun 3pm-7pm or Contact for info.
    • REC GYM M, Th 9 am-11am
  • Basketball (indoor and outdoor courts)
    • Outdoor courts available on a first come/first serve basis
    • MAIN GYM courts are available M-F 12 pm-2 and T, Th 2-3
    • REC GYM courts are available M 2pm-4pm,  F 2pm-5pm, and 7pm-close
  • Volleyball (indoor and outdoor sand courts)
    • Outdoor courts available on a first come/first serve basis
    • REC GYM T, TH 2 pm-4pm, F 5pm-7pm, Sun 12pm-4pm Contact for info.
  • Floor and roller hockey (in the Recreation Gym) - Contact for info.
  • Squash (one indoor court) - First come First served
  • Tennis (6 outdoor courts) - By Reservation  (858)-534-3486
  • Combative/martial arts practice room - Generally available during Main Gym Hours
  • Fitness Par Course
  • Dry Heat Sauna - Generally available during Main Gym Hours
  • Outdoor hot tub/spa - (open until sunset, unless otherwise reserved. Frequently reserved in conjunction with the Natatorium)
  • Natatorium
If you would like to have an available court reconfigured for a sport other than basketball, please make the request at the facility access desk.  They may not always be able to accommodate your request because of previously scheduled activities, but based on availability they will do everything possible to meet your request. Fields and Court Hours: Hours Fields and courts are generally available until sunset or until lights out.
  • NCRA Fields
  • NCRA Track
  • Marshall Field
  • Warren Fields
  • Muir Field
  • Baseball Field
  • Marshall, Muir & NCRA tennis courts
  • Muir, & Warren outdoor basketball courts
  • Muir & Warren sand volleyball courts
  • UCSD Park Fitness Par Course 
  • Walking routes

Walking UCSD

Walk UCSD is a fitness program for the entire UCSD community. Check out several walking-friendly (and in most cases, wheelchair-friendly) routes on campus, along with other resources for making the most of a regular walking regimen. Keep track
  • Sign into Walk Log, and receive a free pedometer!
  • Use Walk Log to:
    • Set up and update your walking goals, mileage, and times
    • Track your walking progress
  • Use WalkLog to keep track of your steps, and receive rewards for hitting certain step/ mileage counts!
Find a route
  • See maps and descriptions for all walking routes.
  • Link to the route you want, print it out, and get moving!
  • See listings of local walking and walking-friendly events.
Visit the Walk UCSD web page to register and start logging your miles. Click HERE