Rec Classes

Rec Classes offers non-credit instruction to faculty, staff and community. Learn a new skill or improve on an existing one. Classes include everything from circus arts, crafts, dance, and martial arts to fencing, tennis and gymnastics. Read below to find out the general rec classes we have to offer!


Knock Around Youth Camps are fun and exciting full-day programs during summer, Thanksgiving break, and spring break, and are one of UCSD’s greatest assets. Kids are mentored by a counselor staff of college students, learn new skills, and create friendships and memories that last a lifetime. Once your child experiences the magic of Knock Around he/she won’t want to attend any other camp again! For more information email Katie at or Ben at


We’re cooking up some fun for you with Mexican cooking workshops, guitar, sewing and drawing lessons and much more. Develop a new skill and perhaps find a new talent and life passion.


Duh! Of course we are all about aquatics, we are UCSD, after all. Rec Classes offers progressive swim lessons for kids and adults in our iconic indoor swimming pool, the Natatorium, as well as Scuba certification courses and loads of surfing classes down at our home beach at Scripps. Step into the Southern California lifestyle and become a rec class Aquanut.


Have you ever wanted to feel like you are part of Cirque du Soliel or try an art form while getting an incredible workout? In our Aerial Silks program, you will safely learn fundamental skills while building body awareness and strength. Take your workout to the next level with our boot camp classes or advance your current knowledge of aerial silks in our upper level sections. Sign up and hang out with our amazing instructors that will take your circus skills to new levels. Confused about the silks levels and what they mean? Here’s a key: Silks Level 1: Have you ever wanted to run off and join the circus? Learn how to hang upside down in the air? Beginner silks offers an introduction to aerial silks, including basic climbs, tricks, and sequences from single and double foot-locks. Moves and poses from slipknot and hand ties will also be explored. Prerequisites: None.   Silks Level 1.5: Silks 1 allows students who have already taken Beginner silks to improve their fundamental aerial technique and learn additional skills.  This class also focuses on building strength and stamina required for aerial inversions.  In Silks 1 students will also learn how to link basic skills into fun combinations.  Prerequisites: Beginner silks.   Silks 2: Building on the foundations learned in Silks 1, Silks 2 offers an introduction to more advanced silks skills including inversions in the air and more advanced wraps. This class has a focus on technique and strength in the air, and will help you build confidence on the silks. Prerequisites: Climb to the top of the tall silks (~20 ft) and descend safely. Single and double foot locks in the air, as well as mastery of candy cane and split roll-up. Students must also be able to invert and return to the ground in a controlled fashion (from hand-ties or in a slipknot). These skills will be evaluated on the first day of class — those who do not meet the prerequisites will be encouraged to enroll in a more appropriate section (Silks 1 or Bootcamp).   Silks 3: Silks 3 further develops the fundamental silks skills, including foot ties, crochets, hipkeys, and straddle-based skills. This class will focus on sequencing and endurance, as well as more intricate wraps and skills. Drops and new climbs may be introduced. Prerequisites: Students must be able to climb to the top of the tall silks (~20 feet) twice using two different climbs (such as standard/wrapped and Russian) as well as demonstrate solid hipkeys and crochets in the air. In addition, students must be able to do a X-back straddle and demonstrate a straddle inversion from at least one climb off the ground. These skills will be evaluated on the first day of class — those who do not meet the prerequisites will be encouraged to enroll in a more appropriate section (Level 1, Level 2 or Bootcamp).   Level 4: This course covers more advanced skills in aerial silks, including drops, inverted climbs, and sequencing, and is designed for students who have completed the Beginner series and are looking to advance their practice. This mixed-level course constantly introduces new skills and variations, and provides a challenge for students at a variety of levels. There is a focus on strength, stamina, and the development of sequences incorporating new skills. Prerequisites: Students must be able to climb to the top of the tall silks two times in a row without touching the ground. They must also be able to demonstrate the following with straight legs, pointed toes, and good form: hipkeys, straddle-up scorpions, crochet knee hang sequence, single foot-locks on both feet, double foot-locks from both iron cross AND regular hang. Students must also be able to perform a 5-trick sequence involving at least three different fundamentals (foot-locks, hipkeys, straddle inversion, crochets) in the air. These skills will be evaluated on the first day of class — those who do not meet the prerequisites will be encouraged to enroll in a more appropriate section.


From tendus to popping and locking we offer a variety of dance classes to fit your taste in movement. Come learn how to be a ballroom dancer like in ‘Dancing with the Stars’ such as swing, bachata, salsa and tango. Delve into the sultry moves of Burlesque, perfect your ballet skills or reconnect with your childhood in our tap dance classes. Rec Classes has the right moves for you.


Rec Classes offer one of the most comprehensive Martial Arts instructional programs in the country. We have over 20 different art forms in various skill levels offered, representing traditions from Brazil, Japan, Korea and China. Our Martial Arts programs offer fitness, discipline, self-defense, friendship and personal challenge in a fun and accessible environment.


Our American Red Cross courses contain training for: recognizing an emergency; CPR and rescue breathing for adults, infants & children; use of the AED for adults; care for conscious and unconscious choking; first aid for general medical emergencies such as burns, shock, poisoning, severe bleeding, fractures and sudden illness. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive Adult CPR/AED, Child and Infant CPR certification and a First Aid certification valid for 2 years. Classes blend an online portion (approx. 3-4 hours) with in-person skills session (approx. 1.5-2 hours).


We’ve got progressive lessons in badminton, archery, boxing, golf, tennis, racquetball and volleyball and are adding more sports all the time to keep our diverse campus community busy, happy and fit. Try something new or continue to hone skills already developed.


Want to learn how to do a front flip or work on your handstand game? Gymnastics offers many classes designed for all levels of gymnasts. Learns the fundamentals in our beginning sections or learn how to connect multiple tumbling skills in our advanced and open workout sections. Our program includes sections that translate to martial arts or hone in your street tricking skills. Gymnastics at UCSD Recreation offers a fun and safe environment to work on your skills and build long lasting community friendships


We offer progressive rec classes in swimming, water polo, dance, gymnastics, martial arts, fencing, tennis and archery. Now is the time to get the kids into a lifetime sport and a load of fun.  
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