Special Events

Each quarter IM Sports looks to feature creative sports event programming that steps outside of our normal team sports activity box. These events many times take on unique competitive formats, present sports challenges far different from the norm, and are usually presented in a tight, concise half-day, or one to two day time frame. The goal, of course, is to get more of you involved with our program and, then, give you a fun, competitive rush that resonates with your sports-adventurous self. Our quarterly schedule is an open book. We take some of your ideas, and some of our own, to craft a series of events that hopefully will be an exciting and fun challenge for many of you. Check back periodically to see what we will be offering in the days and quarters ahead. Better yet, if you have an idea that you think will be well received by others, come in and talk it over with us. We might be able to take your idea to a new level and make it a fixture on our special events schedule.

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