Spring Break Trips

Spring Break Trips


California National Parks Roadtrip (3/24-3/31)  -  18+

3/24/2012 07:00 AM - 3/31/2012 06:00 PM
6pm, Wed 3/14 @ Outback Rental Shop
by 1/22 $475.00, after 1/22 $500.00
by 1/22 $475.00, after 1/22 $500.00 
by 1/22 $575.00, after 1/22 $600.00 




Catalina Island Service Adventure (3/25-3/30)  -  18+

   3/25/2012 08:00 AM - 3/31/2012 06:00 PM
6pm, Tues 3/13 @ Outback Rental Shop
by 1/22 $280.00, after 1/22 $305.00 
by 1/22 $280.00, after 1/22 $305.00 
by 1/22 $350.00, after 1/22 $375.00 




Grand Canyon Backpack (3/24-3/31)  -  18+

3/24/2012 07:00 AM - 3/31/2012 06:00 PM
6pm, Tues 3/13 @ Outback Rental Shop
by 1/22 $450.00, after 1/22 $500.00
by 1/22 $450.00, after 1/22 $500.00 
by 1/22 $550.00, after 1/22 $600.00 






 California National Parks Road Trip


Experience some of the most awesome natural environments in the World. California is a truly remarkable place and on this adventure road trip you will experience some of the best it has to offer. We will spend time in Big Sur, one of the most beautiful places on the whole Pacific coast, Yosemite National Park, a place that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime, and Death Valley National Park an extraordinarily beautiful and haunting place. We will travel by Van and car camp in the most serene settings with plenty of time for day hikes and exploration.

big sur

death valleyyosemite

Catalina island Service Adventure

 Spend spring break working hard and playing hard withnew friends on a beautiful island paradise. The Work
will be environmental projects that help to protect andrestore this fragile island ecosystem and may include trail building, tree planting, gardening and invasive plant removal.The Play will include paddling beautiful coves by kayak,snorkeling clear waters and exploring the island by foot. Wewill stay just feet from the ocean in rustic cabins and all foodwill be prepared by the skilled camp chefs. This is a great tripfor someone wanting a different kind of spring breakexperience.


Grand Canyon Backpacking Expedition

grand canyon 1grand canyon 4

Join us for an expedition to the base of the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world! We will pick up our packs and leave the Canyon’s south rim to begin our descent of nearly 5000 ft to the Canyon’s bottom. The trail offers views of massive multicolored cliffs and of the Colorado River flowing nearly a mile below. Some days we will travel from sun exposed cliff faces and dry sand dunes to river oases shaded by cottonwood trees. On others we will hike to spectacular vistas at Plateau Point or cross a narrow foot bridge 70ft above the Colorado River to a hidden waterfall. The hike out of the Canyon is strenuous and while all ability levels are welcome, we recommend obtaining some level of physical fitness prior to the trip. This trip is designed for experienced and new backpackers alike…no prior experience is necessary! We look forward to having you join us on this one of a kind adventure!!


Trip info sheet

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