Triathletes On Going Quarterly Track Workout Schedule:

Workout Times: Run Workouts:  6:00-7:30am T/Th *Turbo Workouts: 6:00-7:30am Tuesday & Friday Make sure to arrive early to warm up & stretch. All run workouts meet at the south end of the track. Triathletes should be able to run, bike and swim with some proficiency. We meet at the track for all the run and bike workouts and the Canyonview pool for swim workouts. A limited number of turbo trainers are available for the turbo workouts. If you have your own turbo trainer, please bring it with you so you can learn to train on your own equipment. Oh, yeh...bring your bike with you! (All turbo workouts will be at the Spanos Training Facility - Tuesdays on the track and Fridays on the patio at the north end of the locker rooms.)
Price for Triathlon Program Fee only
Customer Group Daily Quarterly
Current Student Membership $4 $55
Community Membership* (includes facility use card) $10 $165
*If you already have a Rec Card: Program Fee-$105.00
Triathletes may attend any swimming, running and turbo workouts!! For more information please contact Terry Martin Registration for new participants will be at RIMAC or the front desk at the Canyonview Aquatics Center. Renewals can also be paid at the Canyonview Pool Front Desk.

Swimmers On Going Quarterly Swim Workout Schedule:

Swimmers need to be able to swim about 400 yards of freestyle. It will also help if you know how to swim at least one other competitive stroke,  in order to fit into one of the workout lanes with other swimmers. Monday–Friday: 6:00-7:30am / 7:30-9:00am Monday–Thursday: 6:00-7:30pm Saturday: 7:30-9:00am Sunday: 9:00-10:30am
Price for Swimming Program Fee only
Customer Group Daily Quarterly
Current Student Membership $4 $55
Community Membership* (includes facility pass to pool & track) $10 $140
*If you already have a Rec Card: Program Fee-$90.00 for the quarter
Weekends may be subject to cancellation due to other Aquatic Program scheduling. See home page workout bulletin for all changes.

Travel Swim Workouts

This section is broken into mini-categories you can mix 'n match with each other in the following format:  Warm up / Pre-set / Main Set / Cool Down.  If you don't have a watch with stopwatch function, just take :10 seconds rest after each 100. WARM UP: 

Always try to get in a good 800-1200 yard warm up.


16 X 25  Odd= Free (25 2 R-arm/2 L-arm)  Even=Stroke (25 kick / swim)  (rest :10) 12 x 50  25 Drill / 25 Full Stroke   Odd= Free   Even= Stroke (rest :10) 8 x 75   25 kick- 50 swim  Odd= Free  Even= Stroke (rest :15) 200 free - 150 (25 free-stroke-kick) - 100 IM - 50 choice 1/arm drill 50 fly kick - 100 back (2 R-arm / 2 L-arm) - 150 (3 stroke IM) - 200 free (25 fist / Catch up)


12 x 100 free on Base or :10 rest  Descend 1-6 & 7-12 10 x 150 Odd= Free  Even= (25 free-stroke-kick)  (rest :15) * Each 150 free-stroke-kick gets faster! 8 x 200  Odd= Free  Even= Anything but free!  (rest :20)  * Each free 200 gets faster! 6 x 300  All free (descend 1-3 & 4-6 )  (rest :20) 4 x 400  choice with :30 rest after each 400...make 'em all strong! COOL DOWN SETS:

300 freeezy - 200 IM (25 kick / swim) - 100 fist free 6 x 100  25 kick / swim   Odd= Free  Even= Stroke  (rest :10) 200 free (count strokes per 25) - 200 stroke (mid 50 = drill) -  200 swim choice 100 kick -  200 swim (choice) - 300 IM (25 K/R-arm/L-arm) - 400 free (25 fist /75 regular) 600 RIMO (25 kick - R/arm - L/arm - 2R/2L - Fist Swim - Regular swim)