Contact the Personal Training Director, Terri Dowie at tdowie@ucsd.edu. She will put you in touch with the right trainer for you!
Call the Massage Office directly at 858-822-4552. If you are unsuccessful in making an appointment or have not received a return phone call within 48 hours, please contact the FitLife office at fitlife@ucsd.edu or 858- 822-2313.
Contact the FitLife office at fitlife@ucsd.edu. We will forward your request to a trainer who will contact your within 48 hours to schedule a session.
Contact the FitLife office at fitlife@ucsd.edu. For details on the refund, credit & transfer policies, please review the Registration Info via the tab above.
When signing up for your small group session, please also sign up for an assessment. Listings of the assessment times are available on the website and in the recreation magazine. If you are unable to attend your assigned fitness assessment, please contact Terri Dowie at tdowie@ucsd.edu or 858-822-3123.
Look on your receipt for the class location or look up the class on-line via the Registration button at the top of this page. Class locations are listed with the class information.


We don’t provide mats for our classes. We do have a limited number of mats that you can rent for your class or workshop. We require that you pick up and deliver rentals from the FitLife Office. Request a quote here: Request a Quote

As the requestor of this service, you are required to schedule an appropriate facility for the class or workshop. A site inspection may be required by the FitLife Mobile coordinator. Please be sure that the facility is reserved before scheduling your service.

To make reservations for RIMAC or any other sports facility, please submit your request to the Sports Facilities office here: Space Request

We accept checks, recharge index and credit cards.

Prices depend on the number of classes or workshops, and whether this is for a Student group, Faculty & Staff, or Community organization. Request a quote here: Request a Quote

We request at least 2 weeks to create your FitLife Mobile experience.

FitLife Mobile can provide fitness & yoga classes, chair massage & nutrition workshops. Classes include Core Fit, Boot Camps, Pilates, Cardio Kickboxing, Zumba, introductory to advanced Yoga, and Meditation. We can also provide wellness lectures on topics ranging from Mindfulness to Stress Management.


The track is on the north end of campus. Off of I-5, take Genesee west to Torrey Pines Rd, south (left). Stay in the left lane after you turn, and turn left onto NORTH POINT DRIVE, which is the north campus entrance. Turn left at the second stop sign. The track is on your right. If you have a permit, you can park along the east side of the street or in the parking lots to the west. If you do not have a parking permit, you can drive around to the other side of the street and use a meter, or purchase a pass at the parking kiosk.

From I-5 (north or south), take Genesee Exit, WEST to Torrey Pines Rd. Turn left (south) onto Torrey Pines Rd. Follow 1/2 mile to NORTH POINT DRIVE, turn left onto the North Campus Entrance. Follow North Point Drive around the large soccer field. The first building on the right (after the giant soccer field) will be RIMAC, then comes the Super Computer and finally the Parking Structure, which is where you want to park and get a parking pass at the pay station (at the elevators). Go to the top of the parking structure, find the pay station by the elevator and get your pass. Walk WEST over the bridge & through the building to the large walkway, (right turn here), to RIMAC (north, past the Super Computer). Turn right into RIMAC. There is only one entrance to RIMAC, and the Sales Desk is in the front lobby.

FROM I-5 Take the Genesee Exit, go EAST. Follow to CAMPUS POINT DRIVE, turn right. Turn right at the VOIGT street, between the first and second stop sign, is the parking lot for the pools. The pools are 1/4 mile west of the parking lot.

The track is on the north end of campus.

Off of I-5, take Genesee west to Torrey Pines Rd, south (left).

Stay in the left lane after you turn, and turn left onto NORTH POINT DRIVE, which is the north campus entrance.

Turn left at the second stop sign. The track is on your right.

If you have a permit, you can park along the east side of the street or in the parking lots to the west. If you do not have a parking permit, you can drive around to the other side of the street and use a meter, or purchase a pass at the parking kiosk.

Parking on the weekend is free. During the week, you must have a parking permit or purchase a parking pass at the kiosk in each parking lot, and park in a 'V' space. There is a parking lot just east of the pool (before you get to the pool driving on Voigt Drive), that has a parking kiosk for visitors and a lot behind the pool with a kiosk also. Participants may purchase an Evening Parking Permit (good after 4:30pm till 7:45am, weekdays) that you place on the dashboard of your car, for 1 quarter, from Parking Services at the Gilman Street Parking Garage Office, from 8:00am to 5:00pm, see Transportation Services for Pricing.


One Game A Week, One Hour For Each Game. Here's how it works. When you register your team, you need to survey your team members for the best time for your weekly game time. Generally, teams are scheduled to play on the same day each and every week and at the same hour for the duration of the regular season (5-6 weeks). There are sometimes exceptions to that concept. Teams may be asked to be available for a 2 or 3-hour window for their weekly games on a given day or night due to facility limitations (i.e. Indoor Soccer games might be scheduled for a league on Saturday at 11am, 12noon, and/or 1pm because we only have one facility for that sport). Team Tennis is one of the few sports that allot 1-and-1/2 hours for each weekly match.
Come to our Team Registration meeting.  At the meeting, an IM Staff member will be there to not only conduct the team registration meeting for all teams, but to also help individuals without a team to connect with teams that are already formed. If that doesn't work out, you can leave your name, a telephone number, and the sport which you are interested in playing with us at the IM Sports Front Desk at RIMAC (Recreation Office, 4th Floor). We will do our best to get you connected.
Form a team among your friends, fellow campus residents, classmates or department colleagues. Choose an individual in your group to be a team captain or team representative and register your team on IMLEAGUES.COM. Your captain or team representative will also need to pay the team fee at the RIMAC Sales desk before your position in a league is solidified.
A Chance To Receive A Pre-Registration Priority Number. This number will allow you to register before others that do not call in. The process serves two purposes. One, for the IM Sports administrative staff, it allows us to identifiy a base number of teams that are most likely to register later that afternoon. Two, it allows teams to get an earlier entry into the registration process, itself, which in turn gives teams more league options to choose from as the registration process works its way through. A word of warning. Receiving a T-Reg Priority Number does not register your team. A team representative from your team still needs to be present at our Team Captain's Meeting later that same day to officially register your team. The number to call only during the listed T-Reg Priority Period is: 858-534-3716. An IM Staff member will answer your call and identify the Team Sports activity. You, as team captain or team rep, will give us your name, the name of your team, and the level of competition that you wish to compete in (AAA, AA, A for large sports) or (AA, A for smaller sports). No other information about the activity will be given over the telephone at that time, so that we can field other callers. Additional information will only be available later that day at the team captain's meeting.
Simple. Students currently enrolled in regular sessions at UC San Diego as an undergraduate or graduate are eligible to participate. Additionally, Faculty and Staff, and alumni of the university who have purchased current Recreation Cards at the Sales Desk at RIMAC will also be eligible to participate.
Everyone else. Faculty, Staff, and alumni who did not purchase Recreation Cards for the current quarter or year. Spouses of students, faculty and staff. Friends and/or relatives of currently enrolled students. Students from other universities around the country including other University of California campuses. Community members including those who have current Recreation Cards issued by UC San Diego Recreation.
Our program is impacted. With just currently enrolled students and limited faculty and staff participation, our current team sports program is maxed out (in most instances) with regard to the availability of sports facilities that we have available to us. In some sports, student teams do not make it into the sport of their choice due to the lack of space. To allow others to play (who in reality do not pay fees that support this particular program), would not be prudent on our part.


Once registered in the program, as a community member, you will have a facility access card that will get you into the pool anytime it's open, in addition to our scheduled workouts.  If you miss a workout, you can always come in during open lap swim time, to get in your workout.

We all get tired when we are in some sort of activity.  The more you continue the activity, the less rest you'll need.  If you're tired, our motto is to REST until you feel ready to try again.  We use competitive training techniques to keep everyone on task for their goals.  These techniques have a proven track record for athletes of all sports...so, get in here and get started!

The first week of every quarter, we offer FREE WORKOUTS to anyone wanting to see what we if it's a good fit for them. If you miss that opportunity, you can always email Sickie at sickie@ucsd.edu. He will send you a coupon for two free workouts to use before you decide to join. Yeh..always drive the car before you buy it.

Each sport has a 'dress code' that is specific to that sport. Running gear should include good running shoes that don't fall off when you're running. Triathletes must provide their own bikes for the turbo training sessions and swimming suits can be one piece, or two...brief or jammer...but in good condition. Goggles are not mandatory but provide excellent vision underwater, and caps are a good idea for people with long hair.

We offer workouts 7 days a week.  Trying to attend all of them might be hard on your body, so the best advice is to fit your workouts into your daily life where they best fit.  Two days a week will help you start your fitness habit.  Three days a week will help maintain your current fitness level, and 4 or more workouts a week will help you see more improvement in your fitness level.  It's better to do a few weeks with two workouts and work your way up to more...fitness is a way of life!

Unfortunately we swim in a pool where turning around is a fact of life.  There are many ways to turn around, but that's not something you should worry about before coming in for your swim.  Not all of our swimmers do flip turns, but if you want to learn how to do one, our professional coaching staff can help you out at any of our workouts.

We swim in the rain (you're wet anyway, right?), but prefer the sun.  We DO NOT SWIM DURING THUNDER STORMS, because of the threat of lightening.

These days, fitness is big. In fact, personal fitness SHOULD be an important component of everyday life. Being healthy is key to an active lifestyle. We offer a wide range of athletes, fitness opportunities in swimming, running and basic triathlon training, each and every day. The best way to try our program for free, is to contact Sickie (sickie@ucsd.edu) and ask to try out our program. He will send you a coupon for two free workouts, that you can use to give our program a try. Another key to a great fitness program is training consistency. Our program has been offering quality workouts to the San Diego and UCSD communities for over 30 years. You can't beat those kinds of credibility for a great place to train for swimming, running or triathlons.

All of our workouts are 1.5 hours long.  We prefer our participants to come in at the start time to get warmed up so everyone is ready as a group.  Participants can stop when they are tired, or get out when they have to leave, but coming in well after the start time doesn't give an adequate time to prepare your body for the workout, and it distracts the other athletes who arrived on time.

Our program has all levels of abilities of triathletes. Being able to learn from one of the best tri coaches (Coach Terry Martin), is the best way to begin your training in a fun and challenging sport. You can email Coach Terry at tpmartin@ucsd.edu if you have any questions that she can help you with, directly.

The number one benefit of our program is about the sport/social community among the athletes.  Training together towards common goals is a great way to succeed and have fun while you're doing it.  We also sponsor many social events throughout the year for our athletes, to keep everybody active and engaged.  It's all about being fit and healthy...and who doesn't like how that feels?

Athletes are either just getting into shape, or out of shape...but being in shape is very temporary, and while we all feel good when we are fit, most athletes are trying to get to the next level.  So waiting to join while you 'GET IN SHAPE', isn't always the best plan.  Why 'tri' to do it yourself, when you can have a group AND a coach right on site to help you out?

Registration for our program happens in the lobby of the Canyonview Aquatics Center...at the Sales Desk at RIMAC...or at the Main Gym lobby.  It's a simple process where you'll receive information about the program, an ID card for facility access and answers to all of your questions.


If you are a current student at UCSD or a non student but a current UCSD Recreation Card holder, you are eligible to use any of the outdoor facilties at UCSD. Please be aware that there may be times and events that take precedence over informal recreation at each of these outdoor facilities. Please call 858 534-7884 for more information.
When you arrive at RIMAC, you need to go to the Facility Access Desk and contact the Sports Facility Supervisor on duty to get a net set up in the arena or in the gym. Please remember: majority rules in the Auxiliary Gym. If there are ten basketball players playing on each court and no other courts are available, we will not ask the basketball players to leave and make one court available. For more information, please call 858 534-7884
You must call 858 534-3486 to make a reservation for any tennis, squash or racquetball court with the Equipment Room staff. To reserve a tennis court, you will need to give your name, and two UCSD Student ID card numbers or two Recreation Card numbers. For racquetball and squash courts, you will just need to give your name to reserve a court.
For current UCSD Recreation Card pricing click here
You can purchase a Recreation card at the RIMAC, The Main Gym Complex or the Canyonview Swim Complex Sales Desk (first time purchase) Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 6 PM or online (renewals only) at recreation.ucsd.edu. You can also purchase a day pass for $10.00 for a one day use at the RIMAC, The Main Gym Complex or the Canyonview Swim Complex. Please call the UCSD Recreation Sales Desk at 858 534-3557 for more information.
The rules governing drop in basketball are as follows: Two Teams of Five: The system governing informal full court basketball play begins automatically when the basketball court(s) becomes occupied by two teams of five participants playing full court basketball and there is a team of five participants present and ready for play (gym shoes) who have requested the next game. First Come, First Served: The first five waiting at the court will automatically have the next game. If less than five are waiting to play, members from the losing team or from another court's losing team or those waiting, may play. When the next game system is operative and a participating team's number of players drops below five, the remaining members may continue to play to the end of the 11-basket game with or without adding members to their team.
RIMAC has 7 indoor courts,The Main Gym Complex has 3 indoor courts, The Recreation Gym has 2 indoor courts and there are a total of 5 outdoor basketball courts at Muir, Revelle and Warren Colleges.


We plan for success. Outback Adventures staff create programs and prepare resources and logistics with our mission, customers, and goals of the specific trip in mind. We are disappointed when programs must be canceled, but it happens on occasion. Some of the reasons we need to cancel an trip are: * predicted or prevailing unsafe weather conditions, * insufficient sign-ups by the registration deadline, * illness or injury among the guiding staff * other circumstances beyond our control
To sign up, register online, or drop by RIMAC, Outback Adventures, Surf Shop, Main Gym, or Canyonview during our business hours. Don’t miss out! Register early because programs fill quickly. Sorry, we are unable to take registrations over the phone. Note that the first price listed is for UCSD students and the next price is for all others.

Cancellation of Trips

We plan for success. Outback Adventures creates trips and prepares resources and logistics with our mission, customers, and goals of the specific trip in mind. We are disappointed when programs must be canceled, but it happens on occasion. Some of the reasons we need to cancel a program are:

  • Predicted or prevailing unsafe weather conditions
  • Insufficient sign-ups
  • Illness or injury among the guiding staff
  • Rarely, other circumstances beyond our control

Trips & ClassesRefund Policy

In the event that we must cancel a program due to one of the above stated reasons, Outback Adventures issues all participants full refunds. Participants are notified of the change in plans. Our staff immediately begins the process of issuing refunds.

  • If you cancel your registration
  • More than 30 days before 1st day of program = 90% full refund
  • More than 14 days before 1st day of program = 75% refund
  • Less than 14 days before 1st day of program = no refund

NOTE: Transferring dates, programs or times constitutes a cancellation and the above policy applies.


Programs are tailored to the age and maturity level of the group. Though some activities may appear silly at first, all are designed with a greater team building purpose in mind. A better time will be had by all and greater learning happens if the group arrives willing to let themselves have FUN!
Each program is tailored to meet the needs and desires of the group. Our minimum recommended program length is a 4 hour teambuild that incorporates the valuable ground based initiatives and adventurous high elements. Most programs average 2-8 hours, but some may even span multiple days. The length of the program is dependent on which elements the group wishes to experience and group size.
Participant safety is of paramount importance to us. It is much less dangerous than driving a car on the freeway or playing on a playground. Our equipment is rated to hold weights far exceeding any actual use. All systems are backed up and double or triple checked. The most common health concerns are splinters.
There is no weight limit for the Odyssey Course Elements and Leap of Faith but all participants must fit into our harnesses.  Zip line participants must be between 75-275 lbs.
Water coolers for drinking water and portable toilets will be available on the site. There are 2 picnic tables and various log circles to provide seating. We can arrange catering and most other special needs that you may have, such as tables, chairs and additional canopies. We can also arrange for reserved parking, conference rooms, meeting spaces and indoor facilities, at your request.
The UCSD Challenge Course can offer your group a unique & challenging experience designed specifically to meet your goals; from developing meaningful relationships, to creating a higher functioning & more cohesive group through experiential education and the reflective learning process. Challenge Course experiences also are known to boost self-confidence, increase self-esteem, encourage creativity, and promote flexibility. 
There is no age minimum but all participants must fit into our harnesses. Typically, that is 10 years old and up. Zip line participants must be at least 75lbs.
  1. Wear athletic shoes, closed-toe shoes only. No sandals, open toes or heels. You will not be allowed to participate without closed toe shoes.
  2. Long, non-restrictive pants are recommended and will better protect you from splinters. Shorts are acceptable but no short shorts.
  3. Wear shirts that go below your waist. No mini t-shirts or tank tops. You may be in a harness and will be more comfortable in a longer shirt.
  4. Sweater/Jacket-it can get foggy/chilly any time of year at our course
  5. Rain / wind jacket (if the weather is questionable)
  6. No dangling jewelry or rings; leave your valuables at home
  7. Other essentials: sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, water bottle, an open mind!
Weekend parking is free, during the week, payment of a permit fee is required.  Other parking options may be discussed with the Challenge Course Coordinator.

No. We operate on a philosophy of "Challenge by Choice". This means that no one will be expected to do anything they do not feel safe and confident doing. With regards to the Odyssey Course, this means the choice of whether or not to climb and what elements to attempt lies solely with the participant. Our staff is trained to help participants push their own comfort zones and meet and exceed the goals they set for themselves.

Due to the imposing nature of the Odyssey Course and Leap many groups assume this is the only event available. Many low element activities are available in addition to the high elements and the activities can be immensely rewarding and valuable for team building. Our teambuilding activities will be adapted by our qualified staff to allow for maximum involvement and participants are encouraged to find their own level of participation regardless of ability.


If you plan to come with 6 or more people you are required to make a reservation in advance. More info can be found on our Groups and Private Rentals page.
Nope, though you can if you want to. Lots of people come to the gym on their own. Most of the climbing in our gym is bouldering. Bouldering is a type of climbing that is done without use of ropes or harnesses and no partner is needed. If you're flying solo and want to top rope climb, you can often find another person who is looking for a climbing partner or ask one of our staff to belay you.
All are welcome, whether this is your first time climbing or you've been doing it for decades. Our awesome staff will get you oriented, show you what gear you need and teach you how to use it properly.
No, we do our best to keep costs down for our climbers and one of the ways we do that is by using belayers and belay devices; good old fashioned man(and woman) power. We offer belay training to new climbers. All belayers new to the OCC must be tested and signed off by Outback Staff.
As long as minors are supervised by an adult and fit into our harnesses properly they can climb. Children must be at least 12 years old to belay others.
We do everything we can to minimize the risks involved in climbing. Our staff will teach you all the latest techniques and we strictly enforce our gym’s rules and policies. It is important to understand that climbing has inherent risks and there is always the possibility of injury.
No problem, we've got you covered! We stock a wide range of sizes of climbing harnesses and shoes that are available for affordable rental during your OCC visit.
Climbers chalk their hands to get good grip on climbing holds, but chalk dust is a perpetual challenge in any climbing gym. To minimize the dust in the OCC, we do not allow any loose chalk. Climbers are welcome to use chalk contained in chalk balls or a chalk alternative. We rent chalk bags for visitors to use.
While you can climb in most anything, most find that longer shorts or flexible pants and a tshirt are best to climb in. You may climb in your own tennis shoes (no sandles or bare feet allowed) or rent a pair of climbing shoes from the front desk.
Come into the gym, email us at climbingcenter@ucsd.edu, or call (858) 534-9665!


Outback Adventures typically hosts an equipment sale in the Fall and Spring Quarters. Please visit recreation.ucsd.edu/outback for the dates of the next equipment sale.

All customers except enrolled UC San Diego students must leave a deposit. A deposit is a credit card imprint, signed travelers check, a check written to UC REGENTS, or cash equal to the approximate retail replacement value of the equipment rented. Your deposit will be returned to you upon return of all the equipment and payment of any and all late fees, repair and/or replacement costs. Students with unpaid fees will have their UC San Diego Student Account held until fees are cleared.

You don’t. Please inspect all equipment before you leave. If you find any damage or missing parts, immediately bring it to our attention so we can help you. You are responsible for any cleaning, damage or missing parts upon return.

You may reserve any item as far in advance as you like. Reservations for equipment that requires fitting (e.g., skis, boots), must be made in person at Outback Rental Shop. All other equipment can be reserved over the phone: (858) 534-0684 or at either of our locations. Reservations must be paid in full at the time they are made. All other rentals are first-come, first-serve basis.

Reservation Cancellations

Please contact the Rental Shop to cancel a reservation.

More than one week = full refund

More than 48 hours = store credit for reservation total, can be used for rental items only. Cancellation credits expire on June 15th.

Less than 48 hours = customer forfeits all rental fees, no refund or credit.

You can rent as much equipment as you like, but advance reservations are recommended to ensure availability.

  • All gear must be returned clean or service charges will apply.
  • You are responsible for the specific (inventory number) equipment you signed for.
  • You are solely responsible for the damages and timely return of equipment.
  • For equipment to be considered returned, it must be physically returned and any damage, cleaning or late fees must be paid. Hours change periodically. You are responsible for knowing our hours.
  • Tents must be returned, clean and dry or you will be assessed a cleaning charge.
  • You will be charged the additional day rental rate for your late items for each day they are late.
  • We DO NOT waive late fees.
  • Any items late by 3 or more weeks will be considered stolen and the deposit will be forfeited. Billing will be for retail replacement costs plus four weeks late fees.
  • Items not returned, which do not have a deposit associated with them, will be billed on your Bursar’s account and will include a non-refundable service charge.
Please be sure to request instruction if you are the slightest bit unsure on how to use the equipment. Knowing how to use the equipment correctly will help save your time and help you avoid spending money on damage fees resulting from inexperienced use of the equipment.
There are NO REFUNDS for any unused equipment or equipment not picked up for any reason.

Please be sure to request instruction if you are the slightest bit unsure on how to use the equipment. Knowing how to use the equipment correctly will help save your time and help you avoid spending money on damage fees resulting from inexperienced use of the equipment.

There are NO REFUNDS for any unused equipment or equipment not picked up for any reason.

  • You are responsible for any loss, theft, breakage or any other damage done to equipment rented out to you.
  • Repair costs will be determined by our customer service representatives. Repair for severe damage or replacement costs will be determined by the program director or gearshop manager.
  • Replacement costs for items normally rented in pairs (i.e. skis, boots, fins, etc.) will be the cost for replacement of the pair.
Rental fees must be paid in full at the time of reservation or pick up. Deposits must be left at the time of reservation or equipment pickup.
Anyone with proper identification can rent from Outback Adventures. A current UCSD ID or a government issued ID such as a driver's license or passport can be used for identification.
Anyone with proper identification can rent from Outback Adventures. A current UC San Diego ID or a government issued ID such as a driver's license or passport can be used for identification.

Only currently enrolled UC students are eligible for student discount pricing. UC students from other campuses must present a valid UC ID to receive student pricing. UC San Diego Extension students are not eligible for student pricing as they do not pay student registration fees.

Only currently enrolled students at UC schools can get student rates. Extension students do not pay UC student registration fees, so do not qualify for student rental rate.


Only same day returns may be refunded in full.  All other returns are for in store credit only.  Credit may be applied to retail or Outback programs registration.  Credit may not be used to register for other Recreation offerings.
Reservations for future rentals may be made at the Surf Shop, however all fittings and pick ups/drop offs must be made at the Outback Adventures Rental Shop.
No, anyone can shop at our locations and register for any of our programs and trips.  Being a university program however, most of our products and offerings are tailored to fit our student body's needs.
Yes, Outback Adventures offers 5% off all regularly priced retail, and generous pricing on all rentals and trips.
Outback Adventures operates under Campus Recreation, and our POS system is user based.  Just like you need to have a profile to use any other Recreation facilities (pools, gyms, etc.) you need to have a profile to use our facilities.  And of course for all programs, a full user profile is needed for safety and liability purposes.
Due to leasing agreements between University Centers and Outback Adventures, we are restricted from selling skate hard goods or any other products in direct competition with existing University Centers vendors. Check out the UCSD Bike Shop for a great selection of skate products.


While these trips are not dangerous, adventure travel has inherent risks of injury and/or death. These risks contribute to the "adventure" aspect of our trips. UCSD Outback Adventures and its employees assume no liability for any damages, loss, injury or death as a result of our trips. Some trips have a prerequisite fitness level, for which the participants are responsible. Any person participating in an Outback Adventures trip is personally responsible for his or her own safety.

All of our trips are geared for beginners with no previous experience or skill, unless otherwise noted. Our trips are designed to expose you to new skills and introduce you to the diverse activities that you can enjoy in the outdoors. Some of our trips, however, are more physically demanding than others. All watersports participants must be able to swim. If you have questions about whether a trip will fit your physical abilities, please contact the Outdoor Leadership Coordinator at (858) 534-3534.

  • Round trip transportation to and from the trip destination from Outback Adventures.
  • Trained and experienced guides
  • Instruction in the trip activity
  • All safety equipment
  • All group camping and trip equipment unless otherwise noted
  • Entrance, parking and camping fees
  • Food while camping (on trips longer than 1 day)
  • 50% rental discount at the Outback Rental Shop on any equipment you need for your trip. 50% rental discount does not apply to ski/snowboard rentals for Snow Trips.
Personal equipment needs such as sleeping bag, sleeping pad and clothing. Be sure to read your packing list. All trip/class participants receive a 50% discount for rental's through the Outback Rental Shop (except ski/snowboard rentals for Snow Trips. Guaranteed perfect weather Road Meals - on some trips, we often stop at a fast food restaurant (taco shops/In-N-Out) during the trip. Plan to budget money/$6-10 for this road meal stop.
All trips depart from Outback Adventures Rental Shop unless otherwise specified. On campus classes meet at the location specified in the program description.

Outback trips serve UC San Diego students, staff, faculty and the general community by providing adventures such as backpacking, camping, kayaking, surfing and rock climbing.


No alcohol, tobacco (smoked or chewed), or illicit drugs will be allowed at any time during the program. This is not only in consideration of others, but also a serious safety concern.

This policy will be strictly enforced; students found violating this will be asked to leave the program immediately and financially responsible for all evacuation costs. Any prescription drugs that students bring should be in their prescription bottles showing the doctor's name.

NO, it doesn't. You are required to attend a formal orientation by your college. Be aware that some college orientation dates conflict with certain Wilderness Orientation trips so plan ahead.
WO is an official orientation program offered by UC San Diego. WO is organized by Outback Adventures, a program of UC San Diego RecreationOutback Adventures provides many programs for the UC San Diego community. Visit the main Outback webpage for more information about other Outback Adventures programs.

During the actual trip, all participants can store street clothes and other items not needed during the trip in our Rental Shop.

We can provide storage of residence hall items while you are on your Wilderness Orientation trip. All belongings will be stored in a secured, locked building. Please let us know about any storage needs on the Student Background Form. For easy identification, mark all your belongings with your name and please consolidate your belongings as much as possible. We assume no liability for stored items. You will have access to your stored belongings on the final day of your session.

Students are encouraged to provide a trusted family member or friend with enrollment directions (as provided by your college). There is no internet access available during any of our trips.

On each 9 day trip we will offer solos. A solo is simply time set aside for solitary personal reflection. Solo duration is dependent on the trip, but lasts up to 24 hours. There is no travel involved in a solo; in fact, participants are expected to stay within a certain area that is selected by the WO leaders. They are strategically placed so that they have the feeling of being on their own, yet in a spot that is within whistling distance from the base camp where the leaders will be stationed. Students are given all the equipment and water they need to remain in that place overnight.  Each participants are given the option to fast or have enough food for the solo duration.

Students are encouraged to remain on their solo for the fully allotted time (usually 24 hours), but they are always given the option to end their solo at any time. Participants may use their solo time to sleep, think, journal, or work on specific activities that leaders suggest for college goal setting and the like. The Solo Experience proves to be an invaluable experience for most WO participants. It allows students a unique opportunity to focus solely on themselves, on their fears, on their goals, and on their personal strengths.

Miniature solo reflections times are incorporated in to most 5 day trips, but these trips are not long enough to have a full solo experience.

Personal equipment needs (see the equipment lists), snacks you might buy on the road, one celebration dinner that we will have in San Diego on the final night of the trip.

While NO EXPERIENCE is necessary for any of the trips, we strongly recommend you prepare as WO can be physically challenging. If you have an open attitude and a readiness to challenge yourself, we have confidence that you will be able to complete the course. However, you will find that if you are physically fit, you will enjoy the trip that much more.

The Sierra Backpack trips will be physically challenging for most people and you can expect to hike anywhere from 3-8 miles in a day at high elevations while carrying group & personal gear (one-third of your total body weight) on your back. We suggest strengthening and aerobic exercise at least 3 times a week for several weeks prior to the trip. Hiking, running, biking and lap swimming are great forms of exercise. Please purchase hiking boots well in advance of the trip and break them in before you arrive.

The physical challenge of the Sea Kayaking trips will be dependent on water conditions. When calm, the paddling is not overly challenging. When winds or current pick up, the physical challenge increases. No kayaking experience is necessary as instructors will teach all the basic skills needed. Kayakers will paddle their own boat  or share a double and will be expected to carry personal & group gear in the kayak. We suggest you consider push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups to strengthen the arm, stomach and back muscles that will be used for paddling. The sea kayaking course area can be quite hot, 90+ degrees. We will take advantage of cool times of day for paddling and rest and enjoy cooling off in the water during the hottest times of day. Baja Sea Kayak-Though the Sea of Cortez can be quite calm, sea sickness proves to be a challenge for some participants. Come prepared with sea sickness medicine.

The Canoe trip endures some of the more extreme temperatures, so for most individuals, dealing with the hot temperatures proves to be the biggest obstacle. Your guides will teach all the basic skills needed, and participants will paddle a canoe with one other person and will be expected to carry personal & group gear in the canoe.

The Surf trips will be physically challenging for most people. No experience is necessary, our instructors will teach all the basic skills, and if you're ready, some advanced surfing techniques. We suggest you consider push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups to strengthen your core muscles that you'll use most frequently. Swimming can provide an excellent aerobic and strength training background as well. All surf participants must pass a swim test that consists of swimming 200 yards continuously, treading water 2 minute and entering/exiting the surf zone without a surfboard. The swim test form is included required trip forms.

*We are more than willing to work with participants who may require adaptive solutions. Please call the Director for more information at a minimum of 30 days in advance of the trip start.

All trips end at 10am in the morning on the the last date of the trip. Plan to leave campus or have your parents pick you up after 10:00am. We will provide a shuttle to the San Diego airport and arrive at the airport by 11am. If you are flying, do not schedule your departure flight prior to 12pm. WO staff will assist with the Res Hall move-in process for trips ending on move-in day.
Each group is led by at least two leaders, most of whom are UCSD students or alumni. Each leader has an extensive background leading groups in the outdoors, and is trained in First Aid & CPR. In addition, at least one guide in each team traveling in a wilderness environment has a Wilderness First Responder certification. Guides combine this experience with a leadership style that promotes positive group dynamics and personal growth. Most groups are  joined by a volunteer who recently completed their first year at UCSD. These volunteers provide valuable insights and information about how to succeed in the 1st year of college. Check out our staff page for more information.


We realize that kids swim classes are impacted, but we cannot over-enroll the classes. You have two options if your choices are full: you can look into the private lessons program, or you can ask to have your child put on the "Interest List". To request private lessons or to be put on the Interest List please call the Swim Lessons Office at (858) 534-5246 or email: swimclasses@ucsd.edu and include parent and child's name, phone number, class day, level and time(s). Very few, if any, classes have spots open up, but if they do we will call the individuals on this list in order to fill the class. If a space does not become available you will not receive a phone call.
Yes, Both children and adults need their own racquets in order to participate. We do provide the balls.
All of the campus information on Parking can be found through the below link. There is also additional 2 HOUR off campus parking via La Jolla Shores Drive which is only a short walk to the Main Gym, Rec Gym and Natatorium Pool areas. Parking Info
You can find out if a Recreation class is full by going to the "REGISTER NOW" button and going to the class of interest. Click "Availability" for that class and it will tell you the number of spaces still available.
We do not give out personal information regarding our instructors for security purposes. However, if you email us at: rclasses@ucsd.edu or call (858)-534-3772 and leave your name and contact information, we will try to get the message to the instructor.
If you are enrolled in the wrong class you may try to transfer out of it and into the class you prefer. Please note that your class will not be refunded if you try to drop out of it after the second class meeting has occurred. Some classes have transfer and registration cut off dates (mainly swim and gymnastics). Be sure that you are familiar with these deadlines. Please refer to our "policies" link above for details on transfers.
To receive a full refund or credit, a request must be made either in person (RIMAC/Main Gym Sales Desk) or via e-mail (rclasses@ucsd.edu) prior to the start of the second scheduled class meeting. A $10 processing fee will be assessed per refund request. The total amount of the refund request must be valued over $10 or the request will be issued as a credit only. A full credit can be requested in lieu of the refund. You may request a 50% credit after the second scheduled class meeting and before the third scheduled class meeting either in person (RIMAC Sales Desk) or via e-mail (rclasses@ucsd.edu). After the third scheduled meeting no credit requests will be considered.
You will recieve a confirmation via US Mail after one to two weeks. If you would like to check on the status of your registration prior to that, please call (858)534-4037 or (858)534-3772 to see if you have been enrolled in the classes you requested.
Swim tests are required prior to participating in surf classes. You MUST take a swim test before the class starts in order to participate. Tests can be taken during open recreation hours at the Natatorium and at Canyonview Pool. Print a swim test before you go (see below). Walk in and ask the lifeguard to administer the test. Take the completed form to your first class meeting. Print up a swim test: Swim Test/Surf Form
Call (858)534-4037 or (858)534-3772 for more information.


Email Brick at bbrickley@ucsd.edu with your camper's name and the waitlists to which you wish to be added.

Registration dates — UC San Diego faculty/staff/students or returning families from 2016 registration will take place on SATURDAY, March 4th, 8am at the RIMAC Sales Desk. Open registration for community members will begin on April 3rd.

Eligibility for registration — In order to process your registration, you must have proof of affiliation to UC San Diego (bring your official UC San Diego ID card) or you must have had a camper attend one session of spring/summer 2016. We will check our records. Those not affiliated with the university will be able to register for any remaining spots in-person at RIMAC Sales once registration opens to the community.

*NEW for 2016 – Returning families who have attended Knock Around Camp for 6+ years will be given priority registration. You do not need to attend registration on March 5. You will receive specific registration instructions via email. Returning families who have attended 5 years or fewer and new affiliates will register in person on Saturday March 4th. In lieu of the first-come, first-served registration model we’ve used in years past, we will be holding a lottery ahead of time and establishing a set line order for registration morning. We will email more specific registration instructions to each group of returners, including when and how the lottery will take place. If you do not receive an email but did attend camp in 2016, email Gidget at: kshawbullock@ucsd.edu to be added to the email list.

Yes! Applications to become a JC will be available beginning February 10th and are due back by March 20th. Space for the Junior Counselor program is limited, therefore we cannot guarantee a spot to everyone who wishes to participate. For more information about becoming a JC for our 2017 summer camp program, email Gidget at kshawbullock@ucsd.edu.

Knock Around Camps Director - Katie Shaw-Bullock (Gidget) at kshawbullock@ucsd.edu or (858) 534-3911 Knock Around Camps Assistant Director - Ben Brickley (Brick) at bbrickley@ucsd.edu or (858) 822-0532 Knock Around office  (only when camp is in session; June 19-August 25): (858) 534-5675 Rec Classes office: (858) 534-3772 or rclasses@ucsd.edu

If you need to drop a session of camp you may request either a partial refund or a full credit on your account. Either type of request must be made no later than two weeks prior to the start of the session you are dropping. No refunds or credits will be given if requested after that date!Refunds: Refund requests will incur a $40 processing fee per child for each session dropped to be deducted from your registration fee. To request a refund email Gidget at kshawbullock@ucsd.edu. Once your request is approved, Gidget or Brick will email you a refund confirmation stating that you are eligible for the refund. If your original payment was made in person via credit card, you will then be required to visit the RIMAC or Main Gym sales desks with a copy of your refund confirmation to receive the refund. If you paid via check or cash, you will still receive a confirmation email and a refund check will be mailed to you within 7-10 business days. Credits: To request a credit on your account in lieu of a refund email Gidget at kshawbullock@ucsd.edu. Once your credit request is approved, Gidget or Brick will email you a credit confirmation. Credits do not incur a fee and will remain active in your account until you wish to use them on future camps or recreation class programs.
A healthy lunch, water bottle, snacks, sunscreen, swimsuit and towel.
Drop-off runs from 7:45-9am and pick up is from 4:20-4:45 (with optional extended care available until 5:30pm for $20/week) at the Faculty Club parking loop by Sungod lawn for all camps except Beach and Archery.