Combatives Teams

The Rec Class Program offers competitive workout classes for a few sports that are designed to train students for intercollegiate competition in that specific sport. Known as Combatives Teams, this program includes: Wushu, Kendo, Okinawan Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing and Archery. These teams are also on-campus clubs and are organized and administered by both the student members and the Rec Class Program.

Okinawan Karate Team

The Okinawan Karate-do at UCSD (UCSD Karate Club) is both a Student Organization and a Recreation Class. Our purpose is to preserve traditional Okinawan Karate-do through teaching and practice. We strive to imbue in our students discipline, confidence, teamwork, and spirit. Our curriculum includes sparring (Kumite), forms (Kata), and weapons (Kobudo) as well as various self-defense techniques that create the core foundation of our karate training. All students are welcome, regardless of prior training. Beginning students start with karate basics and build upon that as they advance in knowledge.

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Sun God Archery Team

Sun God Archery at UCSD is a social, recreational, and competitive archery club for archers of any level! The UCSD Archery Team is a part of Sun God Archery at UCSD, and travels around the country to compete in National competitions against many other universities. Archers of all levels are welcome to try out for the team, and represent UCSD! The majority of our team is composed of archers who learned the sport of target archery when they started at UCSD, and many of them train and earn nationally recognized awards such as All-West, All-American, Western Regional Champion, and National Champion!

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Our goal is to promote awareness and appreciation for boxing at UC San Diego. Practices are held with the intention of developing foundation, technique, and the conditioning that is required in the sport of boxing. UC San Diego Boxing implements a safe environment that will allow for proper instruction and learning. We fight to establish a boxing community for all with the intention of improving, expressing, and advancing one another through the ways of boxing and personal growth.

The aim is to prepare interested individuals for competition and help members achieve their personal goals. We constantly search for opportunities and coordinate with local boxing gyms that will integrate the significance of training and the value of sportsmanship. Members will have the opportunity to explore the world of boxing in all its glory by participating in lesson drills and optional sparring. All skill levels are welcome.

Formerly known as “Boxing at UCSD” and established as “UC San Diego Boxing” in Fall Quarter of 2015 we continue to move forward as a team bringing the excitement of boxing back into the collegiate spotlight. Show heart, hit hard, and join UC San Diego Boxing!

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UCSD Taekwondo Team

As the Competitive Taekwondo class at UCSD, we place an emphasis on training our members to be competition-ready in mainly sparring but also forms (poomsae). Though our goal is to prepare for competitions, members are free to choose whether or not they want to compete in the local and national tournaments we attend. Our annual goal is to send as many members as possible to represent UCSD at the Taekwondo Collegiate Nationals in the spring quarter and to bring home medals in both color and black belt divisions.

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Wushu at UCSD is dedicated to the awareness and practice of Contemporary Chinese Wushu, a martial art that emphasizes speed, power, flexibility, and physical fitness. Some famous practitioners of the sport include Jet Li, Donnie Yen, and Jackie Chan, and Wushu is widely considered to be one of the national sports of China. Some events we take part in are tournaments (such as the annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament at UC Berkeley, as well as the annual nationwide Collegiate's Wushu tournament) and performances around the San Diego area for Student Organizations or cultural events.

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