Spring 2018 Workshops

Meditation Series with Vou Athens: Series 1

Foundations of Meditation: Stress Reduction through Mindfulness and Meditation. In this 4-part series, experience deep relaxation and a calming of the mind. Come away with the experience to apply specific mindfulness and meditation techniques to everyday life to reduce stress, improve well-being and center the mind. Science and philosophy of practice included. All levels welcome. 

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Meditation Series with Vou Athens: Series 2

Foundations of Meditation Part II: Begins immediately after 1st series of 4. In this 3-part series, experience how the power of sound, breath, and mantra can guide you into a deep meditation practice that will leave you feeling centered, clear and calm. Science and philosophy of practice included. All levels welcome. 

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Meditation: Unifying Mind and Heart with Michele

The words for mind and heart are the same in many languages. In the West, however, mind and heart are considered distinct, separate, and too often the intellect is valued more. As human beings, we are at our most powerful when we come from the union of these two aspects of Self: wisdom and compassion; knowlege and love. Beyond our intellect is the power of love that yokes us to universal consciousness. 

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Sun Salutes with Ricky Paniagua

This workshop is a journey into Surya Namaskar A – Sun Salutation ‘A’. It is great for beginning students of yoga or those wanting to deepen their practice 

In this workshop we will:
– Go over history and meaning embodied in Sun Salutation
– Break down each of the postures and the transitions between the postures of the series 
– Learn proper alignment and modifications to maximize the benefits and tailor the sequence to each practitioner’s needs
– learn when and how to breathe during the sequences
– Discuss common difficulties and how to manage them by observation and hands-on adjusting

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