Strength Training

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Beach Body Fitness- Join our fitness experts in the weight room and train that body right! In this class the focus will be on working higher reps to create that lean, beach body you're looking for. Having a beach body means putting some time in the gym and lifting. Get lean, get defined, get beach ready! Circuit Training for Women- Learn the proper weight training mechanics specifically designed for the female body.  Weight training has tremendous benefits for women of all ages and fitness levels. Cross FitLife- All-inclusive workout that focuses increasing stamina, power, flexibility, and strength. This class will use a wide variety of exercises, including running, plyometrics, weight training and Olympic weightlifting techniques. The class program is sure to challenge you, despite your current athletic abilities! Formatting comparable to trademark workouts such as CrossFit, P90X, Insanity, and more! *Required to attend Day One of class for technique training.* Olympic Weightlifting- Learn the basic fundamentals of Olympic Weightlifting Incorporating  Technique drills & strengthening movements to improve the Snatch, Clean & Jerk. Gain a better sense of body awareness & increased muscle coordination, while improving speed and explosive strength. Class will cover basic technique and progressions for the Olympic lifts. Prior weight training experience is recommended. Beginner/Intermediate level class. Powerlifting- Lean the fundamental movements of powerlifting. Gain strength while learning the Bench, Squat and Deadlift technique. Whether you are a beginner or are looking to compete. Instructed by a certified strength and conditioning coach. Spartan SGX- SGX training will benefit you on the race course or on the soccer field, at the box or at the yoga studio, on the track or on the trail, at work and at home, and in how you feel every day. Our coach Luis will train you in four domains: Athleticism, Endurance, Strength, and Mind. In addition, Luis can advise on obstacle race strategy, including techniques for overcoming Spartan obstacles. Luis will integrate weight-bearing movements and back-to-basics equipment, from kettlebells to pull-up bars to sandbags. Even if you never fun a Spartan race, you will still benefit. After all, given the incredible demands of an obstacle race, a Spartan needs to be an ultimate athlete. Speed & Agility- This course will address the many skills, strategies and basic knowledge an athlete must know to be able to perform at their peak potential. Each session will be a guided intensive learning experience practicing fundamental performance movements and graduating progressively to advanced skills for improved speed, strength and agility. Each session will also focus on a specific topic that will be addressed and discussed during the warmup and revisited throughout the class ensuring each student gains an enhanced awareness of their own body. Strength Circuit & HIIT-High intensity circuit training for beginning, middle or advanced. Combining strength, endurance and cardio. Classes will be held in an indoor and outdoor setting utilizing weights, ropes, hurdles, stairs, medicine balls, sandbags and more. Strength Training for Men- Learn the proper mechanics to basic lifts and tailor your weight lifting program to any and all goals you have in mind, whether it be gaining muscle mass, decreasing body fat percentage or increasing your strength endurance. Strength Training for Women- Learn the proper weight training mechanics specifically designed for the female body.  Weight training has tremendous benefits for women of all ages and fitness levels. Total Body Circuit- Get a fun and quick workout using cardio machines, free weights and other specialized equipment. Instructors will challenge you to be your fittest self. This is a great class for those who like the group setting, but want some attention too!