Summer Camps

2017 Summer Camps Registration

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Knock Around Camps

The Knock Around Camps are built upon our belief that environment dictates a child’s summer experience. Each summer we at Knock Around strive to create a low pressure, high energy, positive environment where children are encouraged to create friendships, explore creativity, and have the time of their lives. In each of our camps, children are introduced to a wide variety of activities designed to promote teamwork, self-esteem, leadership, cultural awareness, and friendship. This summer we’re offering a myriad of camp options. Look them over and if you have any questions, feel free to contact: Katie Shaw-Bullock (Gidget) at (858) 534-3911 or; Ben Brickley (Brick) at (858) 822-0532 or In order to participate in any of our Knock Around Camp Programs, all campers must meet the following minimum requirements: • Be 5 years of age prior to the first day of session • Be potty trained • Ability to understand and abide by camp rules and follow direction • Ability to participate safely and effectively in a variety of physical & instructional activities and communicate needs • Ability to pay attention without being disruptive • Ability to understand consequences of inappropriate behavior • Ability to dress themselves with minimal assistance • Ability to interact with peer group in a civil manner • Understand how to respect others and their personal belongings

Knock Around Classic Camp

For Kids ages 5–11

Heading into its 27th summer, the Knock Around Classic Camp is a coed, full-day camp program. Nestled between UCSD’s Muir and Revelle College in the Main Gym facilities, Knock Around Classic Camp takes advantage of our unique access to UC San Diego’s vast resources in creating a daily schedule that keeps children active and occupied from the early morning until the late afternoon.
By blending scheduled activities with free-time play, Knock Around Classic Camp provides children the opportunity to learn new skills, develop game strategy, and engage in positive social interactions in a friendly, extended family type of environment. Schedules vary by week but can include such activities as swimming, arts and crafts, gymnastics, global kids, outside performers, camp games, and special events! The Knock Around Classic Camp program runs from 8am to 4:45pm. After Camp Care is available from 4:45–5:30pm and costs $40 per two week session.

Knock Around Gymnastics Camp

For kids ages 7–11

Young gymnasts will love our Knock Around Gymnastics Camp! Gymnastics activities will be held in our gymnastics facility in the Main Gym south balcony. Campers will also be included in other Knock Around Camp games, events, and swimming in our indoor natatorium pool. Gymnastics Camp provides expert coaching from our experienced staff to our campers in a positive and non-competitive environment. The camp will focus on introducing new and improving existing gymnastic skills, while creating a fun and memorable summer experience for all campers.

Knock Around Beach Camp

For Kids ages 8–14

Located next to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO), our Beach Camp will take the Knock Around philosophy and apply it to the beach. Campers will have the opportunity to take surf lessons, hike to tide pools, learn basics of marine biology, build sand castles, and play on the beach.
Surf instructors and certified lifeguards are present the whole camp day and adhere to a ratio of three children to every one adult when playing in the ocean. All campers who wish to go in the ocean must pass a swim test on the first day of the session.
Beach Camp runs from 9am to 4pm. Before Camp Care is available from 8am to 9am and costs $40 per two week session. After Camp Care is available until 5pm and costs $40 per two week session.

Specialty Camps

Knock Around Specialty Camps are designed to give campers ages 7+ a more in-depth immersion experience while still maintaining the fun, non-competitive spirit of the Classic Camp. Qualified staff members bring years of experience in their program area and head up each Specialty Camp. Most programs run for a one-week session from 8am to 4:45pm, and have individualized programming in the morning before linking up with the Classic Camp for swimming and games in the afternoon. The exception to this is Archery Camp (read description below for more information). Additionally, After Camp Care is available for all Specialty Camp programs. The cost is $20 per one week session and runs daily from 4:45–5:30pm.

Sports Camp

For kids ages 7–11

If your camper is looking for one week of all the best games and sports that Knock Around has to offer, this camp is for them! Campers will participate in a variety of traditional and non-traditional sports and the most popular Knock Around Camp games. Participants should be energetic and prepared to be active the entire day!

Wacky Science

For kids ages 7–11

Campers will cultivate a love of science as they participate in one crazy experiment after another in Wacky Science Camp! Basic age-appropriate science principles will be taught as the campers get hands-on experience in this safe and engaging program..

Robotics Camp

For kids ages 8-14

Robotics campers will learn the ins and outs of basic programming while building a robot made of Legos. Counselors will guide your camper to the ultimate goal of completing a functional robot that will compete in an end-of-session contest. Not to be missed!

Aquatics Camp

For kids ages 8–14

If your camper’s favorite time of day is swim-time, then this is the camp for them! Though campers will learn the basics of each swim stroke, the focus will be on fun and games in the pool. Inner-tube water polo, diving lessons, synchronized swimming, kayak jousting, and lots of pool games will keep your campers occupied throughout the morning. If your camper can’t get enough of the water, Aquatics Camp is a must!

Tennis Camp

For kids ages 7–12

Tennis Camp is a non-competitive camp for kids who have an interest in learning more about the game. The small-group atmosphere and fun and positive environment allows for campers to get a good intro to tennis in a short amount of time. Campers will leave with new and improved skills and an appreciation for the game of tennis. Some racquets are available, but campers are encouraged to bring their own.

Musical Theatre Camp

For kids ages 7–11

Campers will sing, dance, and act out some of their favorite musical numbers in this creative camp! Young performers will develop an appreciation for musical theatre while working together to produce an end-of-session theatrical performance for parents. We will be offering 2 two week sessions of Musical Theatre Camp this summer.

Archery Camp

For Kids ages 7–14

Archery Camp teaches archery skills and teamwork in a safe and monitored environment on our rooftop facility. Emphasis will be on learning form and proper shooting technique, and campers will have plenty of time to practice hitting various targets. All experience levels are encouraged to participate! Archery equipment is provided. Archery Camp will take place entirely off site from the main camp in the Warren College area. Campers will utilize the rooftop facility for archery, swim in Canyonview Pool, and play camp games in Warren college. Archery Camp runs from 9am to 4pm. Before Camp Care is available from 8am to 9am and costs $20 per one week session. After Camp Care is available until 5pm and costs $20 per one week session.!

Creative Writing Camp

For kids ages 8–10 and 10–12

Creative Writing Camp will foster in kids a new, more positive relationship with the written word and work towards developing campers own ‘voice’, all the while embellishing writing skills that will help them achieve greater success with school assignments. Campers will learn to creatively think outside the box while completing various individual and group projects. As part of the Knock Around family, the order of the day will be fun and friendship!

Fencing Camp

For kids ages 7–14

The Jr. Musketeers program teaches the sport of fencing to all levels. The program emphasizes skills development and immediate application to competitive fencing. Fencers will enhance technique through individual lessons and drills. We stress the learning of competitive skills and good sportsmanship as well as applying skills learned to the development of positive character. Fencing equipment is provided.

Rap/Performance Poetry

For kids ages 10-14

Campers who enjoy writing and performing their work will love our Rap Camp! Campers will learn how to write poetry and will practice performing their written work to a beat. Creative writers will love seeing their thoughts and ideas come alive on stage. With the help of Shakespeare and Isaac B., young performers will learn how to perform their poetry and rap battle with the best!

Hip Hop Dance Camp

For kids ages 7–11

This high energy Dance Camp will get kids moving while teaching basic hip hop techniques. Campers will learn the basics of body control, memory, and quick pick-up. No previous dance experience required!

Outdoor adventures

For kids ages 7–12

Outdoor adventurers will love to explore the outdoors in this fun, nature-inspired camp. Rock-climbing, gardening, hiking, and basic outdoor skills will be taught by some of our counselors and Outback professionals. If your camper likes to adventure outdoors, then this is the camp for them!

Circus Arts

For kids ages 7–11

Circus Arts Camp will introduce campers to circus and performing arts in a safe and non-competitive environment. Activities will include aerial silks, juggling, slack lining, unicycling, face painting, and mime! Guaranteed to be an experience to remember!

Leadership Camps

Session 1 - Leadership at the Beach June 19–23

For the first time ever, we are offering Leadership Camp based entirely at the beach! Located next to Scripps Pier, our leadership campers will have the opportunity to take surf lessons, hike to tide pools, learn the basics of marine biology, build sand castles, and spend the day at the beach. Much like traditional Beach Camp, all campers who wish to go in the ocean must pass a swim test prior to the first day of the session.


Session 2 - Food and Fitness June 26-July 7

Campers will learn all about different types of food and techniques for preparing healthy and delicious meals and snacks. Practical in-the-kitchen experience will give campers a chance to prepare a meal for their peers. Throughout the session campers will also learn about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and participate in sports and fitness activities.


Session 3 - Outdoor Adventure July 10–21

Outdoor Adventure Camp will allow campers to experience the outdoor lifestyle of San Diego while working with their peers to complete basic survival challenges. Campers will learn fundamental camping skills, such as pitching a tent and reading a compass. The two week session will wrap up with an overnight camping trip with UC San Diego Outback Adventures, which guarantees lots of fun-filled memories!


Session 4 - Ocean Life and Conservation July 24–Aug 4

Dive into the world of the deep blue sea and explore its many mysteries! Campers will be immersed in basic marine biology and visit the Birch Aquarium as part of their quest to understand the challenges that ocean conservationists face. They will also get a chance to experience the thrill of the waves with trips to the beach and kayaking in Mission Bay.


Session 5 - Shutterbug and Multimedia Aug 7–18

Say cheeeese! In this session we will explore digital media through both photography and video. As a group, the campers will decide on a theme to create the much anticipated camp movie, then work together to film, edit, and present their final take to the rest of camp!


Session 6 - Leadership at the Beach Aug 21–25

For the first time ever, we are offering Leadership Camp based entirely at the beach! Located next to Scripps Pier, our leadership campers will have the opportunity to take surf lessons, hike to tide pools, learn the basics of marine biology, build sand castles, and spend the day at the beach. Much like traditional Beach Camp, all campers who wish to go in the ocean must pass a swim test prior to the first day of the session.