Sports Clubs Campus Clean Up!


Community service is a primary responsibility of all of our 31 Sports Clubs, and our annual Campus Clean Up is an opportunity for athletes to give back to their campus by setting aside time in their busy class schedules to help tidy up our campus. In just a brief span of two hours on a Wednesday, about 100 student-athletes from 12 club teams trekked to all corners of our sprawling campus to pick up whatever may have been improperly discarded. By the time the event wrapped up, our student-athletes had filled over 20 garbage bags with trash that was plaguing our campus, and had inspired another student unaffiliated with Sports Clubs to grab some gloves and join in the effort. We are looking forward to next year, when we hope to double our participation numbers.

Interested in joining the Sports Club Community? Check out more information here. 

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The Downfalls of Dieting


Written by: Erin Kukura, MS, RD

The New Year is upon us which means so is the bombardment of dieting messages. We resolve to “eat clean,” “cut out sugar,” or “lose x amount of lbs.” Only to find ourselves burnt out, frustrated and unable to “stick with it” by January 31st.

So why are diets unsuccessful time after time? The good news is that it’s NOT you. The act of dieting goes against our bodies inherent mechanism to survive a famine. You are fighting primal biology every time you embark on a new diet. Let’s look at some of the pitfalls of dieting.

Why don’t diets work:

  1. Diets lead to weight gain over time. When dieting, our body receives the message that we are not meeting our basic energy needs. Signals are released that tell our body to do whatever it can to hold on to and conserve energy to prevent additional weight loss by lowering one’s metabolism. This is usually evident by the “weight-loss plateau.” Over time, periods of dieting and rebounding can lead to weight gain even above one’s weight prior to dieting. Thus, increasing one’s natural “set-point” or where one’s body feels most comfortable.

  2. Dieting equals restriction. Whether you’re cutting out total calories or food groups. Even as simple as telling yourself not to have a certain food item will likely trigger a feeling of deprivation. This leads to increased thoughts about food and for most people induces primal urges to binge or overeat. Therefore, it’s not a lack of willpower that causes one to “fall off the wagon” and eat everything in sight after being on a diet.

  3. Dieting doesn’t teach you how to eat or listen to your cues. What happens after the diet is over? We tend to eat all the foods that were once off limits and are further away from understanding what foods make us feel good and energized.
  4. Dieting takes time and energy away from more important things in our life. You miss out on hobbies, making connections with other people, enjoying nature, and living in the present. Things that bring meaning and enjoyment to our life.

What can you do instead of dieting?

The New Year might be a great time to assess how you would like to feel (strong, energized…). But, instead of focusing on losing weight, or cutting out “x.” why don’t you focus on the things that you know will make you feel better:

  • Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep a night.
  • Move your body in a fun way at least 1x/day (walk, yoga, swim, hike, soccer, dance…)
  • Try a new class (aerial yoga or surfing)
  • Incorporate one more serving of vegetables daily.
  • Eat breakfast every morning.
  • Pack snacks so you are not hungry in class or ravenous by dinner.

Focus on the smaller more sustainable changes that will lead to long-term success and happiness.

If you’d like to get more assistance with behavior change, how to stop the dieting cycle, eating intuitively contact Erin at:

Erin Kukura, MS, RD

UCSD FitLife Dietitian

Photo Credit: LicenseCopyright All rights reserved by anthony bargain

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Tritonman Race Recap!


Tritonman, our UC San Diego Triathlon Team's annual race at Mission Bay, was a huge success this past Saturday with 450 racers! It gained quite the buzz with the localSan Diego community along with many news and media outlets including KUSI-TV who showed up to cover the race:

This year a number of Ironman celebrities were entered in the  race, which made for some interesting news media, and a lively awards ceremony as all of the collegiate athletes who raced got a chance to meet, shake hands and take team photos and selfies with the following:

  • The first Ironman World Champion, Gordon Haller, flying in from Arkansas to do the race on the same weekend 40 years after he won it.
  • Kathleen McCartney, 1982 Ironman World Champion, whose battle with Julie Moss on ABC’s Wide World of Sports publicized Ironman worldwide
  • Mike Levine, North County resident with  stage 4 pancreatic cancer, who trained with Kathleen over the summer and did IM Hawaii last year (and was featured on the NBC coverage)
  • Bob Babbitt, IM Hall of Famer and founder of Competitor Magazine
  • Sian Welch, former pro triathlete and Encinitas resident, who whose crawl across the finish line at IM Hawaii 20 years ago, was one of the most talked about finishes in Ironman history

The race and awards ceremony were filmed by, which is doing a special on the 40th anniversary of Ironman, so it could appear on NBC later this year. Also be on the look out for a feature in The Triathlete Magazine, which will include a profile of our Tri Team in an issue in the very near future!

Tritonman has also become a great vehicle to engage our local San Diego community in participating in a healthy lifestyle. Coach Kim rallied 15 people from the San Diego community to enter Tritonman this year as a team, some of whom had never done a triathlon before and who said they plan to encourage others to do the same because it’s a friendly, inexpensive and no stress race that’s close to home. 

If you are interested in featuring some of those individuals  as a way of demonstrating UC San Diego’s commitment to community service and helping people in the community lead a healthy lifestyle, with a link to our Tritonman race page, that would really help the team increase our registration numbers next year and build on the success:

A HUGE CONGRATS to the UC San Diego Triathlon Team and everyone who participated to make this such a great event! If you are interested getting involved with the Tri Team check out the team's homepage here:



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February 20 Open Registration! Click for Details


Mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 20the.... SPRING REGISTRATION OPENS!

7am:  Youth Swim registration opens online and in person

12 noon: Registration for all other programs opens online at and in person at any of our facilities  - Main Gym, RIMAC and Canyonview Aquatic Center. 

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Spirit Night Celebrations!

CALLING ALL TRITONS!!! Grab your blue and gold gear and head to RIMAC to help celebrate Spirit Night tonight.
"UC San Diego made big news recently when the campus announced it will be moving to NCAA Division I as a member of the Big West Conference. UC San Diego Athletics has invited the entire campus community—students, faculty, staff and alumni—to celebrate this historic event at Spirit Night on Friday, Feb. 9". Read all about the anticipated celebration here at thisweek@UCSDSanDiego 
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Surfer Magazine names UCSD No. 1 surf college in U.S.

Boasting one of the most idyllic, albeit at times humbling, surf breaks in Southern California, Black’s Beach, it was no surprise that the university directly above the locale came in at a top spot on Surfer’s “Top Ten Surf Colleges.” Throw in a nationally ranked surf club, recreational opportunities for student’s to take surf lessons, and a faculty and staff that take frequent board meetings, and you have yourself a bona fide surf university. Another San Diego cliffside university, Point Loma Nazarene University, came in at No. 2.
Read more: San Diego Community News Group - Surfer Magazine names UCSD No 1 surf college in U S 
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February One-Day Workshops!

Self Massage Yoga with Brandy Proppe - You have been Knotty!!! Get Down and Roll Out. This workshop will guide you through self-massage techniques, using rubber balls that penetrate through layers of skin and muscle. We will work deeply into your high tension areas to release those knots. Form-fitting stretchy yoga clothes and your own personal yoga mat recommended. No prior yoga experience necessary. Massage balls provided by the instructor. UCSD Students - $25 / Rec Members - $35/ Non-Members - $45 Tamale Workshop - Learn the art of tamale making. In this workshop, you will be introduced to two types of tamales in the husks and the accompanying fillings and toppings. A must for the tamale lover! Lots of sampling. Yum! Pricing - $25
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Save the Date for Rec After Hours Jan 26

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Triton Fest for a winter event: REC AFTER HOURS. From archery tag to glow yoga to capoeira instruction - we're transforming RIMAC into a late-night, recreation celebration! The event will take place Friday, Jan 26 from 8pm-12am at RIMAC. Athletic shoes/apparel are highly recommended. RSVP to the Facebook event to stay on top of all the details!      
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Register Now for our FREE Student Personal Wellness Program

Looking to get fit? Are you determined to create a workout regime that will help you meet your fitness goals? Make sure to check out the Student Personal Wellness Program! Student Personal Wellness Program is a FREE program offered to current students. There are 8 weeks of small group sessions that are dedicated to different topics/workouts, all personalized to each participant's needs! You may only register for this program once. The program consists of an initial physical fitness assessment and interview to determine your personalized regime, an overall health assessment, and a follow-up physical and interview evaluation to set your objectives and to establish long-term plans! This is everything that you're looking for if you want a workout that is personalized to your specific goals!
We offer Small Group Sessions for Undergraduate Students and Graduate Student Personal Wellness Program for those with a busy grad student schedule. You'll get the maximum results in the shortest possible time. Make sure to sign up for a Small Group Session, that begins the week of Jan 8.  You can find all registration dates and information here.  Now you're ready for the perfect workout specialized personally for YOU! Multiple sections available!
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Watch the Meet the Beach Recap Video

The Meet the Beach video recap is here and it is incredible!  
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Fall Workshops


While UCSD Recreation is known to have classes, trips, workout facilities, and sports, we also offer cooking, fine arts, and DIY workshops each quarter! Check out some of the awesome ones we have coming up:


Mexican Food on a Budget On November 13th from 5-7pm, you can learn how to make budget friendly, real Mexican food like your mom would make. Why spend money on some of your favorite Mexican food dishes from restaurants when you can learn how to make them at home for every day meals! You'll learn new recipes and will then be able to make delicious food at home. It’s only $25 to attend this workshop, and you’ll get a lifetime of cooking skills.

Learn to Sew Now that you are away from home, sewing would be a good skill to learn! This course covers the basic sewing skills needed for machine stitching including: how to use a machine, following a pattern, creating seams, altering and hemming, all while working on fun projects. You’ll be able to fix your clothes without your mom’s help, and if you are creative enough, it could give you the push you need to start designing clothes! Classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays starting Oct. 30th from 5-7pm. It’s only $45 for students and rec-card holders, and $60 for everyone else. Check out one of these workshops this quarter, and keep an eye out for our workshops next quarter too! These unique workshops are always fun, plus you get to learn a new, valuable skill. Sign up today!
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Fall Fun with Recreation

Welcome back UCSD! Here are a few of the things we have for all students to use and participate in throughout fall quarter to keep you active and healthy: Facilities We have 4 main facilities for students to use: RIMAC, Main Gym, Canyonview, and Spanos Athletic Performance Center. RIMAC is our largest facility and has a weight room, basketball courts, racquetball courts, fitness machines, and our Wellness Studio. Main Gym has a weight room and basketball courts, as well as a natatorium. There's also Canyonview which houses a small weight room, two large outdoor pools, a hot tub and the Outback Climbing Center. And lastly, we have Spanos, which has state-of-the-art weight lifting equipment and is located by the track. All of these facilities are open for students to use, just make sure to check out each facility's hours before you go! Intramural Sports A fun way to get involved is to join one of our intramural teams! For Fall, there's basketball, dodgeball, flag football, indoor soccer, innertube water polo, team rock climbing, team tennis, volleyball, and beach volleyball doubles. The sports change each quarter, so if you don't see your favorite sport listed, look at our website to see upcoming quarters. Intramurals are an awesome way to compete with your friends and peers in a fun social setting. Grab a group of friends to form your own team or join an existing team! Sports Clubs If you are looking for a more serious commitment to a sports team, there's 30 sports club teams for you to choose from! They exist primarily to give interested students the opportunity to experience the commitment, challenge, and enjoyment of a competitive sport. These teams play teams from other colleges, so you'll get to travel. It's a nice intermediate step from intramural sports to NCAA level. These teams are perfect if you are looking to have a year-round sports experience while getting close to your teammates. Make sure to find the sport for you ASAP, as most of these teams have info sessions or tryouts coming up.   Fit Yoga Pass Last year, we created the Fit Yoga Pass which gives all users the ability to go to ANY of the 70+ classes we offer each week. And the amount of times you can use it is UNLIMITED! The classes offered are yoga, fitness, cycling, meditation, pilates, cardio, and bootcamp classes, so you can chose as many classes you want to go to each week and check them all out! The Fit Yoga Pass is a great way to stay active, try out different classes, and have it be flexible with your schedule, plus it's only $65 for a student pass! Climbing Center Pass If you've never been to the Outback Climbing Center before, you can go FREE for your first time! It doesn't matter if you are a new student or a returning one, if you've never climbed at OCC before (located in Canyonview) it's completely free during any of their open climbing hours. If you try it out and decide you'd love to climb again, Day passes are $5, 10 Day passes are $45, or a quarter pass is $50. But make sure to go check out OCC to use your free first time pass! Just walk in and tell them you are a first time visitor. Workshops At UCSD Recreation, we not only offer fitness classes; we have fun workshops too! This quarter, we are offering these 1-day workshops: Tamale Workshop, Yoga-Thai Massage, Cooking-Mexican Food on a Budget, and Yoga Meditation and the Brain. Our multi-day workshops include: Guitar, Sewing, and Drawing. Make sure to sign up quickly, since spots can go fast!   Personal/Small Group Training If you are trying to get in shape this quarter, our personal or small group training may be perfect for you! You'll get to work with a trainer who will help develop a training plan that best fits your needs and will be there to guide you through your workouts. They can also help assess your nutritional needs. Instruction may include goal setting, weight training, aerobic training, weight loss, strength gain, weight gain--whatever your goals may be! To schedule a personal training session, email and allow 1-2 weeks to schedule an appointment. If you want to participate in Strength & Small Group training, you can sign up on our Rec shop online. Massages Even though the stress of classes hasn't hit yet, it's never too early to sign up for a relaxing massage! Start the quarter out right by getting a relaxing, soothing, private massages with one of our certified massage therapists. Choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, or Heated Stone massage. If you buy 7 private massages, you can get one free!   Gear Rentals Visit Outback Rental Shop if you are in some need of gear for your upcoming trip or adventure! They rent out sporting, snow, watersports, and camping/outdoor equipment to students. You can rent for a day, a weekend, or a week at a time. It's a great way to have all the equipment you need for that trip you've been wishing you could go on, but without the hassle or expense of buying brand new equipment! The Rental Shop is located between Sixth apartments and Pepper Canyon Hall.   Aerial Silks Learn the art of silks acrobatics this quarter! It's just like what's performed in Cirque du Soleil. This unique activity helps develop core strength, endurance, and flexibility while teaching you how to climb the silks along with different wraps and drops. We offer multiple levels, including beginner, so no experience is necessary!   Martial Arts The Rec Class Martial Arts program includes classes in 25 traditional art formed derived from Basil, China, Japan, Korea, as well as more modern hybrid arts that bring a more Western approach to the martial arts practices. You can sign up for any of these classes no matter if it's a new skill for you, or if you want to continue your training! To name a few, there's Aikido, Capoeira, T'ai Chi, Wushu all offered, along with many more! If you are looking to compete instead, we have competitive UCSD teams in collegiate tournaments and events. A listing of those teams can be found online here.   Surfing San Diego is home to many premier surf spots. Come learn how to surf, right by campus at Scripps Pier. You are here attending the top ranked surfing campus in the United States, so it's a must to sign up for a surfing class! Our comprehensive surfing classes will teach you the fundamental skills of the sport, including ocean conditions, safety, and proper etiquette. Surfboards are provided for class use.   Kayak Mission Bay Outback Trip La Jolla is so beautiful, so why not see it from a different perspective--out on the water! With Outback Adventures, you can kayak Mission Bay and enjoy the calmness of the water while gliding through the beautiful bay. Sign up on your own to meet new people, or bring a friend! You don't want to miss this trip! Trip dates are Oct. 6th and 8th.   Anza Borrego Caves & Hot Springs Outback Trip Join us on this popular overnight trip. By day we will explore mud caves, palm oases, wildflowers, vistas and Native American Pictographs. By night, we indulge in delicious food from a Dutch oven, soak in the hot springs, and take in the amazing star display far from the contamination of city lights. We will spend Saturday exploring the corners of Arroyo Tapiado Caves with our headlamps. Sunday will find us picking our way through the desert canyons in search of one of the many oases or desert vistas. No Anza-Borrego trip is complete without a stop for famous Julian pie on the way home. This trip has a waiting list every time, so sign up early.   Mission Bay Aquatic Center UCSD Recreation works with Mission Bay Aquatic Center and they have discounted prices for students! Their goal is to help you learn and enjoy activities on and around the beach, free from the academic pressures of campus. San Diego is a community with much of its activity centered around the water, so come down, enjoy the bay, and sign up for a class today! They offer sailing, surfing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing, rowing, and windsurfing classes. Or, if you want to go out on the water on your own, you can rent some of their water equipment! As you can see, UCSD Recreation has a lot to offer, so make the time to sign up for at least one class or event this quarter! That way, you can get active, stay healthy, and meet new friends along the way! Keep in mind, these are just a few of the things we all have, so check out our website to see everything else we offer!
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: New Registration Process for 2017-2018

Dear Recreation Participants,
Starting this September, UC San Diego Recreation migrated to a new registration software and online store at All membership renewals, program registrations and more will take place at With this migration, some of our processes have changed. Please see the information below on how to login OR create your account and register for an activity or view membership information. Reminder: Fall Registration Opens September 13th at 7:00am, online and in person.
*We highly recommend logging into your profile and updating your account prior to registration on September 13
Beginning September 7th, at 8:00am UCSD students, staff and faculty can login to your membership profile using your single-sign-on (SSO) credientials. Once logged in, you can sign your new waiver and update your account. Current Rec Card Members and/or Master Program Members: You can login to your profile, sign your new waiver and update your account using your membership credentials (your username and temporary password will be emailed directly to you within the next 24 hours). All Community Members who are not current Recreation Members or Masters Pass Holders need to create a new online profile. Visit the Recreation Online Store and click “Sign Up” in the top right hand corner of your screen.
Sign Into your New Account:
Visit the Recreation Online Store
Activate your profile – you’ll automatically be sent an email with a dedicated link to verify and activate your account.
1. Sign your NEW online Waivers
2. Add your preferred credit card to your account
3. Add your dependents to your profile
4. Register for your favorite programs and trips starting September 13th!
Adding a Credit Card to your Account
1. Login in to the Recreation Online Store
2. Click the dropdown under your user name
3. Click Profile
4. Click Save Payment Info from the options on your left
5. Click Save Card and complete the requested information
Adding Your Dependent(s) to Your Profile
All parents must enroll their children, not themselves, into youth programs.
To do so follow the instructions below on adding dependents.
1. Login in to the Recreation Online Store
2. Click the dropdown under your user name
3. Click Profile
4. Click Add Dependent at the bottom of the page
5. Complete the required informationYour dependent(s) will now be tied to your profile and display as an available option when registering for the program(s) of your choosing.
Recreation Credit on Account-All existing credits on your current Recreation account will be honored. The best way to utilize your credit is to register for programs or purchase memberships in person at RIMAC, Canyonview or Main Gym. Since credit on account cannot be used directly on the new online store, when purchasing programs online you will be asked whether you would like us to retroactively apply existing credit to the online order. Within 5 business days, our staff will apply the credit to your order and you will receive a refund to your card equal to your available credit.
Questions? Call the RIMAC Customer Service Desk at (858) 534-3557
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Stay Strong All Summer Long! Fit-Yoga Pass Session 2 Starts 8/5

Stay Strong All Summer Long with our Fit-Yoga Pas
Our affordable, flexible and fun Fit-Yoga Pass will be offered in two sessions this summer and the summer session 2 passes are on sale NOW! Classes start August 5th and go until September 1st! Prices are $40/50/60* and will be available at the RIMAC Sales Desk and online. (prices include: student/member/community)*
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August Swimming Events Open to All!

We have two awesome swimming events coming to the Canyonview in August, come participate or check them out! UCSD Masters Midnite Madness! Coming to the Canyonview Aquatics Center once again is one of most interesting and fun events for all swimmers....yes, it's Midnite Madness. This year, it's on Saturday, August 19th from 10:30pm to midnite (yawn...). This is a two-person team event, where the teams compete in 'interesting' & 'different' water challenges in the pool. The top 5 teams are chosen to face off in the final event, with awards going to the top three teams. Through it all, Sickie will be serving smoothies, to help soothe the savage beast inside of each contestant. Fun for all. If you're awake...what else are ya doin? ------------------------------------------------------- SWIM 24 Challenge On the weekend of August 26th & 27th, more than 20, 12 person relay teams will once again be swimming for 24 hours to raise awareness and funds for swimming lessons for low income kids and the San Diego Junior Lifeguard Association.  This event has the air of a circus, and in the middle of the night, the atmosphere of a silent movie.  Participate on a team (, or come in to watch and donate to the cause.  Everything is happening at the UCSD Canyonview Aquatics Center...swim for life! Questions? Email Sickie at 2 pools
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We Have Your Weight Loss Solution! Class Starts July 10

This program is for anyone looking for a healthy way to get in shape and combine that with guidance from a Registered Dietician. We only have a few spots left.   The classes start July 10, 2017 at 5 pm.
Looking for a HEALTHY way to become the best version of you? Do you have a desire to get in the best shape of your life? We have the answer for you at UCSD Recreation's Weight Loss Solutions! This is an 8 week small group program that takes place in our private Wellness Studio. Pre and post fitness testing as well as a personalized workout will be designed for you by your expert trainer. A Registered Dietitian will teach you about nutrition, goal-setting, and meet with you individually for a personal consultation to provide you with nutrition recommendations. With the combined efforts of our Certified Trainer and the R.D. you can look forward to an increase in lean muscle which stimulates the metabolism. You can sign up at any of our facilities or online here.
The prices are as follows:
$55.00 Students
$72.00 Rec Card Holders
$90.00 Non Rec Card Holders
If you have any questions please feel free to email Terri Dowie at
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And the Award Goes to…2017 Sports Club Winners!

We wrapped up our season with the 2017 Sports Clubs Banquet, held on June 2nd at the Marina Village Bayview Room, which highlighted all the amazing things our athletes, coaches and teams accomplished this year. Sports Clubs had over 1300 athletes, 11 teams qualified for nationals, and over 190 hours of community service were completed by participants. We also honored 8 individuals for their talents and contributions to their teams and/or the program as well as 2 teams on their all-star performances in community building. And the award goes to…. Male Athlete of the Year Alberto Montilla – Field Hockey
  • Plays on the U21 USA Men’s National Team
  • Plays in a high-level league in LA on weekends
  • Scored multiple times in the Men’s Super Division at Cal Cup (Field Hockey Super Bowl)alberto
Chris Griebenow – Men’s Club Volleyball
  • Leader on and off the court
  • Has played volleyball for 17 years
  • Started in every position during the 16-17 season
  • Played internationally - summer 2016 chris g
Female Athlete of the Year Tran Huynh – Table Tennis
  • Co-Ed Varsity player, a team usually dominated by men
  • Carried women’s team to 1st in Divisionals
  • 1st Place in Women’s Singles
  • Competed at Nationals, winning Women’s Consolation Bracket tran
Captain of the Year Taylor Williams – Dance Team
  • Captain for 3 years
  • Balances schoolwork, research labs, sorority life, and her responsibilities as captain
  • Great communication, organization, & leadership skills.
  • Dedicated to her team and inspirational to her peers taylor
Coach of the Year Tiffany Coles – Women’s Club Water Polo
  • Full-ride to Long Beach State & then transferred to UCSD to play NCAA for a year
  • Coached Granite Hills High School for 6 years & UCSD for the past 3 years
  • Cares about individual athlete & team goals, and leads them to strong league performances
  • Hoping to lead the team to a National Championship tournament in the 2017-2018 season tiffany
Dustin Newell Memorial Award Hannah Caskey & Macey Rafter – Women’s Club Water Polo
  • They supported numerous other Sports Club teams throughout the 16-17 academic year and encouraged their team to attend SC community events.
  • They lead by example both in and out of the pool
  • Macey’s impact will be greatly missed by her team and the Sports Clubs Community next year
  • Hannah will be returning for the 17-18 season and continue to improve upon their success
  • They also represented both Recreation and Sports Facilities as Co-Chairs for the Sports Facilities Advisory Board hannahmacey
Jeff Simon Memorial Award Wing Ly – Women’s Rugby
  • On-field captain who was the first one to the field and the last one off
  • Would have been a contender for MVP, but tore her ACL in the fall of her senior season. She still attended every game, practice, team event, meeting, etc.
  • Helped develop new players with different drills and techniques and took on a coaching role throughout the season
  • Ever since freshman year has done everything to grow in the sport and is truly an inspiration to her teammates, coaches, & peers. wing 
The “One Team” Award Women’s Club Water Polo
  • Participated in every Sports Clubs Community event from Dodgeball and Challenge Course to the Campus Clean-Up.
  • Won the Sports Clubs Super Fan challenge by attending other games and supporting the most teams in the program this year. club water polo
The Community Service Award Dance Team
  • Participated in 4 community service events totaling 23 hours
  • Helped with Celebrate San Diego, an event that celebrated the San Diego community where over 12,000 people attended
  • Had almost full team participation at all events, including working with the Surfing Madonna Ocean Project with their annual Beach Run dance
 Thanks to all of our incredible Sports Clubs Athletes for another amazing year! If you are interested in joining a Sports Club you can find out more information and contact team captains directly here.   
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Summer Fun with Recreation

Even though the academic year is coming to a close doesn't mean things stop at Recreation! Check out some of the awesome things we have going on this summer: Summer Fit-Yoga Pass Rave Card Fitness-Yoga Pass Our new Fitness-Yoga Pass is still available for purchase this summer! And no worries if you are only here for one summer session, since each summer session has a separate pass. So no matter if you are here for one session or two, the Fitness-Yoga Pass is here to help you stay in shape while you explore the 60+ classes offered each week! The pass gets you access to all those classes, including ones like yoga, zumba, cycling, and kickboxing, plus it only costs $50 for students during summer session 1, and $40 for summer session 2. IMG_0235 Intramural Sports It's always fun playing sports with your friends, so why not get a team together for intramurals this summer? You can chose from coed softball, soccer, and basketball, or men's softball. Registration opens late June, so start reaching out to friends to get a team together! Or if you'd prefer to meet new people, you can always sign up by yourself and be added to a team. FREE for students and Rec Card members all summer long. wakesurfing Mission Bay Aquatic Center Summer is the perfect time to get out on the water, and Mission Bay Aquatic Center can help you do so! MBAC offers sailing, surfing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, wake boarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing, rowing, and windsurfing classes, or you can rent their equipment. DSC_0010 edited Outback Adventures Are you going on a trip this summer, but not sure where to get equipment? Outback Rental Shop can help you with all your gear needs! From sporting equipment to watersports to camping, they've got it all, and for great prices too. Or, if you are looking to go on an organized trip, Outback Adventures can plan, outfit, lead, and customize outings and team building events for your group. Check out our website for more information. slide8 Rec Classes Just like any other quarter, Rec Classes are still offered in the summer! It's the perfect time to learn a new activity or improve on an old one. There's swimming, surfing, scuba, circus arts, dance, martial arts, sports, and gymnastic classes with all different levels and times in each category, so the class should fit in easily with your schedule! DSC_0016 Facility Hours If you are taking summer classes, you'll automatically have access to the gym facilities this summer, but if you aren't, make sure to buy a Rec Card! Even if you are a student during the normal year, but not one during the summer, you'll need to buy one (or flex passes or day passes) to have access to all the facilities. Click here to see facility hours.
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