Register Your Org

Note: Returning organizations must renew their registration each academic year to be valid.

Getting Started - Student Org Registration Video

  1. Go to the Student Organization Registration page
  2. Review the information on how Register or Re-Register.
  3. Then click on the Complete the online registration process link
  4. Using Single Sign-On, sign in with your student PID and password
  5. Choose a Club name
  6. Determine whether your group is a graduate, undergraduate, or combined student organization.
  7. Select 4 to 8 currently registered UCSD students who will be principal members of the organization. You will need their e-mail addresses, and they will need to complete tasks (including taking the registration quiz in step 3) for your group to complete the registration process.
  8. Select an off-campus, permanent mailing address for summer correspondence.
  9. Determine the purpose and category of your organization (i.e. Recreation Club)
  10. Recreation Clubs do not need a Community Advisor. If your club wishes to have a Community Advisor then you will need to complete the Community Advisor Signature form on the Forms page.
  11. Develop or review your organization's constitution. Make sure it includes the required 6 elements. Renewing organizations may view their constitution during re-registration.

Complete the online registration process

  1. Select one principal member to complete the online registration process. That member will also send e-mail invitations to the other principal members so they can complete their part of the process.
  2. Complete the online registration process and submit relevant documents (roster, waivers, etc).You will need your personal ID number (PID) and personal access code (PAC) to log in.

    Any of the following may change your organization's status from ‘current' to ‘pending' until updated by the Rec Club Advisor
    • The number of principal members falls below the required minimum of four.
    • A new constitution has been uploaded.
    • Changes in ‘purpose of organization' and/or ‘category' can only be done by the Rec Club Advisor or another CSI Advisor

*All principal members must complete the online registration quiz, as well as the Principles of Community Training.

2014-15 Rec Club Orientation

* At least ONE principal member must attend ONE of the Recreation Club Orientation meetings to be an eligible Rec Club.

Location: Recreation Conference Room in 4th floor of RIMAC

Wednesday, Oct. 8th, 3:00pm-4:00pm
Thursday, Oct. 16th, 3:00pm-4:00pm


Receive your registration confirmation

  1. When the following tasks have all been completed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from your advisor at the Center for Student Involvement:
    • All online information is entered, including your constitution.
    • All principal members have accepted their invitations, completed all information, and electronically signed the Principal Member Agreement.
    • All principal members have taken the registration quiz.
    • Your community advisor signature page has been turned in (if applicable).
    • All required individual waivers and team rosters have been submitted (if applicable).
      • Due by OCTOBER 24th, 2014

Additional Information

A) Change your org name, purpose, or category by contacting the Rec Club Advisor.

B) Send a request, via email, to the Rec Club Advisor for a club mailbox, located in the sports clubs office on the 4th floor of RIMAC.

Rec Club Address:    (Rec Club Name)
                                       9500 Gilman Dr. #0529
                                       La Jolla, CA 92093

C) Plan your club events

  1. All sports facilities room requests must go through the Rec Club Advisor first!
  2. Use the Triton Activities Planner (TAP) to plan your on campus student organization events

    All on-campus events (with the exception of simple club meetings and practices) require a TAP submission. A principal member must begin the TAP process 3 or more weeks before the event date. The corresponding TAP transactions, funding, and module entries must be completed 2 or more weeks before the event date. 

    To learn more about TAP check out this TAP Tutorial Video or contact the Rec Club Advisor.

  3. When publicizing your event, you must:
    • All marketing materials MUST be apporved by the Rec Club Advisor before print
    • Follow UCSD's Posting Policies.
    • Get approval from the assigned person for approved locations
    • Publicize the event as it is presented in the TAP process.
    • Include the sponsor name and contact information for all advertising.

D) All registered Rec Clubs will have an informational webpage on the Rec Club website.
  1. Email important club information to the Rec Club Advisor to update or create your webpage
    • A brief summary of what your Rec Club is all about.
    • Location and time of pracitice, meetings, or audition/tryouts.
    • Instructions on how to join your club.
    • A picture (or two) of your club (if your club has a logo you should send that as well).
    • Contact information, such as Principal Member's email(s) or club email.
    • Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, club website, or any other social media contact info. 

E) Martial Arts & Combative Groups

  1. Due to unique safety issues, liability, and quality control, clubs, organizations, groups, or individuals interested in either learning or practicing combative-based or martial arts activities on campus must do so through the UC San Diego Rec Class Program.
  2. Depending on what type of martial arts or combative activity you are interested in starting you may qualify as a Social Club instead.

    For more information:            Contact: Alfonso Gomez             Email:

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