• All Recreation Clubs must have a MINIMUM of ten (10) undergraduate or graduate student members (4-8 principal members).
  • All members must carry a valid UCSD student ID or be a current Rec Card Member.
    • Club participants are required to have their ID with them at all Rec Club events and activities.
  • No Duplicate Clubs - If there is a Sports Club or Rec Club of a particular sport/activity already in place, a duplicate Student Org cannot become a Rec Club.
  • All Rec Clubs must utilize Sports Facility space for weekly practices in order to remain a Rec Club.
  • All Block Time changes, sponsorships/fundraisers, club travel, hosting special events and meeting room requests must be approved by the Rec Club Advisor.
  • At least one principal member must attend ONE of the Recreation Club Orientation meetings in addition to each principal member completing the CSI Student Org online registration process.
    • Location: Recreation Conference Room, 4th floor of RIMAC
      • Wednesday, Oct. 8th, 3:00pm-4:00pm
      • Thursday, Oct. 16th, 3:00pm-4:00pm
  • Student Orgs applying to become a Rec Club after October 16th, 2014 must meet with the Rec Club Advisor before beginning any club activities or meetings.
  • No additional Student Orgs will be considered for the 2014-15 academic year Rec Club Program if they do not apply by the end of Fall Quarter (December 12th, 2014).

Rosters & Waivers

  • Each Rec Club must keep a Roster on file with Rec Club Advisor. If the roster is not kept current your club could lose the use of facility space(s).
  • Every Rec Club member, participant or persons auditioning for a club must complete and sign the RSO Liability Waiver before being allowed to participate in any club activities.
    • One RSO Waiver form per member each academic year.
  • The Roster and RSO Waivers must be turned into the Rec Club Advisor by October 24th, 2014.
  • The principal members are responsible for handing in new waivers and informing the Rec Club Advisor of updates to the club roster when new members join and/or current members drop.

Marketing Materials:

  • All marketing materials & team apparel MUST be approved by the Rec Club Advisor before print and purchase. This can be done via email.

Sports Facilities/Activity Room Reservations:

  • All recreation organizations MUST utilize a UCSD Sports Facility on a weekly basis.
    * If a Student Org is not using a Sports Facility and/or space becomes full, the Student Org should register under another category with the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) office.
  • Rec Clubs with a long history of operation and in good standing with the Rec Club program will receive first priority for block schedule space.
  • All Rec Clubs that request Block Time are not guaranteed Block Time.
  • Rec Clubs are allowed a maximum of 6hrs of club practice time per week in Sports Facility spaces.
  • Additional spaces/times can be requested through the Sports Facilities office on week to week basis and approved by the Rec Club Advisor. Requests for additional space must be done one (1) week in advance.
  • All additional spaces (non-Sports Facilities) need to be properly requested from facility management and approved by Rec Club Advisor before the club can utilize the space.
  • Weekly practices scheduled (including Block Time space) will be subject to change every quarter depending upon the Sports Facilities schedule adjustments.


  • A list of all club performances or competitions, on and off campus, must be emailed to the Rec Club Advisor for approval ten (10) days prior to any competition.
    • The Rec Club Advisor must be notified of all performance or competition changes.
      • (i.e. additions or cancellations to the scheduled list of events)
  • If a Rec Club is traveling for a club event or performance off campus, they must fill out the TRAVEL FORM and turn it into the Rec Club Advisor a minimum of Ten (10) Days in advance.
  • For clubs traveling, the Rec Club Program suggests getting Registered Student Organization (RSO) Event Liability for club travel and events off-campus (http://ucsd.marshcampusconnexions.com/).

Stereo Usage:

  • If your student organization uses a stereo in any of the activity rooms or studio spaces, principal members are responsible for the condition of the stereo.
  • If the equipment is damaged, missing or not working, then a principal member is responsible for reporting the issue(s) to the Rec Club Advisor as soon as possible via phone or email.


  • Paid instruction or coaching may not take place.
  • Rec Clubs are not allowed to advertise “free classes” or “free clinics.”
  • Rec Clubs must request to host a “workshop” from the Rec Club Advisor (via email) ten (10) days prior to event date.

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