Frequently Asked Questions

  1.   What is a Rec Club?

Recreation Clubs are special interest activity clubs open to the entire UCSD campus community. They are normally very low key recreational clubs that offer a way for people to get together to enjoy a common leisure interest. Some Rec Clubs participate in performances and events, and others only operate on-campus, but members determine their own level of involvement.

Where do Rec Clubs get funding?           

The main source of funding for Rec Clubs comes from Associated Student (AS) funds. Rec Clubs can apply for a number of different funding needs through AS like Triton Activity Planner (TAP) events, equipment needs and off-campus performances and events. Rec Clubs may also host fundraisers, and receive donations with preapproval from the Rec Club Advisor. There are some limited funds available through Campus Recreation.

How do I start a Rec Club?

You can start a Rec Club by registering your Student Org through the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) Student Organization Registration. Once four principal members have completed the registration and submitted the necessary documents, you will receive an email from the Rec Club Advisor. One of your principal members must attend one of the Rec Club Orientation meetings at the beginning of Fall Quarter and request practice space within sports and recreation facilities. At the orientation you will learn how to be an upstanding Rec Club and get additional tasks to complete before becoming a recognized Rec Club (see Register Your Org and Policies pages for additional information).

What is the difference between Sports Clubs and Rec Clubs?

Rec Clubs are student orgs managed through UCSD Center for Student Involvement (CSI) Advisors and Sports Clubs are extramural clubs under direction and management within Campus Recreation. Sports Clubs compete at high level within leagues and tournaments hosted by recognized national governing bodies. Rec Cubs may receive funding through AS Funding; however Sports Clubs are funded through Campus Recreation directly.

How do I join a Rec Club?

The best way to join a Rec Club is to contact the club and attend a weekly practice. There is a list of current Rec Clubs on the right-hand side of the website that you can click on to enter their informational page. There you will find contact information and description of the club, including practice days, times and locations.

Who can be a member of a Rec Club?

Only UCSD students and UCSD Rec Card Members

  7.   How do I schedule practice space for my Rec Club?

At the beginning of the Fall Quarter one of your club’s principal members will need to attend one of the Rec Club Orientation meetings to request Block Time space for Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters. Block Time spaces for Rec Clubs are very limited, so if your club does not receive a block space then you can schedule week to week spaces with Sports Facilities. If your club is not using sports and recreation facilities on a weekly basis, then your club will be transitioned into being an alternate student org through the Center for Student Involvement (CSI).

  8.   Is there a fee or cost to joining a Rec Club?

Campus Recreation charges no additional fees for Rec Club members outside of the recreation membership costs. Some Rec Clubs may charge club dues to help pay for events, club apparel, and other miscellaneous club items. Contact a principal member of the club you are interested in and ask them if members pay club dues and what the fees cover.

  9.    Where is the Rec Club Advisor’s office?

Noah Kramer’s, the Rec Club Advisor, office (#459) is on the 4th floor of RIMAC in the Campus Recreation Department suite.

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