Ascension Hip Hop

About Us:
Ascension Hip Hop was established in 1999 as UC San Diego Chinese American Student Association's (CASA) dance team. Initially, the team was created to compete against other UC’s Chinese association dance teams in the new competition All Cal. Since then, Ascension has grown from a small group of students to a well known and highly talented troupe of dancers. Learning from and helping one another, the team perseveres towards a common goal of success and friendship. Although they enjoy the excitement of competition and performance, Ascension is more about creating a family, supporting one another on and off the dance floor while also focusing on academics. Ascension is proud to be comprised of all UCSD students, being the only competing collegiate team in San Diego. They perform at various functions around campus and the San Diego area, as well as compete in various competitions around Southern California.

Our Location:
Sundays 8pm-12am
Wednesdays 8:30pm-12am
in RIMAC Activity Rooms

How to Join:
Annual auditions are held each October and are open to all UCSD undergraduates.

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