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Waitlist ONLINE for swim classes:

To ensure the safety of all swim participants we cannot over-enroll swim classes.  If you are interested in a class that is currently full you can place yourself on the waitlist online!  Just view the swim class schedule and click the "waitlist" option & follow directions.  If a space becomes available you will then receive an email and/or phone call from the Swim Office.  Please make sure your email & phone number are correct in your online profile.  Call the Swim Office at 858 534 - 5246 if you have any questions.

Private Swim Lessons:
Private 1/2 hour swim lessons for kids and adults are offered for all levels of swimming from overcoming fear of the water to mechanics of competitive strokes.  To request a private swim lesson please call the Swim Office at (858) 534 - 5246 or email swimclasses@ucsd.edu with your contact info, age & skill level of participant and general time that you are interested in arranging a lesson.  The swim office will contact you if there is an available swim instructor and coordinate further details.  Appointments are based on instructor and pool facility availability.  For this reason purchasing private swim lessons cannot be done until after an instructor is confirmed through the UCSD Swim Office.

SPRING 2016 Early Youth Swim registration will be Wednesday, February 17th from 8am - 12noon online only.  View the swim curriculum online Tuesday, Feb. 16th.

Enjoy Swim Lessons in our Indoor Pool

Learning to swim & becoming a proficient swimmer can be both a challenging and rewarding process for many children.  We offer an extensive selection of swim classes to provide children with a comprehensive experience at the pool.  Safety & water-awareness, stroke development & technique, & fitness & conditioning are combined to create well-rounded swimmers in and around the water.

Group swimming lessons are held in our heated indoor pool.  All swim instructors are WSI certified or have equivalent experience teaching.  They are carefully selected for their patience, enthusiasm & effectiveness in teaching children how to swim.  Please call the Swim Office: (858) 534 - 5246 if you have any questions about swim class level placement, registration, or private lessons 

Guide to Swim Lessons
Here are some pointers to make you and your child's swim experience at the pool a positive one:

  1. Read the class descriptions and carefully enroll your child in the level that bests matches his/her ability.  If you are unsure enroll in the lower rather than higher level, as this can affect their progress and compromise safety.
  2. Most children will spend at least two sessions in the same level.  The key to learning is repetition.  If they have taken an extended break from swimming they may need to repeat a level for practice & refresh the skills.
  3. It is not mandatory for the child to take the next highest level during the following session, and passing does not guarantee a space in the next highest level.
  4. Rec Class staff reserves the right to make necessary class level switches, but has no obligation to move any student.  If switching students to their appropriate level is not possible, the staff may have to drop the student form the session due to safety concerns.
  5. If your child is enrolled in the wrong level for future sessions, you may be able to transfer prior to the registration cut-off dates provided space is available.  See Policies for transfer information.
  6. Children not fully potty-trained must wear plastic swim diapers with elastic waist & leg bands.
  7. Kid's under 5 must enroll in Tiny Tots.
  8. A $10 processing fee will be assessed per refund request per class.
  9. Changing clothes on the pool deck is not allowed.  Locker rooms are available for use in the Main Gym.  Parents with children under the age of three are encouraged to use the Family Chaging Room adjacent to the Men's Locker Room.
  10. Due to safety concerns personal makeups of swim classes are not allowed.



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