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                                                        SPRING REC CLASSES START ON SATURDAY, APRIL 5

NEW SPRING CLASS:  Figure Skating

This class is open to all levels of experience in figure skating. For first time and beginner skaters, students will learn the fundamentals of figure skating including skating forwards and backwards, stopping, and beginner level tricks. Skaters with some basic experience will build upon their foundations by learning intermediate level skills including stroking, two foot spins, and crossovers. The class will provide rental skates and unlimited practice time on public sessions. This is a great opportunity for any level of interest to learn fun new skills in figure skating and to learn about the opportunities the UC San Diego Figure Skating Club has to offer. Class members can potentially compete in future competitions if they choose!       Class meets on Tuesdays from 7-8 p.m. for four weeks.  Check it out here


Here are some other cool classes that are brand new. Click the class for more information and to register:  Guitar, How Not To Suck at Improv, Photography Intro to DSLR, Learn to Mime, Partner Acrobatics,



Interested in something  that Rec Classes doesn't yet offer?  Just give us an email with a suggestion and we'll look into it.  No promises or guarantees, but we want to know what you like.  Email:

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