General Great Readings

  1. Annapurna: A Woman's Place, by Arlene Blum
    An exciting and inspiring story of an all women's climbing team and their successful attempt to reach the top   of Annapurna, the world's 10th highest peak.

  2. The Outward Bound Wilderness First-Aid Handbook, Isaac and Goth
    This wilderness medicine resource is detailed and easy to use. In fact, our guides carry this copy into the field on each outing!

  3. Encounters With the Arch Druid, by John McPhee
    An excellent narrative of discussions between visionary preservationist David Brower and more utilitarian minded developers of the West.

  4. A Sand County Almanac, by Aldo Leopold
    A wonderful book of natural history and land use management essays by the original initiator of wilderness area legislation in this country.

  5. Solace of Open Spaces, by Gretel Ehrlich
    A personal reflection and observation of the author's Wyoming home and her life as a sheep herder out in the wild. A book addressing the intense beauty and starkness of nature.

  6. Soft Paths, by Bruce Hampton and David Cole
    A good book to read about the use of minimum impact on the environment while trekking into the wilderness.

Readings for the Sierra Traveler

  1. Walking Softly in the Wilderness, by John Hart
    This Sierra Club book is a good source for general backpacking information.

  2. The Backpacker's Field Manual, by Rick Curtis
    This is a comprehensive guide to mastering back country skills such as trip planning, cooking, weather, etc.

  3. Son of the Wilderness, The Life of John Muir, by Linnie marsh Wolfe
    John Muir spent four decades exploring the Sierras and writing about his experiences. Any book by John Muir is also recommended.

  4. Mountaineering, The Freedom of the Hills, The Mountaineers
    The definitive resource for the hiker, backpacker, climber and mountaineer. This book encompasses equipment explanations, map reading, ice-climbing technique, rock climbing anchor setups, how to pack a backpack, how to plan meals, etc.

  5. The High Sierra: Peaks, Passes and Trails, Secor
    This is the back country resource for the Sierra Nevada. You name the pass, trail or peak, and Secor has it listed!

  6. The Sierra Nevada, Whitney
    This is the definitive naturalist's guide to the Sierra's. Amazing written and drawn details!

  7. Sierra Nevada Natural History, Storer and Usinger
    Another naturalist's guide to the Sierras with helpful drawings and pictures!

Readings for the Sea Kayaker

  1. Sea Kayaking, by Dowd
    A detailed look at kayaking technique, equipment and kayak history.

  2. Sea Kayaking in Baja, by Andromeda Romano-Lax
    A comprehensive sea kayak touring guide for Baja.

  3. Song of the Paddle, by Mason
    Insight on the right way to portage, pack gear, pick a campsite and cope with the wilderness.

  4. The Baja Book III, Miller and Hoffman
    A map guide to today's Baja California.

  5. The Baja Highway, Minch and Leslie
    A geology and biology guide to Baja. They use the convenient KM markers to identify these. A wonderfully fun book!

  6. The Baja Adventure Book, Peterson
    A "where-to, how-to" guide to one of the most interesting places on earth.

  7. The Hidden Coast, Rogers
    This is a wonderful picture book of kayak explorations form Alaska to Mexico.

  8. Coastal Kayaking, by Washburne
    A detailed and philosophical look at routes and kayak seamanship.

  9. Essential Sea Kayakers, by Seidman
    A good basic book about sea kayaking graced with a friendly and enthusiastic voice. Each chapter covers a specific technique with photos.

  10. The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking, by Derek C. Hutchinson
    This is a comprehensive guide for a beginner sea kayaker and a good reference for the veteran.

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