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UC Recreation Certificate in Outdoor Leadership


Becoming a Guide


Outback Adventures offers high quality Outdoor Education Programs including Rock Climbing, Sea Kayaking, Backpacking, Horseback riding and many more. Our guides are experienced in the field of Outdoor Leadership and have specific skills required to teach the amazing programs we offer.

It is a great privilege to lead people in the field and requires varied skills. To ensure that our standards are met our guides all have achieved the UC Recreation Certificate in Outdoor Leadership.

The course begins at the beginning of fall quarter (September) and concludes at the end of Spring quarter (May) The course consists of day (Saturday) and evening classes (Thursday), day trips as well as overnight trips (Sat/Sun).

This program will provide for the transition of Outback Guides from Assistant Guides (trainees) to Secondary Guides (paid Staff) in conjunction with opportunities provided to assist on trips offered to the wider community, as well as their own personal development through self guided practice and trip participation.

To be eligble to apply to be a Guide you need to be a first or second year student, or first year transfer student. You need to be availble for training on Thursday evenings 6pm to 9pm as well as weekends.

Steps to becoming a guide

Attend Sept 28, 6pm  information session at the Outback Rental Shop

Complete Assistant Guide application.


Be selected for New Guide Training

Complete New Guide Training (Weekend Training fee $115)

Be selected for the Guide Training Program

Complete Guide Training Program / Certificate in Outdoor Leadership (Course Training Fee $250)


Course Components




UC student


UC Recreation Certificate in Outdoor Leadership


Fall - Spring Quarter

Certificate Cost



BackPacking Unit


Fall Quarter      

1]New Guide Training


 5pm 10/16/15 -  6pm 10/18/15

2]Preparing your pack and itinerary


5pm 10/15/15

3]Wilderness Navigation Clinic


9am -12pm 10/24/15      

4]Back Country Cooking


5pm 10/29/15      

5]bbp iipp, uc401 5-7pm

6.5) Stove Mainentance

5pm 1/7/16

5pm 11/5/15

CPR First aid


9am-5pm 1/9/16

6]Intro to Sea Kayaking Mission Bay


9am - 2pm 11/7/15      

7]Sea kayak skill Development La Jolla Cove


9am - 2pm 11/21/15      

8]Kayak Roll Clinic


5pm 11/19/15,  

Rock Climbing Unit

Training class will be divided into groups A and B where noted



9]Learn to Climb Mission Gorge


A] 1/23/16  7am-3pm
B] 1/24/16 7am-3pm

10]Anchor skills Clinic OCC


A] 2/4/16 5pm-9pm
B] 2/18/16 5pm- 9pm

11]Advanced Anchor Skills Clinic


A] 2/7/16 9am-3pm

B] 2/20/16 9am -3pm



12]Rescue skills Clinic


 2/25/16 5pm -7pm

Soft Skills Unit




14]Leadership and Group Management


Spring Quarter

15]Decision Making and Risk Management


3/4/16 5pm -7pm


16]Understanding Fun and Structure


1/28/16 5pm -7pm      

17]The art of teaching and presenting


2/11/16 5pm -7pm      

18]The art of facilitation

4/29/16 5pm -7pm      

19]Life Career Renewal



5/6/16 5pm -7pm


20]Conflict resolution and Restorative Justice


5/13/16 5pm -7pm

21]Management Skills Retreat

Laguna Mountains or Anza Borrego Desert State Park.

Season Dependent




Driving Unit




Driving skills Van and trailer

5/15/16,  5pm  5/19/16 9am

From 5pm (schedule times-8pm)












1] New Guide Training

This training trip is for UCSD students who wish to become guides for Outback Adventures, the University’s Outdoor Education program. It is part of the UC Recreation Certificate in Outdoor Leadership. This training will be a backpacking training and build the outdoor leadership groundwork necessary to become a guide.

2]Preparing your pack and itinerary

This program will provide an overview of equipment and clothing best suited to backpacking, planning a menu and an itinerary and trip length best suited to you and your party. As well as techniques for pack selection, packing and adjustment.

navigation3]Wilderness Navigation Clinic

Learn all you need to know to be comfortable navigating by map and compass in the wilderness. The class will include map skills, taking a bearing from Map to Land, reducing a sight from Land to Map, triangulation, GPS and geocaching.

Trip info sheet

frybake4]Backcountry Cooking Clinic

Tired of eating the same old camp food? Amaze your friends while camping out with new outdoor cooking skills. The class will include camping stove use and repair and Dutch Oven baking. The group will prepare delights including brownies and cinnamon rolls. All stoves, kitchen materials and food ingredients are provided.

Trip info sheet



5]Stove Maintenance

In this program you will learn to use, troubleshoot and repair MSR camping stoves

6]Kayak Skills - Intro and Theory - Strokes & Bracing (Mission Bay)

Come learn some of the important academic concepts behind the sport of Sea Kayaking. The class will include: Introduction to Sea Kayaking, Traditional History, Boat Design, Safety Considerations, Basic Coastal Navigation, Tides & Currents. The Wet Exit, Forward Stroke Development, Sweep stroke, Reverse stroke,Low Brace, High Brace and Low Brace Turn.  

Trip Info Sheet

7]Kayak Skills - Ocean Paddling

Come learn advanced paddling skills on the ocean. The class will include Surf Launch and Landing, Paddle Float Self Rescue, T Rescues and Towing.
Trip info sheet


8]Kayak Roll Clinic (Canyonview Pool)

This program will provide an introduction to the techniques of rolling a kayak. Depending on what works best for you we can help you move to an effective C to C or sweep roll. This program will take place in canyonview pool

Come to Canyonview Pool to learn the fundamentals of a Kayak Roll as a tool for both self rescue and fun. You will be introduced to a variety of roll techniques including The High Brace, C2C Roll and Screw Roll Development. Participants will be given both one-on-one and group instruction, with plenty of time to practice. Your confidence in the water and with using a variety of equipment will no doubt increase after this clinic. Return participants are encouraged!
Trip info sheet

9]Learn to climb at Mission Gorge


10]Climbing Anchor Skills Clinic @ OCC

This 2-hr introductory clinic held in the Outback Climbing Center will teach the basics of 1,2,3-point anchor systems for outdoor rock climbing. We will introduce the use of static ropes for extending the master point for top-rope/base managed climbing sites. This clinic will cover hitches, equalized and pre-equalized anchors and discuss cords, ropes, and slings used in recreational rock climbing. We will cover use of figure 8 knots, bowline, and clove hitch. Previous outdoor rock climbing experience and comfort belaying recommended. This clinic does not focus on climbing movement.
Trip info sheet



11]Advanced Climbing Anchor Skills Clinic

This 6-hr clinic held at a local outdoor climbing area builds on the concepts covered in the Rock Climbing Anchor Clinic. This clinic will teach the basics of building climbing anchor systems with traditional gear for top-rope climbing routes. Each participant will have the opportunity to build climbing anchors and have them assessed. Previous participation in a Rock Climbing Anchor Clinic, outdoor rock climbing experience and comfort belaying is recommended. This clinic does not focus on climbing movement.
Trip info sheet



12]Climbing Rescue Technique Clinic @ OCC

This 2-hr introductory clinic for experienced outdoor climbers held in the Outback Climbing Center will teach the basics of self-rescue used in recreational climbing. Basic techniques of assisting a stuck climber to belay escape, ascending/descending ropes, and transferring loads under tension will be covered. Participants should know how to tie Prussic, Auto Block, Kliemheist, Munter Hitch, and Munter Mule knots. This clinic does not focus on climbing movement.
Trip info sheet





13]Rock Climbing Instructors Course Joshua Tree National Park

For guides wishing to improve their climbing skills  Joshua Tree is one of the worlds premier rock climbing venues a perfect place to improve your climbing skill, knowledge and group management skills. This 4 day program  is part of the UC Recreation Certificate in Outdoor Leadership. The full curriculum can be viewed by following the link above.

Pre-trip meeting:        

6pm at Outback Rental Shop


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