Do you have to be a student to shop at Outback Adventures?
No, anyone can shop at our locations and register for any of our programs and trips.  Being a university program however, most of our products and offerings are tailored to fit our student body's needs 
Does Outback Adventures have a UCSD student discount?
Yes, Outback Adventures offers 5% off all regularly priced retail, and generous pricing on all rentals and trips. 
 Why do I need to have a user profile, I'm just buying a bar of wax?
Outback Adventures operates under Campus Recreation, and our POS system is user based.  Just like you need to have a profile to use any other Recreation facilities (pools, gyms, etc.) you need to have a profile to use our facilities.  And of course for all programs, a full user profile is needed for safety and liability purposes.
Can I be refunded for returned retail purchases? 
Only same day returns may be refunded in full.  All other returns are for in store credit only.  Credit may be applied to retail or Outback programs registration.  Credit may not be used to register for other Recreation offerings.
Why don't you sell skateboards?
Due to leasing agreements between University Centers and Outback Adventures, we are restricted from selling skate hard goods or any other products in direct competition with existing University Centers vendors. Check out the UCSD Bike Shop for a great selection of skate products.
Can I rent equipment from the Surf Shop? 
Reservations for future rentals may be made at the Surf Shop, however all fittings and pick ups/drop offs must be made at the Outback Adventures Rental Shop.
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