Rental Policy and Procedures

Rental Periods

    * ONE DAY - This rate allows you to rent an item until closing of the following day.
    * ADDITIONAL DAY - This rate allows you to rent an item for multiple days at a reduced cost, in addition to the original one day cost.
    * WEEKEND - The weekend rate is designed for customers looking to rent an item for the weekend ONLY. This rental period allows you to rent items from Friday to Monday.
    * WEEK - This rental rate allows you to rent an item for a full seven days. If you rent an item on a Thursday, it will be due Thursday of the following week.

Answers to commonly asked rental questions:

Reservation Cancellations - please contact the Gearshop at 858-534-0684 to cancel a reservation.

    * More than one week - full refund
    * More than 48 hours - store credit for reservation total, can be used for rental items only. Cancellation credits expire on June 15th.
    * Less than 48 hours - customer forfeits all rental fees, no refund or credit.

What if I don't use or pick up reserved equipment? There are NO REFUNDS for any unused equipment or equipment not picked up for any reason.

How do I know equipment is complete and working when I pick it up? You don't. Please inspect all equipment before you leave. If you find any damage or missing parts, immediately bring it to our attention so we can help you. You are responsible for any cleaning, damage or missing parts upon return.

How much equipment can I rent? You can rent as much equipment as you like, but advanced reservations are recommended to ensure availability.

What if I don't know how to use the equipment? Please be sure to request instruction if you are the slightest bit unsure on how to use the equipment. Knowing how to use the equipment correctly will help save your time and help you avoid spending money on damage fees resulting from inexperienced use of the equipment.
Returning equipment

What do I need to know when I return the equipment?

    * All gear must be returned clean or service charges will apply.
    * You are responsible for the specific (inventory number) equipment you signed for.
    * You are solely responsible for the damages and timely return of equipment.
    * For equipment to be considered returned, it must be physically returned and any damage, cleaning or late fees must be paid. Hours change periodically. You are responsible for knowing our hours.
    * Tents must be returned, clean and dry or you will be assessed a cleaning charge.

What if I lose or damage the equipment?

    * You are responsible for any loss, theft, breakage or any other damage done to equipment rented out to you.
    * Repair costs will be determined by our customer service representatives. Repair for severe damage or replacement costs will be determined by the program director or gearshop manager.
    * Replacement costs for items normally rented in pairs (i.e. skis, boots, fins, etc.) will be the cost for replacement of the pair.

What if I am returning equipment late?

    * In advance of your due date, if you realize you will be returning late, please call us and you will only be charged the 'additional day' rate for your extra days.
    * If you do not call before your due date and return items late, you will be charged the one day rental rate for your late items for each day they are late. This can be very expensive.
    * We DO NOT waive late fees.
    * Any items late by 3 or more weeks will be considered stolen and the deposit will be forfeited. Billing will be for retail replacement costs plus four weeks late fees.
    * Items not returned which do not have a deposit associated with them will be billed on your Bursar's account and will include a non-refundable service charge.

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