Groups & Private Rentals

Interested in a Private Gym Rental, Party or Event?


Climbing Center rentals are available for everyone including on-campus groups and the public.  Schedule a birthday party, a unique meeting with your coworkers, or bring just a group of friends and enjoy exclusive use of the gym.  Kids and adults of all ages will enjoy the thrill of indoor rock climbing.

Private Gym Rental (Requires reservations) Includes:

  • 2 hours exclusive gym use
  • Instruction and supervision by Outback staff
  • All necessary climbing equipment
  • Available during our closed hours (not available during normal gym hours) 
  • $170 for first 10 climbers ($153 for UCSD affiliated groups)
  • $8/person for additional climbers, 30 climbers maximum

UCSD R.A. Rental Special (Requires reservations)

  • Private rental only $8/person, no deposit required
  • 15 person minimum/30 person maximum/hour

You will need to sign our Liability Waiver (the back side of the document will be handled by our staff upon arrival) in order to climb; please be sure to have a parent or guardian sign this form for anyone under the age of 18. For groups bringing children under the age of 14, we recommend bringing as many adults as possible to maximize the children's climbing time. Our staff will provide belay instruction, safety guidelines, and basic climbing technique at the start of the rental. Please wear comfortable athletic clothing and remove all jewelry (especially rings and long necklaces). 

Want to take Your Climbing to the Next Level?

We now offer private training. One of our qualified staff will work with you in small groups or even one-on-one to develop the best training exercises and techniques to advance your climbing skills. Rates start at $15 per hour.


Contact the coordinator at (858) 534-9665 or  to schedule your event or private workshop today!


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