Do I have to know how to climb to come to the gym?
All are welcome, whether this is your first time climbing or you've been doing it for decades. Our awesome staff will get you oriented, show you what gear you need and teach you how to use it properly.

Do I have to bring a climbing partner?
Nope, though you can if you want to. Lots of people come to the gym on their own. Most of the climbing in our gym is bouldering. Bouldering is a type of climbing that is done without use of ropes or harnesses and no partner is needed. If you're flying solo and want to top rope climb, you can often find another person who is looking for a climbing partner or ask one of our staff to belay you.

Do you have autobelays?

No, we do our best to keep costs down for our climbers and one of the ways we do that is by using belayers and belay devices; good old fashioned man(and woman) power. We offer belay training to new climbers. All belayers new to the OCC must be tested and signed off by Outback Staff.

How old do I have to be to climb?
As long as minors are supervised by an adult and fit into our harnesses properly they can climb. Children must be at least 12 years old to belay others.

What kind of chalk do you allow?

Climbers chalk their hands to get good grip on climbing holds, but chalk dust is a perpetual challenge in any climbing gym. To minimize the dust in the OCC, we do not allow any loose chalk. Climbers are welcome to use chalk contained in chalk balls or a chalk alternative. We rent chalk bags for visitors to use.

What if I don't own any climbing equipment?
No problem, we've got you covered! We stock a wide range of sizes of climbing harnesses and shoes that are available for affordable rental during your OCC visit.

What should I wear?
While you can climb in most anything, most find that longer shorts or flexible pants and a tshirt are best to climb in. You may climb in your own tennis shoes (no sandles or bare feet allowed) or rent a pair of climbing shoes from the front desk.

Can I bring a group of friends with me?
If you plan to come with 6 or more people you are required to make a reservation in advance. More info can be found on our Groups and Private Rentals page.

Is climbing safe?

We do everything we can to minimize the risks involved in climbing. Our staff will teach you all the latest techniques and we strictly enforce our gym’s rules and policies. It is important to understand that climbing has inherent risks and there is always the possiblity of injury.

Where can I get more information?

Come into the gym, email us at climbingcenter@ucsd.edu, or call (858) 534-9665!

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