Campus Groups 

"We all had an amazing time!  That is all we talked about the next morning, plus we all compared bruises and soreness levels!! Denise was AMAZING. I appreciated the phone call beforehand so she can get to know the structure of my staff and ask questions to tailor the event. The day of she was very professional, patient and took the time to ease our nerves!" -UCSD ECE Student Affairs

"The entire group has only had positive things to share... repeatedly! The activities were fun and engaging and it was a huge benefit to tie the experiences back to work. Denise did a FABULOUS job! The event has brought everyone together and [to] feel connected. We realize the importance of communication and truly working together. -UCSD Economics Department 

 Value to Your Organization

  1. Increased respect and understanding for other group members
  2. Sense of group accomplishment
  3. The benefits of participation continue past the close of the day

Corporate Groups  

“Team members came up to me and told me that was the best Team building experience they had ever  had. The team supported each other and worked together through the various obstacles.  It was a really wonderful experience for everyone. Our facilitators were FANTASTIC! We felt VERY safe with them.” -ResMed

"I look forward to revisiting Outback Adventures Teambuilding programs not just with my sales force but also with the rest of my office. You effectively demonstrated how valuable the teambuilding experiences is at all levels and engaged those that were the hardest to convince initially." -Sales, The Marika Group, Inc.

 Value to Your Organization

  1.    Enhanced leadership skills
  2.    New understanding of collective strengths
  3.    Successful problem-solving techniques
  4.    Springboard for performance improvement initiatives

"The experience for our group was great. We were using the day as a getaway from the office to have fun and reward our team for their hard work on a big project. The team building was a bonus and the facilitators did a great job...It's been a about a month since the event and I really see the difference in the group's interaction with each other in the office and would say it was definitely a successful day as a team building event." -Solid Professor Inc. 

"Our team left with a higher sense of camaraderie, a deeper understanding of their individual and team capabilities and an enhanced desire to continue to produce high quality work as a team." -Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

Sports Teams

“The way the program was run was outstanding. [The] team had a great time and it was much better than my expectations.  I would highly recommend to any other group looking for some team building activities. Again I was blown away by the way the instructors broke everything down so that the team really understood what the goal was of each activity. They were both awesome!” -Power Surge Softball 

"The Challenge Course breaks down mental walls, helps one to grow in confidence, and strengthens relationships. " -UCSD W. Crew

"It surpassed my expectations. I think this is the best retreat we've had in my 3 years here. " -UCSD Softball 

 Value to Your Team

  1. Creating a higher functioning & more cohesive group 
  2. Encourages new leaders to emerge
  3. Provides motivation to make positive behavior changes

Community Groups

"Absolutely amazing experience. These two times it has given us much more than we asked or expected. Everyone in our group feels closer as a result, and many life lessons were learned. Denise et al. were fabulous, very generous with time. Kept us safe, yet on the edge where we could learn. Thank you thank you thank you." -Alliant Int'l U.-Existential Psychology 

"I received many positive comments, but the majority was: "This was our best training ever." The exercises were great..not "corny" but challenging and fun for our level. Everyone enjoyed the challenges very much! All 3 [facilitators] made the experience special. Brent knew when to let our group go with it and when to intervene, this [showed] us all his professionalism of being a good facilitator." - Olivenhain Municipal Water District 

Value to Your Organization

  1. Strengthens group formation through participation in a common experience
  2. Encourages operation as a team through group problem-solving
  3. developing meaningful relationships


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