What can my group get out of coming to the UCSD Challenge Course?Guy on Tower

The UCSD Challenge Course can offer your group a unique & challenging experience designed specifically to meet your goals; from developing meaningful relationships, to creating a higher functioning & more cohesive group through experiential education and the reflective learning process. Challenge Course experiences also are known to boost self-confidence, increase self-esteem, encourage creativity, and promote flexibility. 

How much time should we plan to be at the challenge course?

Each program is tailored to meet the needs and desires of the group. Our minimum recommended program length is a 4 hour teambuild that incorporates the valuable ground based initiatives and adventurous high elements. Most programs average 2-8 hours, but some may even span multiple days. The length of the program is dependent on which elements the group wishes to experience and group size.

Where should we park?

Please review our Map & Parking PDF. Weekend parking is free, during the week, payment of a permit fee is required.  Other parking options may be discussed with the Challenge Course Coordinator.

What should we bring/wear?

  1. Wear athletic shoes, closed-toe shoes only. No sandals, open toes or heels. You will not be allowed to participate without closed toe shoes.
  2. Long, non-restrictive pants are recommended and will better protect you from splinters. Shorts are acceptable but no short shorts.
  3. Wear shirts that go below your waist. No mini t-shirts or tank tops. You may be in a harness and will be more comfortable in a longer shirt.
  4. Sweater/Jacket-it can get foggy/chilly any time of year at our course
  5. Rain / wind jacket (if the weather is questionable)
  6. No dangling jewelry or rings; leave your valuables at home
  7. Other essentials: sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, water bottle, an open mind!

Will everyone be required to climb?

No. We operate on a philosophy of "Challenge by Choice". This means that no one will be expected to do anything they do not feel safe and confident doing. With regards to the Odyssey Course, this means the choice of whether or not to climb and what elements to attempt lies solely with the participant. Our staff is trained to help participants push their own comfort zones and meet and exceed the goals they set for themselves.

Due to the imposing nature of the Odyssey Course and Leap many groups assume this is the only event available. Many low element activities are available in addition to the high elements and the activities can be immensely rewarding and valuable for team building. Our teambuilding activities will be adapted by our qualified staff to allow for maximum involvement and participants are encouraged to find their own level of participation regardless of ability.

What amenities are available?

Water coolers for drinking water and portable toilets will be available on the site. There are 2 picnic tables and various log circles to provide seating. We can arrange catering and most other special needs that you may have, such as tables, chairs and additional canopies. We can also arrange for reserved parking, conference rooms, meeting spaces and indoor facilities, at your request.

Are we going to play silly games?

Programs are tailored to the age and maturity level of the group. Though some activities may appear silly at first, all are designed with a greater team building purpose in mind. A better time will be had by all and greater learning happens if the group arrives willing to let themselves have FUN!

Is it dangerous?

Participant safety is of paramount importance to us. It is much less dangerous than driving a car on the freeway or playing on a playground. Our equipment is rated to hold weights far exceeding any actual use. All systems are backed up and double or triple checked. The most common health concerns are splinters. 

What is the minimum age to participate?

There is no age minimum but all participants must fit into our harnesses. Typically, that is 10 years old and up. Zip line participants must be at least 75lbs.

Is there a weight limit to participate?

There is no weight limit for the Odyssey Course Elements and Leap of Faith but all participants must fit into our harnesses.  Zip line participants cannot exceed 300lbs.

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