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Ground Based Teambuilding

Team building activities, also known as ground based initiatives or low elements include physical and mental activities that are performed on or near the ground. During these activities the focus is on the experience of the team.These activities draw on the knowledge and ideas of every group member and require participation and cooperation of the entire team for success.

The difficulty and challenge increase as the team learns from its successes. As the program progresses, props such as one foot-high wooden platforms, walking cables, boards, ropes may be introduced in order to increase the perceived risk and challenge for the team.

Though the high elements are fun and exciting, our clients find that ground based initiatives provide the most value in building stronger one-on-one and group relationships and developing specific communication tools to transfer back to the organization.

stairHigh Elements

The Odyssey Course, left, provides an opportunity for your team to work though challenges while 20-40 feet off the ground. The Leap of Faith provides an opportunity for a more personalized challenge.  


Originally built as an Alpine Tower in 2004 and replaced and relocated with an Odyssey Course in 2013, the UCSD Challenge Course has established a strong reputation for consistently providing low risk, high-quality programs that produce outstanding results. Located in the Eucalyptus Grove Reserve, the course features both low and high elements. Low elements are on or close to the ground, while our high elements consist of a Odyssey Teams Course as well as three 35 foot Leap of Faith elements.

deckBoth high and low elements work to bring groups together and help strangers become friends through a series of team building and creative problem solving activities. Our amazing staff will encourage individuals to set their own challenge while pushing personal boundaries in a low risk environment.

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