"Fitness is a way of life"


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How do I know if your pogram is right for me?


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These days, fitness is big.  In fact, personal fitness SHOULD

be an important component of everyday life. 

Being healthy is key to an active lifestyle.We offer a wide range of athletes, fitness opportunities in swimming, running and basic triathlon training,

each and every day. 

The best way to try our program for free, is to contact Sickie (sickie@ucsd.edu) and ask to try out our program.  He will send you a coupon for two free workouts, that you can use to give our program a try.


bike racks

Another key to a great fitness program is training consistency. 

Our program has been offering quality workouts to the San Diego and

UCSD communities for over 30 years. You can't beat those kinds of credibility for a great place to train for swimming, running or triathlons.



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