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Our team sports program brings students on campus together like few others.  We select only the sports that students want to play, and then we organize them in a fashion that is meaningful and efficient with student's time.  Above all, we do our best to make it fun each and every time out. 

That's what competitive sports were meant to do.  Put a weekly challenge out there (a new game each week), pull your best friends together (and give yourself a creative team name), and then get out there on the field or court and play the game.  Play hard, play fair, share the glory (and sometimes the pain), and then call it a day...until next week when we do it all over again.  Does it get any better?

Who Can Play?

Simple.  Students currently enrolled in regular sessions at UC San Diego as an undergraduate or graduate are eligible to participate.  Additionally, Faculty and Staff, and alumni of the university who have purchased current Recreation Cards at the Sales Desk at RIMAC will also be eligible to participate.

Who Won't Be Able To Play?

Everyone else. Faculty, Staff, and alumni who did not purchase Recreation Cards for the current quarter or year.  Spouses of students, faculty and staff.  Friends and/or relatives of currently enrolled students.  Students from other universities around the country including other University of California campuses.  Community members including those who have current Recreation Cards issued by UC San Diego Recreation.

Why Are Those Not Eligible?

Our program is impacted.  With just currently enrolled students and limited faculty and staff participation, our current team sports program is maxed out (in most instances) with regard to the availability of sports facilities that we have available to us.  In some sports, student teams do not make it into the sport of their choice due to the lack of space.  To allow others to play (who in reality do not pay fees that support this particular program), would not be prudent on our part.

What Is The Best Way To Get Involved?

Form a team among your friends, fellow campus residents, classmates or department colleagues.  Choose an individual in your group to be a team captain or team representative and register your team on IMLEAGUES.COM. Your captain or team representative will also need to pay the team fee at the RIMAC Sales desk before your position in a league is solidified.   

Please click on Registration on this website to get critical information on all aspects of our registration process.

If I Can't Find A Team, How Can I Get Involved?

Come to our Team Registration meeting.  It's listed on the Intramural Sports homepage on this website under Registration.  At the meeting, an IM Staff member will be there to not only conduct the team registration meeting for all teams, but to also help individuals without a team to connect with teams that are already formed.  If that doesn't work out, you can leave your name, a telephone number, and the sport which you are interested in playing with us at the IM Sports Front Desk at RIMAC (Recreation Office, 4th Floor).  We will do our best to get you connected.

What Is The Telephone Registration Priority Period?

A Chance To Receive A Pre-Registration Priority Number.  This number will allow you to register before others that do not call in.  The process serves two purposes.  One, for the IM Sports administrative staff, it allows us to identifiy a base number of teams that are most likely to register later that afternoon.  Two, it allows teams to get an earlier entry into the registration process, itself, which in turn gives teams more league options to choose from as the registration process works its way through.

A word of warning.  Receiving a T-Reg Priority Number does not register your team.  A team representative from your team still needs to be present at our Team Captain's Meeting later that same day to officially register your team.

The number to call only during the listed T-Reg Priority Period is: 858-534-3716.  An IM Staff member will answer your call and identify the Team Sports activity. You, as team captain or team rep, will give us your name, the name of your team, and the level of competition that you wish to compete in (AAA, AA, A for large sports) or (AA, A for smaller sports).  No other information about the activity will be given over the telephone at that time, so that we can field other callers.  Additional information will only be available later that day at the team captain's meeting.

How Often And How Long Are The Games?

One Game A Week, One Hour For Each Game.  Here's how it works.  When you register your team, you need to survey your team members for the best time for your weekly game time.  Generally, teams are scheduled to play on the same day each and every week and at the same hour for the duration of the regular season (5-6 weeks).

There are sometimes exceptions to that concept.  Teams may be asked to be available for a 2 or 3-hour window for their weekly games on a given day or night due to facility limitations (i.e. Indoor Soccer games might be scheduled for a league on Saturday at 11am, 12noon, and/or 1pm because we only have one facility for that sport).

Team Tennis is one of the few sports that allot 1-and-1/2 hours for each weekly match.

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