Q. How can I use the grass playing fields?

If you are a current student at UCSD or a non student but a current UCSD Recreation Card holder, you are eligible to use any of the outdoor facilties at UCSD. Please be aware that there may be times and events that take precedence over informal recreation at each of these outdoor facilities.

Please call 858 534-7884 for more information.

Q. How do I get a volleyball net set up in the Auxiliary Gym?

When you arrive at RIMAC, you need to go to the Facility Access Desk and contact the Sports Facility Supervisor on duty to get a net set up in the arena or in the gym. Please remember: majority rules in the Auxiliary Gym. If there are ten basketball players playing on each court and no other courts are available, we will not ask the basketball players to leave and make one court available.

For more information, please call 858 534-7884

Q. How do I get time and court space reserved specifically for volleyball or badminton in the Auxiliary Gym?

You can make a request to Matt Adams, Associate Department Director and Informal Recreation Director of UCSD Recreation at email: madams@ucsd.edu or at phone number: 858 534-3817.

Q. How do I make a reservation to use the tennis, squash or racquetball courts?

You must call 858 534-3486 to make a reservation for any tennis, squash or racquetball court with the Equipment Room staff. To reserve a tennis court, you will need to give your name, and two UCSD Student ID card numbers or two Recreation Card numbers. For racquetball and squash courts, you will just need to give your name to reserve a court.

Q. How much does a Rec Card cost?

For current UCSD Recreation Card pricing click here

Q. I am not a Rec Card holder, how can I use the facilities?

You can purchase a Recreation card at the RIMAC Sales Desk (first time purchase) or online (renewals only) at recreation.ucsd.edu Monday through Friday from 8 AM until 6 PM.

You can also purchase a day pass for $10.00 for a one day use at the RIMAC, The Main Gym Complex or the Canyonview Swim Complex.

Please call the UCSD Recreation Sales Desk at 858 534-3557 for more information.

Q. What are the rules governing Drop in Basketball?

The rules governing drop in basketball are as follows:

Two Teams of Five:
The system governing informal full court basketball play begins automatically when the basketball court(s) becomes occupied by two teams of five participants playing full court basketball and there is a team of five participants present and ready for play (gym shoes) who have requested the next game.

First Come, First Served:
The first five waiting at the court will automatically have the next game. If less than five are waiting to play, members from the losing team or from another court's losing team or those waiting, may play. When the next game system is operative and a participating team's number of players drops below five, the remaining members may continue to play to the end of the 11-basket game with or without adding members to their team.

Q. Where can I play basketball on campus?

RIMAC has 7 indoor courts,The Main Gym Complex has 3 indoor courts, The Recreation Gym has 2 indoor courts and there are a total of 5 outdoor basketball courts at Muir, Revelle and Warren Colleges.

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