Equipment Room

The Equipment Room is located downstairs on the 2nd floor of the RIMAC building adjacent to the men's and women's locker room entrances.  If you would like information on locker rental, items for sale, or to reserve a racquetball, squash or tennis court, please
call (858)534-3486.

Main Gym:
The front desk, located at the entrances to the men's and women's locker rooms, is where you can rent lockers, check out equipment and purchase convenience items. For more information, please call the Main Gym front desk at (858)822-4815.

There are only day use lockers available at the Canyonview Aquatic Complex. Please bring your own lock. Locks left on lockers will be cut off and items will be cleared at the end of the business day.

UC San Diego Recreation assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

The Equipment Room is where you can check out a variety of equipment, rent lockers and purchase athletic apparel and convenience items. Equipment, lockers and convenience items can also be obtained at the Main Gym Complex Locker Rooms Access Desk. 

Men's/Women's Locker Room Rental: $20 per quarter
Student Cubicle Lockers: $3 per quarter

Check out Policies:
Patrons may check out basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, racquetball or squash racquets, etc., with a valid UCSD Student ID card, UCSD Recreation Card (or other UC ID), drivers license, military ID, or passport. Patrons are responsible for the item(s) they check out, and will be charged the price of the replacement cost of the item if lost, damaged or stolen. Also, the Equipment Room staff will refrain from checking out equipment or schedule court reservations one hour prior to RIMAC facility closing.

Convenience Items for sale (prices subject to change) at the Equipment Room front desk:
Athletic tape: $3
Combination Locks: $6
Racquetballs: three for $3
Socks: $3
Bar of Soap: $2
Deodorant: $1
Squash balls: $4
Tennis balls: three for $3
Small Towels: $3
Large Towels: $5
Weight lifting gloves: $8
Wristbands: $4
Head Bands: $4
Yoga mats: $17
Yoga mat bags: $7
Yoga Aroma-Therapeutic Disinfectant: $9
Sport bottles: $3
Sleeveless workout shirts: $10
Short Sleeve Shirts: $6
Long Sleeve Shirts: $10
Men's Mesh Athletic Shorts: $20
Ladies' Racerback Athletic Tanks: $14
Ladies' Cheer Shorts: $14
Fitness Balls: $17

Equipment available to check out with proper ID:
Basketballs (men's and women's)
Ping Pong paddles and balls
Racquetball Racquets
Soccer Balls
Squash Racquets
Tennis Racquets

Lost & Found:
All lost and found items are kept at the RIMAC Equipment Room for a period of one quarter. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Locker Use Information:
Lockers are available from UCSD Recreation on a quarterly rental or day use basis. Please inquire at the Equipment Room Desk on the second floor of RIMAC or the. All purchases must be made in person. Locks are supplied for all purchased lockers (not for day use lockers).

Cubical Lockers:
Cubical lockers are available only at RIMAC, to currently enrolled UCSD students (must have current student ID) for $3 per quarter. Students may purchase these starting on the first day of classes, on a first come, first served basis. Locks are supplied and must be returned at the end of the rental period.

$20 Half-Sized Lockers:
Half-sized lockers are located inside the RIMAC Men's and Women's locker rooms. These lockers are available to students and Recreation Card holders for $20 per quarter. Locks are supplied and must be returned at the end of the rental period. Payment for rentals must be made in person.

Day Use Lockers:
Locker room lockers are also available for daily use, free of charge. Locks are not provided, so please bring your own lock, or you may purchase one at the Equipment Room desk for $6. All day use lockers must be cleared at the end of the business day for the RIMAC or they will be cleared by the desk staff. In addition, there will be a $10 fee to retrieve your possessions if they are cleared by the staff.

UCSD Recreation assumes no responsibility for lost or stolens items that occur in the facilities.

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