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Check here for any workout changes that may happen due to rain, snow (!)  and other sporting events or acts of nature.  This section will be updated according to the needs of the program each week.


The Swim24Challenge is a 24 hour relay/fundraising event to give disadvantaged kids the opportunity to learn how to swim.  This event is being sponsored by the San Diego Junior Guards Foundation
and takes place here, at UCSD, on Labor Day weekend,
August 30-31 from noon to noon.

Teams are being formed as we speak.  Each team has 12 swimmers and 2 volunteers, so there's a place for swimmers and non swimmers alike.  To get more information, log on to the Swim24Challenge website or contact Sickie, Terry or Jason, here at UCSD.

Let's all chip in and get every kid water safe and swim wise!

lane 2 swimmers

 Current participants can

also renew their memberships

 with the front desk clerk at the Canyonview Pool.


Here's a QUIK CHECK of our ongoing

quarterly workout schedule for 2014.

Each workout is 1.5 hours long


Swimming: 6am, 7:30am & 11:30am-Mon through Fri / 6pm-Mon thru Thur / Sat-7:30am / Sun- 9am
Triathlon Training: Turbo- Tue 6:00am & Fri-6am PLUS all of the Swimming & Running workouts
Running: 6:00-7:30 am & 5:45-7:45 pm- Tue & Thur

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Swimming is one of the most technical sports in the world.  Just think about it....floating in the water, trying to move forward using your arms and legs...and still needing to breathe.  Each stroke can be an effort, or you can make it effortless with a little help from Sickie.  Yeh...if you would like to swim with better efficiency and less effort, perhaps a session with the master is just what you need!  Eh?




Add your own warm up and cool down for a complete workout.  You can use the rest intervals below, or, if you know your times for each distance, put in your intervals for each set.  Use these MAIN SETS for the meat of your workout....mix & match at will...enjoy!

MAIN SET 1000 yds:
6 x 50 free @:10 rest     6 x 50 stroke @:10 rest      4 x 100 (25K-50S-25K) @:20 rest

MAIN SET 1500 yds:
5 x 100 free @:20 rest     5 x 100 IM or stroke @:20 rest     1 x 500 free airobik...ahhhhh

MAIN SET 2000 yds:
50-100-150-200-150-100-50 free @:10 rest up/ :05 rest down
8 x 75 (25 K-stroke-free) @:15 rest
3 x 200 Odd= Free  Even=IM  @:20 rest

MAIN SET 2500 yds:
12 x 50  Odd= Free  Even= Stroke @:10 rest
100-200-300-200-100 free @:10 rest (last 200 & 100 are faster than the first ones)
4 x 250 IM  (25 fly-50back-75breast-100free) @:30 rest

MAIN SET 3000 yds:
3 x 300 1= free 2=stroke or IM 3= kick (25 EZ-25 FAST) @:30 rest
6 x 50 (25 stroke/free) @:10 rest
300 free @ 80% speed
6 x 50 free @:10 rest
300 free @ 85% speed
6 x 50 choice @:10 rest
300 free faster than #2 above
100 EZ swim-100 EZ kick-100EZ swim

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